After Login automatic logout???



I use Win2k Pro, and when I login it logs met out automatically (So, login->loading settings->"black screen"->saving settings->you can login again.

Can someone help me how to solve this? I can't use my pc.
Someone suggested to use Win2000 cd-boot and repairt, but emergency repair won't work, cause I don't have a emergency repair disk, and it won't recognize it. The only repair that works is console, but what do I do there?


Mar 2, 2001
I had the same problem twice. First time, I could do nothing about it. I tried the repair installation, reload completely over the top of the old installation, etc. Nothing - I had to make a backup of my drive, reinstall, and then copy over bit by bit (not literally) whatever I could. The second time it happened, I kept letting it log in/out over and over, eventually got into safemode, and used a little freeware program that I have (startup control panel is what it's called, but it mimics the msconfig from win98) to disable everything possible from starting up. Restarted, everything fine, and one by one enable all of the startup things that I wanted - still no problems since. So unfortunately what I'm saying is trial and error. Try to let it restart in go into safemode (press F8 right before windows begins to load) many times... if this doesn't work.....??? For me, this happened the last time right after I was told to reboot after downloading and installing a new video card driver and a windows update, both via the automatic windows update website. Any idea what you were doing directly before this happened?