Jul 13, 2003
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My pentium 3 has a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 model 64. I am playing Morrowind and having enough lag that I'm not getting that full immersion "when did I eat last" experience. I don't want to buy a card that my system will bottleneck and just be wasting money. However I want the very best that my system could benefit from. Also, Morrowind has "supported video cards" If you buy newer more powerful cards, do they in general work?


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Jan 4, 2003
hmmm it depends..... are u going to upgrade ur rig anytime soon? generally "supported video card" lists are just to make sure the video card have the require technology like DX8 or pixel shaders (i think) so newer video cards shouldn't have a problem running ur game

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I'd get a nVidia GeForce FX 5900Ultra... if i had the money and if THEY WOULD CHANGE THAT #()#@ HSF


Jun 26, 2003
I have a P3 system as well and I have a Geforce2 Ultra in it. It runs fine and I think it is a great card considering it's age now but it is seriously being held back by the CPU. I ran 3DMark2001SE on my system and then took the card to my work and put in a P4 3Ghz machine and the result nearly doubled!!!

But yes in general it works. If you buy a higher end card like a Geforce4/FX or Ati 9700/9800 it'll work and will probably make your system perform better but it will be held back by your CPU. Later on though when you get a better system you can always put it into there.

You could probably make do with a Geforce4MX440. The value is good and it won't be held back as much as the higher spec cards.


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Your CPU will hold back any card a little, but don't worry about that. If your board has an AGP4x slot, any newer card will work fine in it. And such things as the 9800 being faster than the 9700 will still hold true, even on your old CPU.

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