AGP video cards


Aug 26, 2009
I was wonder what a good card for my pc i know the 3850 is the best AGP card but i dont want to spend that much and my system will bottleneck it.
I would like to spend around 75 and will use newegg or ebay.
my current pc

MB: Soyo Dragon P4X400-8235
Intel Celeron 2.7ghz
1792 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
500 watt Antec psu
I use a 15 inch synaps flat screen

Thanks for any help
That's pretty slow, especially if not even a Celeron D, but the older version that only has 128k of cache. The 3850 really needs a faster CPU to shine, so for you there is no point in getting anything faster than a 2600XT if you're looking at new cards. If you're gonna look for old cards on ebay then go for an X1900 series or Geforce 7900 series AGP card.


May 7, 2009
x1950 pro 512mb or hd 3650 will do it , well it doesn't seem that your enthusiastic about grafix in gaming so those cars will do it , i myself had the sapphire x1650 pro 512mb and its grate .
I recommend you save up money and do a new build. A cheap AMD CPU + decent AMD motherboard (with PCIe x16 and IGP)+ DDR2 RAM will cost ~$120-150. Then upgrade graphics later. You will essentially be wasting that $75 as AGP is dead. Better save up money for a new build.

If you MUST get a GPU +1 for 4670.

Here is a cheap build (assuming you will re use HDD,case,etc):
Gigabyte 740G AM2+/AM3 (the curent IGP is better than that 5200)
AMD Athlon II X2 240

1GB DDR2 800

Total: $132. So for $62 more you get a more future proof PC than upgrading the AGP.

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