Question AIO set up


Jul 19, 2017
So I have a NZXT h440 razor edition (Bought it used. I would never pay more for a Razor logo :D) So I've heard so many different things for set ups.
-Right now I have 3 intake fans at front of case.
-1 rear fan.
-240mm Corsair AIO at top of case. With the fans pushing air out.

I've been seeing that if I want to keep fans on top of case, I should have them pulling air. Don't get me wrong, temps are pretty good with my pretty agressive OC. It's just extrmly loud. (Sound doesn't bother me. But it's a H110, sp it's getting up there in age.) I'm worried about working it too hard.

Been thinking for moving 3 intake fans to the top of case. Move rad to front of case. Should fit. If I do this, should I go (from outside of case in) fans, then rad. With fan's pushing air in? Or Rad, then fan's pulling air?

Or leave at the top with fans pulling air? Again, Rad first, fans pulling? Or fans first, pushing air?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance. :D