AIW 9600 or AIW 9600XT


Jul 25, 2003
I have a $100 gift card for CompUSA. I want to upgrade my old GeForce2 MX to a multimedia card. Should I get the AIW 9600 for $160 or the AIW 9600XT for $220? I'm low on cash so every dollar counts. Thanks in advance!
How important is gaming to you?

If very then go with the XT, if occasional then save the money and buy a game, some memory, a hard drive, or some blank DVDs with the difference.

That's my quick opinion.

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Aug 2, 2002
The XT will offer you much better gaming experience, you willl be able to play Half-Life 2 and Doom3 with this card at decent resolution and quality. If you get a basic AIW 9600, you might be disapointed by it's performance in games.

If you are low on cash don't forget that the XT will last you longer. This count, because if you get a card to only get a card, you might end up having to change again in a few months because you will not be satisfied.

By the way, have you check to buy a normal Radeon paired with an ATI TV Wonder. If you get a good deal on TV Wonder + Radeon 9600PRO you will have about the same multimedia experience at a lower or equal cost. Then, in the future if you are not satisfied with you GPU you will be able to upgrade it and keep your TV tuner.

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