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  1. V

    Question GIGABYTE GB-PB500 with an RTX 2060

    Hi, this is for a friend. My friend had a GTX1080ti that he ran off the GIGABYTE GB-PB500, and the card DIED yesterday. I suspect the PSU to be responsible for this. He now wants to purchase an RTX2060 which draws less power, but, would his PSU be sufficient? He also has an i5 8400 for his...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] PC turns off on intensive apps

    PC turns off on intensive apps, all peripherals like display keyboard got shut down, is my PSU dying? So my specs are: I5 6500 with stock cooler Asrock B150 Gaming K4 Sapphire Rx 580 nitro+ 8gb Avexir 8gb ram ddr4 240mhz single channel 1tb of Wd Caviar Blue 1tb of Seagate Barracuda (I think...
  3. hafidzach

    Question GTX 1050TI Gaming X requires 6pin (can sata to 6pin help?)

    My question based on this conversations (https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/running-an-evga-gtx-950-in-a-hp-compaq-8300-elite-cmt.2485150/ ) but the spec may different, you can refer my spec at profile. Can sata to 6pin use power a gtx 1050ti gaming x? I am totally not heavy user like oc...
  4. B

    Question The laptop does not charge nor AC works

    I have a lenovo G500 laptop. It is a dual-boot machine. I left the laptop in sleep mode while charging for 7-8 hours. The problem has begun since that day. The laptop does not even charge anymore. When I plug the power cable, it initially shows blinking red light which is normal. But when I...
  5. P

    Question A power supply with dimensions like 250x120x49mm or smaller?

    Hello, I search a power supply, which has dimensions like 250x120x49mm or even smaller. Thanks
  6. 6

    [SOLVED] Is there any harm in using this PSU (for 12 days only)

    I want to use a generic lowest quality 450W PSU for just 12 days because my CX 450 PSU will come after the lockdown in my country ends (on 14april). Will using a cheap PSU for 12 days fry my components or shorten its life?? My specs are- Ryzen 3 1200 RX 460 16DDR4 2400MHz AB350M GAMING 3 I only...
  7. J

    Question PC continues to shut off unexpectedly

    This is, from what I can tell, a different problem, so I will post it in a different thread here. For context, this is my recent history. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/pc-shuts-off-unexpectedly.3578909/ I took apart the PC in an attempt to try and fix the issue with the motherboard...
  8. Dino_Saur

    Question PSU fan spins for only a second then stops.

    Hello! One day, I was using my pc like normal and then it just suddenly shut down. Only the motherboard's RGB lighting was on. I unplugged the PC and then replugged it and tried to boot it but only the CPU fan spun for a second and then stopped. The motherboard's RGB light was on though. I...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Is this power supply enough for my system?

    Hello, I'm building my own pc for the first time and I'm not sure if the power supply that I've selected is good enough for it. Here is the build: Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Video card: Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB GAMING AMP Video Card Processor: Intel Core...
  10. R

    Question Can anyone suggest me a good ups that runs upto 1-2 hour??

    i will be using for online freelance. i want you to find a good ups at $80 or above..
  11. RoyalNexus101

    Question Dead motherboard/CPU?

    Hi! I wanna start this off by saying that I've had this system for a number of years now, it's fairly old so I've been expecting something to give sooner or later. Now, as for the problem, my computer is failing to boot, no post screen or code, just fan-spin and LEDs. I was wondering if anyone...
  12. Phaaze88

    Question How to be able to differentiate a good psu from a bad one?

    Asking for a friend. Because except for these 3 points here: cable modularity, max operating temp, and good warranty, they're not sure what to look for and what info makes a true difference. They read some articles on PSUs but those might as well be in chinese...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] can i just remove the fan and let it fanless

    Hi. i have cooler master elite v3 power 350w making very loud noise can i just remove the fan and let it fanless. i live in cold place and my computer case is open with a weak cpu and gpu. is it ok ?
  14. T

    Question Clicking/static noise when turning on PC?

    Changed my old power supply to a new EVGA Supernova G3 650W and whenever I turn it on from shut down or sleep i heard a single click or a sound like some electricity pop. I have ECO mode on so I dont think its the fan being turned on and I have SSD's so it cant be a hard drive. I opened up my...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Help finding replacement cables for modular PSU

    I've got a modular Raidmax RX-850AE, and I need to find a couple replacement cables. I've read that power supply cables aren't necessarily compatible across brands, and I have no wish to replace my graphics card or hard drives. Can anyone help me find a pci-e cable and a SATA/peripheral cable...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] Is this a good pre-built pc?

    Hello! My current computer is a pretty old one and i've looked at buying a new pc, im wondering if these specs really fit together. CPU Intel i5-9400F RAM DDR4 2x8 GB 2666 MHz GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB GDDR6 Memory 512 GB SSD PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe Case Lenovo Legion T530 Tower PSU 350 W Can...
  17. R

    Question Controller to PS/MB

    Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a temperature sensor to molex or 12, 5 PINs ? It has a Line and Neutral lines out, also it has to be powered by 4-24 V DC In that case, can I plug them directly into molex or sata or even Motherboard pins? Is it save for my PS/MB? Thanks in advance.
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Is my 400w psu enough for a gtx 1060 and an i5 4430

    My power supply is a Cooler Master Elite Power 400w (rs-400-psar-i3).I know that this psu is not a good one but i don't really want to change my psu at this time.And I also have an SSD in my system.
  19. CamaroIV

    [SOLVED] PC won’t start at all. Green Motherboard light is on.

    Hello all! I usually search around here and find solutions to my own problems. This time I have a problem I cannot figure out. My personal custom PC I built had a hiccup today. I went to turn it on just like any other day and when I pressed the case power switch all of the lights lit up as...