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Question All Connectivity just doesn't seem to work.


May 19, 2016
First up some details on the laptop:

Owner: A friend of mine
OS: Previously had Windows 7 with non-genuine key/No Windows key. Now upgraded, Windows 10 with no Windows key.

Issue: So, he had a problem with his computer so i had to reinstalled windows for him from 7 to 10. Unfortunately when he was using Win7 he can actually access to the WiFi with zero problem.

But after upgrading his PC to Win10, all of the connection such Ethernet Network is gone let only trying to hook up with the Ethernet cable seems not working as well. However, Only the WiFi Network icon is showing under the " Change Adapter Option " section.

We tried to click the WiFi button to ON but it keeps automatically set it to OFF after a few second. No matter how many times we tried to turn it off it just keep turning it OFF repeatedly.

We tried reinstall the network adapter, We tried the " Network Reset " doesn't work. We tried the whole update the driver to no avail. We did remove the battery and drain up the any power source.We tried to change the power option to all " Never" since there are no other option than a " Balanced". We tried the " Unchecked the power management under device manager " nope. We tried to use USB cable and connected to the phone and turn on the hotspot tethering , bluetooth none of these seems to work at all.

We're running out of option with trying to get the laptop back online, after upgrading to Win10. I'm not sure if it's out Network Adapter by it's software or a hardware problem, the fact it's not genuine windows/no product key. OR Windows 10 has something to do with its connectivity?