AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor with 1333 memory type DDR3 Ram


Mar 25, 2012
I want to upgrade my computer. M a bit hard on budget but i selected these

AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor
ASUS M5A78L-M LX Motherboard
Transcend DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB PC RAM (JM1333KLN-4G)

Now I am confused that whether the above Ram will work fine with the above processor. Cause I think that the Ram is 1333 memory type and the processor works on 1866 memory type. Any help will be appreciated.

Here's the links :

PS: If the RAM does not work, kindly suggest a "budget" 4GB Ram that will work fine. ThankYou



The speed is fine of that ram, the problem is that its only one module and you need 2 modules to get your full memory bandwith so these would be better.