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  1. D

    Question question about g sync/adaptive sync monitors

    I'm in the market for a new monitor and the smoothness of g sync is very enticing but I don't really like the idea of fluctuating FPS in games as most are 75hz and above and maintaining that frame rate would be difficult with my hardware. So I was wondering if you cap the frame rate at 60fps...
  2. C

    Question Random Black Screen while (mostly) playing games

    Hello all, First post here because I am completely stumped. People have posted similar problems, but very rarely do people post how it resolved in the end. I will first present my build, then the situation, followed by everything I have already tried. I have been building computers since 2013...
  3. A

    Question Wifi randomly turns off/huge packet loss

    Whenever i play games specifically, like Rocket League or Csgo, my wifi "turns off." What i mean by this is that it will either kick me from the game, or just show an icon that says disconnected. It fixes after 10-15 seconds, and then tells me im getting huge packet loss. This happens on...
  4. S

    Question Ethernet Driver Problem - Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep mode is enabled Please Plug the cable

    As stated in the title I receive the error "Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep mode is enabled Please Plug the cable". This occurs when I try to install the MSI LAN driver for my motherboard. I've tried reinstalling windows to no avail. Any help with this would be appriciated
  5. W

    Question Why is my cyberpowerpc not working

    Turned it on went to the store came back it was off... now it will not power on
  6. aimmyarrowshigh

    Question Adding RAM to Gateway DX4860 (Speccy inside)

    I'm hoping to speed up general processes since the computer's (obviously!) getting a bit old. -RAM --Memory slots ---Total memory slots 4 ---Used memory slots 3 ---Free memory slots 1 --Memory ---Type DDR3 ---Size 6144 MBytes ---Channels # Dual ---CAS# Latency (CL) 9 clocks...
  7. K

    Question Do I need a wireless adapter for my motherboard for internet?

    Hey, I was wondering if you need a wifi adapter or some sort to put into your motherboard, i'm going to build my first computer very soon. The motherboard I will be getting is Asus Strix Z390-H and I was planning to get an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N PCIe Adaptor. Does this motherboard come with...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2 enough?

    Hi, I need some help. I ordered a new gpu EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra Gaming and my first water cooling kit by EK-Waterblocks EK-KIT G280 and started to think that is my psu enough for this upgrade? I'm switcing from GTX1060 Asus STRIX and Corsair H115i. I got from Outervision's psu calculator...
  9. pirx_the_pilot

    Question PSU shuts down with a click within half a second after turning on

    Hello good people. I'd really appreciate your assistance with my issue. The story: I built a new PC (all parts brand new), it was running fine for a few hours, and then shut down unexpectedly and wouldn't start any more. Upon pressing the power button it would either not react at all or turn on...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] is it the GPU artifacting?

    So brand new pc Ive started to notice Right before it goes to the windows login screen green line artifacts that go horizontal across the screen only for a split second, ive done multiple boots and its progressively worse Should i be worried do i need to...
  11. Sambadha

    Question mic not working

    i have mic Boya BY-M1, but in my pc it is not working but i try it to my notebook it is working, please tell me the solution
  12. B

    Question HP Envy 700-074 Graphic card upgrade

    Good day , I would like to put in a 4 gig graphic card in my HP Envy 700-074. Can you tell me what can work ?
  13. joshhh-16

    Question Need help in choosing which second hand gaming PC to buy!

    Hi All, In need of help to determine which PC to buy, I am a console player moving to PC and I have bought a 144hz screen 1080p. So preferably whichever will provide me with higher fps for gaming, currently I mainly play fortnite. I have only just recently started reading information about...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Problem with CPU?

    Hi So lately something in my PC has developed an issue, I suspect the CPU. So if there's any load on the CPU (if I'm opening web pages, loading program...) it will lag the whole pc: mouse lags, sound makes a static/laggy noise. There's one weird part which makes the CPU less suspicious, having...
  15. K

    Question My fan rpm is getting a bit weird

    I made an fan optimization for my pc. But now my lowest rpm of the fan for 0 percent voltage is the same as the highest rpm with 100 percent usage. WI wanna change that, so my cpu fan is getting quiet again I used AI suite 3 for that Motherbord: Asus strix Formular ix Cpu fan: arctic freezer...
  16. M

    Question Help with new build

    I recently built a new pc and when booting, the monitor is not displaying anything. I tried pulling my video card and reboot, but still the black screen with hdmi. I am running a MSI Z390M Gaming Edge mobo, cpu is Intel i5 8600k. Can anyone suggest possible causes before I start tearing the pc...
  17. lir2150

    Question Speakers not working but headset do

    Hi everyone, since I changed my motherboard I've not been able to make my speakers work, although my headset do. A few thing to have in mind: The new motherboard is a ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula The speakers are connected to the rear speakers jack (the black one). They used to work before...
  18. SlagRat

    Question I've installed a new motherboard but now it has DRAM issues?

    So I've just recently bought a new motherboard to replace my old Gigabyte Z270X. I got the ASUS STRIX Z270H. After taking it all out and putting in the motherboard, starting it up I got no beep, no lights and no video output. Noticing I left some things unplugged I plugged everything back in...
  19. I

    Question GTA V uses RAM over VRAM

    I wanted to make sure if it is normal for GTA V to use more RAM than VRAM. My VRAM usage during gameplay is always at 1.28gb but my RAM usage is about 3,5 gb. This causes other programs to crash and sometimes even GTA itself. From what I've heard this shouldn't be happening since your PC is...
  20. T

    Question Hardware compatibility issue?

    Hi all, This might be a nOOb question, but I would appreciate some advice. Last year I bought a fairly basic PC, containing an Asus Prime A320-MK motherboard. As I saved up money, I have invested in a replacement SSD hard drive, 16gb memory and a 1050 GTX graphics card - all installed myself...