AMD Athlon 1.7 Ghz... Whats a good mobo 4 it?



Just kidding!!!
I need some advice though.
I have decided to give it me all and try out a VapoChill.
I now need a good mobo using the KT266 Chipset so I can
hook up 200/266 FSB. I need it to be rich in OverClocking
features for an Athlon @ 1.33Ghz. I wanna try for 2GHZ!!!
It has to be stable for 3 or 4 hours though.
I found one on that has KT266.
Its called the MS-6380. But does it contain the same
features for OC'ing as the previous MS-6341 mentioned
in Tom's "Power Box" article? Plus, I cant find it or
the MS-6341 for sale anywhere. Where can I find these?
Does it matter if the DDRSDRAM is Unbuffered, non-parity
or ECC? I want CAS2 PC2100 for sure. About HDD's...
is SCSI-ULTRA-160 the fastest, or what? And is there any
OS or software problems that could arise from my choice
of SCSI over ATA100? Like could I run Millenium on SCSI?
Or just Win 2K. I guess I would REALLY LIKE TO SEE
"POWER BOX 2"!!!! When is that going to be written?

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Dec 31, 2007
Do the multipliers go up any higher than 12.5 yet? If not the fasted fsb you'll get is about 145. 145*12.5 = 1812.5MHz

Also some motherboards try to start up the BIOS at the default clock multiplier so if you are using a 100FSB chip then it will try for the default multiplier and the faster FSB so watch out if that applies to you.

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