AMD Radeon HD 6850


Nov 10, 2011
I recently bought this AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card for my computer off, about 2 months ago. The day i got it I installed it into my comp. and it worked amazingly. Untill two days ago i would be playing a pretty demanding game and my screen would randomly mess up like 1 half of my screen would switch with the other half or my screen would go all grey lines, and somtimes all black. I would normally have to reset my comp to fix the problem. Only happens when im playing this one game havent tried out others. So i took the card out and the problem has stopped. Im using a 585 watt power supply with 2 LED fans. The temp of the card would average out to be around 38C to 44C never higher then that and my cpu would be around the same. I was using an hdmi hookup but switched to a vga cable but the porblem still happened. Am i not getting enough power to my card and have i caused perminate damage?????