AMD Ryzen 9 3900X vs Intel Core i9-9900K: Which CPU Is Better?

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Aug 7, 2019

Or wait for the new Threadrippers based on Zen 2... they should be awesome if you want multi-core power.
Thanks for sharing this benchmarking tool. I do appreciate it.

I do see some real issues with the tests and comparisons because of an interesting bit of information around the boost speeds. While I realize that every reviewer and tester will tend to favor their preferred CPU/system and thus ignore or overlook bits and pieces. Or worse, some will outright lie to promote what they have chosen. I don't know what/where the odd Threadripper results were derived. The boost speeds are significantly below the base clock speeds which, to me, seems to indicate some sort of testing or metric gathering issue. After all, how can a CPU drop below the "base" clock speed unless, of course, the CPU is being thermally throttled due to there simply not being a sufficient cooling solution for the entire assembly. If the boost speeds are lower than the base speeds, it seems to me that there is a serious issue that should be addressed with either the CPU or the testing methodology.

Yes, I too look forward to seeing what Zen 2 brings to the Threadripper CPUs but that's obviously yet months to potentially years in the future. I know what is being hoped for by the communities but reality is that many issues can jump into a development to consumer's hands process. Time will tell.

My current system is an i7-4790K @4.0GHz, MSI Z97 Gaming 5, 16GB DDR3 dual channel, EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and I use it for both gaming AND rendering simultaneously. Yep, I push its envelope day in and day out doing 4K renders as well as playing most of the games in 4K as well. I generally find adequate frame rates but the renders (even if I'm not gaming) take so long that I often just time them out at about 2 hours per render.

Ultimately, I realize that I ought to just build a second system to do the renders on and be done with the mixed use of the single system for such mixed bags. My primary questions revolve around what CPU and its supporting cast of motherboard, RAM, video card and storage would be most cost effective for me considering that I will be taking the funds from my savings (I'm retired) to build it. I originally thought that the Threadrippers might bring the solution for a rendering system because of the many cores but if those tests are any indication, I may be barking up the wrong tree. Will the Ryzen 9 3900X or the "possible future" 3950X (or whatever it will be) or even the yet undefined Threadrippers with Zen 2 be the best use of my admittedly limited cash? I have also debated if just sticking with the Intel lines and jumping to a newer, 9700 or whatever class might be useful but I've got to believe that more cores (providing they aren't really crashing to such disappointing low speeds) would help.