News AMD's Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX CPUs Confirmed: Launch Imminent


Jan 31, 2020
Threadripper user here.

Who cares if the Threadripper [Pro] CPU need new motherboards, is not intended to the overclocking crowd, to the gaming crowd, etc?

If one buys/builds a Threadripper system it's probably because one needs the cores/threads, the memory, the PCIe slots and plans to use it for heavy tasks like contents creation, data sciences, industrial design, development with multiple databases, multiple VMs, etc and uses multiple accelerators, high bandwidth network, etc cards.

Such a system will probably end up being used for 10 years. If the initial costs is $12,000, it means $100 per month over ten years. OK, amortization does not work like that, it's just to give an idea on how to see the cost spread over a long period. In others words, it's peanuts compared to the overall operating expenses.

AMD redefined the workstation and high performance desktop with Threadripper and INTEL still does not have a response to it.

The rest in press articles or comments about pros and cons is just blah blah blah.