Review Antec P82 Silent Review: Silence on a Tight Budget


Sep 1, 2014
I used to use Antec cases exclusively back in the 1990s, but as case design improved in the 2000s, I haven't used one in about two decades. Now, this is the first one I've seen in all that time I like! Clean design, generally nice, open layout internally (prior cases have had many 3.5 and 5.25 inch drive bases, too many times immovable). Provisions for cable management, a PSU shroud, nice features. The one feature I've had a problems finding a case with is the side-mount power/reset buttons and USB ports. I set my mid-tower on my desk, not the floor, so side mounted buttons and ports are far more convenient than the top-mounted ones you find on a large percentage of cases (even front mounted ones are getting harder to find on tower cases).

I did have to laugh at the amount of space this reviewer gave to the "issue" of a full complement of standoffs not being installed. Standoff tool? Back until the last decade, most cases did not install the standoffs at all, they were in a bag and you installed the ones required for your motherboard. Standoff tools? Those were called your fingers, or worst case, pliers. Just have to shake your head over what some people have issues with.

The case may not be perfect, but for my needs, this case would work perfectly and the price is practically a steal! I do keep hoping Antec will improve their case design team, they used to make great, well-designed cases at a good price point.
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