Question Any way to change a shiny monitor (Glossy?)


Aug 5, 2016
Hello. So I resurrected one of my old 24 inch monitors and I remember why I didn't like it now after investing in a vesa mount for it. It's REALLY shiny. I think this is referred to as glossy and I want to use it because it is a bigger monitor than my other 17 inch vesa monitor BUT I just cannot deal with this "glossiness" depending on where you look at it from it looks too bright or too dark and theres shadows and it is really throwing me off. I looked into a cover thing for it but I'm not sure if that would really help. Maybe I should just abandon it and go back to my smaller vesa? - I need it to be vesa because I need a second monitor in portrait mode.

I also cannot lower the size of text and everything on it within normal windows 10 settings. I can change the resolution but then it does not use the whole screen. Maybe there's a third party app for that?



Personally, I'd just invest in a new monitor, as much as that might suck to do so. One with a matte screen. Those privacy screens work very well except for one small detail, you absolutely need to directly face the screen. If more than a few degrees off center, it all gets very fuzzy. That's it's intended purpose, prevent ppl walking behind you from being able to read what's written, it's a HIPA thing used mostly in Government offices and medical/insurance agencies where a screen might have personal/medical/private information visible.

That includes portrait mode, not just standard viewing angles. If you think TFT panels are bad for viewing angles and color/clarity are bad off center, multiply that by 10 and divide the viewing angle by 10 and that's a privacy filter.