Any way to improve my wireless connection (1 floor down from router)?


Aug 22, 2009
Alright, sorry if this is the wrong category, I have a sort of specific problem.
In my house, I have my modem upstairs in my closet, on the wall, since that's where the wiring is. I also have my wireless router right next to it. Both are top quality etc.
My desktop computer is in an office downstairs. It's just about directly under it. Since the house did not come with an internet jack in the office, we bought an Inspiron 530 with a wireless networking card. For the most part, it's all well and good. Videos and webpages load fine.
My problem is that now I like to play various online computer games, and I don't think my connection on this computer suffices. Speedtest gave me a rating of 3.3/5.

Basically, my question is:
Is there any cheap way to get better connection on this downstairs desktop? I'd like a solution that doesn't involve buying a new computer, taking down walls, or running a cable through the house. I know it's probably a long-shot, but is there any sort of wireless device or something that could help me even a little bit?

Sorry if I didn't specify enough, and thanks for any answers in advance.


Wireless tends to operate at half the anticipated speed due to duplex operation. This doesn't matter too much for most things but isn't suitable for gaming.

Really your choices are wired -- or the vexed area of power line borne networking adapters such as Netgear's Homeline products. These may or may not work at all depending on the power wiring in the premises and cheaper ones may work but badly and produce interference.

May be worth experimenting but I would deal with a retailer who'll refund if the results are unsatisfactory.


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