Appropriate video card


Apr 21, 2010
Hello everyone, I decided to change my video card and I would like some advice on what to buy. My current PC setup is this:
- Monitor Syncmaster T220 (22"; max resolution 1680x1050)
- AMD Phenom II X4 965
- 4 gb RAM
- Cooler Master GX-750W (RS-750-ACAA-D3)
- Radeon X1550

What I would like to know is, regardless of expense, which is the better video card I could buy. To be more clear, I would not come spend 400 € for a card that, since the resolution that would go on playing, not being fully exploited. Consider that for at least another two years I would like to maintain my current PC configuration.
Thank you.


I would go ATI 6870 or 6950. Your system is not bad, other than a dated GPU. I have a x1650pro in my XP computer and it gets like 2000-2500 in 3dmark06. That same system with a 5850 gets a 14,000 in 3dmark06.
The graphics card market is very competitive. You will get fair value from any card.
As you spend more for a card, you will get an improvement, either in fps, or in enabling more eye candy. But, you get diminishing returns for your dollar.
Your psu will support a GTX580, which is probably the best card, regardless of expense.
But, I suspect you would be very happy with a card at half the price, like a GTX560ti or 6950.
Save the rest for a future upgrade for something.