Question Archer ac2300 help and advice setting up

Sep 20, 2020
Hi I have a Archer ac2300 router which has an ethernet connection on it but my master socket has Dsl line fibre from sky.
  1. Can I buy a cable that will go into the rj11 port to an rj45 port on router will that work ?
  2. Can I plug a ethernet cable into the Lan1 line of sky hub and use new router that way ?
  3. Should I purchase a standalone modem for it if so what should I go for ?
Any advice guys thanks


1) No.

2) Sky Hub? Is that just a modem or combination modem and router?

Which product?

3) Current connections in place?

Normal/ generic connectivity is (line diagram):

ISP ---> Wall outlet ----> Modem -----> [WAN]Router[LANs} ----- >Ethernet to wired devices and ~~~~ wireless ~~~~ > wireless devices.

With DSL there is also a cable from the wall outlet to a splitter (also called a filter) that in turn provides connections to the modem and the telephone(s).

Are your able to provide a diagram and a fully description of all connected devices?

Feel free to edit and correct my line diagram as necessary to correct errors of omission or commission on my part.