Question Are DisplayPorts backward compatible?

Apr 21, 2019
I’m looking at getting a new monitor, I chose the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2719DGF. I’m also going to buy a DisplayPort for it, it said it was a DisplayPort 1.2, I thought maybe I could get a DisplayPort 1.4, because it was the same price and my graphics card had displayport 1.4, also if I need a DisplayPort for something else I could go beyond what a DisplayPort 1.2 could do. I asked a question on amazon, and I looked it up, it said that DisplayPort were backward compatible, but I got an answer on amazon that said that you can only use a DisplayPort 1.2, a DisplayPort 1.4 will not work. So I’m torn now, could I use a DisplayPort 1.4, or should I get a displayport1.2? I want a 1.4, but I don’t know if the monitor will work with it.


There's no such thing as DP v1.2 or v1.4 cable, that is just marketing. Long as the cable is HBR2 or 3 and certified by Vesa, you'll have no problems connecting copper wires between devices. Displayport versions is actually the port version a monitor or graphics card has, and as said, Displayport versions are backwards compatible.