Question Are these new temps normal for 3600x

Oct 24, 2020
Last quick sanity check to make sure everything’s good with new cooler. Still afraid <Mod Edit> going to fly right off my motherboard lol.

So, before I used the stock cooler with the Ryzen 3600x I was getting 50-60 doing nothing & then 60-70+ in Chrome. Was too afraid to even test a game.

Now after 15 hours trying to mount the Cooler Master 212 Black edition rbg I finally got it mounted in place (Hopefully for good). Also added an extra fan with the cooler. So that’s 1 Exhaust in the back now & two intakes in the front.
Current temps
Ryzen Master- Low 30s- 40 idle, 40-58 Valorant High settings, Low 40s- Mid 50s chrome.

Hwin was showing close to same temps as Ryzen Master

Core temp- Idle around the same maybe a few degrees higher, Valorant showed it around 5-7 degrees above what ever Ryzen would show, give or take a few degrees.

I played for about 45mins to an hour. Near the end I opened chrome with about 4 tabs . Temp hit 60 once then stayed going between the mid 40s & 50s maybe 58 a few times.

Not the most scientific test at all but I had just finished & wanted to see if the effort was worth the hours of seething rage last night & this morning trying to install the cooler.


5 3600x

asus 1650s

16gb Gskill ripjaws 3200 cl16

Antec 550W gold plus psu

gigbyte b550m DS3H

lian Li 205 case



just looking for thoughts on my temps & if I should test it on anything else.

I appreciate all the feed back & every single person who has helped me get this far. Forum has been amazing

side note- cooler is suppose to be RBG but I don’t care enough to fiddle with that damn thing anymore lol.
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