Question Are those Temps OKAY? (And My PC shutting Down Randomly)


Feb 5, 2014
I've been playing a lot of Satisfactory lately, for hours on end, but It's the first time that I have my PC shut down for 1-2 seconds, and come back on fresh, so I decided to do a stress test.

I am doing a very intensive test, and I noticed the temps going from 63 to 83 in seconds, and coming back down after a few seconds, while the avg being around 63 under full load while doing the stress test and games.

But those spikes... are they normal ? And why does my computer shut off and comes back on for no reason?

The temps under load (as I am OLED on my keyboard) they range between 60-67C on both.
Depending on the CPU there is a point where it will throttle down if temps exceed it's thermal parameters so you have nothing to worry about there.

I don't know why your system shuts down for 1-2 seconds however stress testing is the way to go. There are other stress testers and thermal monitors. I like AIDA64 and HWInfo64. Try them as stress testing algorithms do differ.

If your system Bios is equipped with fan control then adjusting the fan curve can help with those fans that are PWM fans.

Your temps are not excessive on the core and the type of cooling can help smooth the spikes. AIO water cooling is best to dissipate heat more smoothly.