[SOLVED] ARGB Fans and ARGB Strips are not lightning up

Sep 29, 2022
I Built a PC for myself recently.
The PC Case is a Cooler Master H500 Mesh btw.

So when i put it together everything, i plugged the fans and the led strips into an argb hub (Phanteks), I turned it on for the first time and I heard a sparkling sound from the psu, turns out when i plugged the fans into the switch, accidentally i plugged the led strip into the fan header on the argb hub not into the argb header (it's a bit more complicated than that, but that's it in a nutshell).

So after this "accident", i sent back the psu to be replaced with a new one, i put it together with a new psu, but without the argb hub, and my problem is that nothing is lightning up, the fans are just spinning but not lightning up.

I tested out the fans and the led strip in an other PC (with a Molex-to-argb header stuff which i got with the PC Case) but nothing, the fans are just spinning, 3 fans and 2 led strips are not lightning up, I ask my friends about this one but no one could help with that problem.

Is it possible that the "accident" fry (or idk) my led fans and led strips?

(sry for my bad english, i hope it's understandable)


Retired Mod
If you plugged an LED strip into a fan header on the hub, and it toasted your PSU, then it toasted the hub as well. Get a new hub. You should be able to plug the LED strips individually into the ARGB header on your motherboard, assuming you have a motherboard that has ARGB headers, to determine if they work. Chances are probably very good that your "accident" killed the PSU, the hub AND the strips, possibly also the lighting on the fans if they were plugged in to the hub at the time as well.