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  1. A

    Question Bought a new Asus RX 6700xt. Furmark giving low FPS. Should I replace it or is it AMD driver issue ?

    I just got an asus RX 6700xt OC edition card. This card comes with 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 8 pin connector. There are two LEDs associated with each pin connector (basically an indicator to show power is drawing into the GPU), but none turned white when I turned on my PSU (btw I'm using 650w Gigabyte...
  2. J

    Question Monitor won't turn on sometimes, how to fix?

    So my monitor won't turn on sometimes. No power even when I plug it to other outlet. It only happen sometimes though. Whenever it turns on I see no problem from it. When it won't turn on, I usually wait a few hours before turning it on again and it works fine. But what if I don't have time to...
  3. PGeryZ

    [SOLVED] ARGB Fans and ARGB Strips are not lightning up

    Hello, I Built a PC for myself recently. The PC Case is a Cooler Master H500 Mesh btw. So when i put it together everything, i plugged the fans and the led strips into an argb hub (Phanteks), I turned it on for the first time and I heard a sparkling sound from the psu, turns out when i plugged...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] AKASA VEGAS RGB Fan spinning but LED stopped working

    Hey. The LED on my PC-case fan has stopped working and I cant get it back on. It lights up during boot, but after a few sec of being in Windows the light turn off. The fan spins just fine though, so that not an issue. I have been using the software "Armoury Crate" from ASUS to control the...
  5. Ros2000

    Question Please help, system won't turn on ?

    So today i was playing CSGO and once i tabbed out my screen flickered in white for maybe 15 seconds. I decided i was going to try a restart. I restarted it and upon turning back on i was presented with my fans and leds all working but the DRAM and CPU red leds were lit up (not flashing, just a...
  6. Vorske15

    Question Does the 6650 xt gigabyte eagle have led lights?

    I did not find information on the Internet. I know that this video card appeared only this spring, will there be any update soft for it? thanks
  7. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] Water cooler lighting scheme

    Hello. I have an MSI Coreliquid 360R V2 liquid cooler installed. I have an Asrock motherboard with it's janky Polychrome rgb software. I am trying to get dual static colors on each fan, in the same scheme as the picture on the product's box, but can't seem to do it. Any help would be...
  8. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] How to turn off LED on a Fan

    I have the DEEP COOL GAMMAXX GTE V2 (Blue LED only) and I'm wondering how to turn off the light of the fan since its really annoying. the fan comes with only 1 cable which is the 4 pin fan header, nothing else to control with, now is there a way to turn off the Blue light? I've an Asus b550 rog...
  9. T

    Question DRAM LED lights up while gaming / mining ?

    Hi, I've recently run into some issues with my PC. My PC specs are as follows: CPU: 5900x GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 (Replaced the backplate for one from EK, and replaced the thermal pads. Memory temps do not surpass 76c). MOBO: ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (Model...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] RGB LED on CPU coolers. What is that for?

    I am a complete novice. Do they exist just to make it look beautiful? Just for that? Or do they signal higher performance?
  11. gamerbrehdy

    [SOLVED] Snipping off cables possible ?

    So I recently found some argb AIO tube sleeves. Being the unicorn-vomit type beat pc enthusiast, I really want to get them. I did however have a little question about them, The sleeves consist of ~30 leds and have two argb headers on each side. This is so that you can daisychain both of them to...
  12. db0013

    [SOLVED] Cpu or motherboard problem

    Hello, recently I bought Ryzen 9 5950x for my workstation that has 4 sticks of ram - 48gb (2x8+2x16) HyperX 3200mhz with xmp1 enabled, on MSI Tomahawk Max B450. Sometimes under load I had sudden black screen and CPU debug led. I knew that 5950x is too much for b450 and I thought that was the...
  13. Q

    Question How to automate scenes with different companies of led

    I have 2 different comanies of LED's (2x LED Strips in eWeLink and 1 Light Bulb in Mi Home), and I want to create scenes with every light in different color and brightness. I have a Samsung phone and tried to link my eWeLink account with Smart Things (as the Smart Things app doesn't support the...
  14. Question TUG Gaming b550 plus WIFI DRAM Orange Led error

    After trying to overclock (as far as i remember i changed voltage on DRAM, but not sure since it was a month ago or so) I've got this error and nothing helps. Tried flashing bios from usb-drive,but it flashes green 3-4 times, than flashes stops and it stays in lit state afterwards(once i left it...
  15. FireBon99

    Question My led are too bright

    Hi guys, i have a question: I've already bought 2 led strips, but they are too bright. How can i solve it? P.S. i have only one 3-pin connector on my motherboard
  16. TheHellTaykr

    [SOLVED] Fan Leds won't work unless I tap tower.

    Alright so this is "my LED fans wont work" number 874 but here is the synopsis. I bought some cheap GIM fans for my first tower. When I power it on all fans are working but the leds on the fans work for a split second before shutting off. Upon further investigation when I tap the power it turns...
  17. zeenuh

    Question is this a motherboard problem?

    I’m not sure if my motherboard is donzo. Usually before i go to bed i turn my pc off nothing out of the usual happened before i turned it off everything was good. the next morning i wake up to start my work and my pc no longer turns on. the keyboard and mouse leds are on and so is the power...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] No boot. Fans and LED on for a split second

    Hello, My pc is (for what I know) correctly installed. My motherboard LEDs are comstantly on, which is normal. But when I turn on the pc every fan and only the LED from the videocard is turning on for like half a second. What I'm missing is: LED from watercooling, RAM and case fans. And ofcourse...
  19. H

    Question 1660 Super is only showing two colors on it's Logo LED ?

    Hey everyone, first time on the forum so it's nice to meet you all. I got a weird problem here. Seemingly, out of the blue, my Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super started to only show different shades of blue and green on the LED Logo. I've gone through all of the colors in the software (RGB...
  20. skrabe

    Question Case LED lights not turning on

    Okay so, my LED strip lights are not turning on AT ALL. The led strip cable connects to some sort of "connector" and the connector has a power SATA cable which I connect, but the lights still dont turn on. What am I doing wrong? BIOS is not recognizing that my SATA port is used. Pictures of the...
  21. J

    Question PC Freezes, DRAM and VGA LED

    Basically title, when using my PC like I usually would it freezes and I have to restart it but when I turn it back on the DRAM and VGA LEDs on the motherboard both flash red. What does this mean? Most likely bad RAM? Thanks in advance. Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A GPU: ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX RAM...
  22. U

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GPU LEDs don't turn on when computer boots

    I have a Gigabyte 3060 Ti Gaming. This card usually remembers the LED settings and even if I take it out and put in another computer the LEDs normally turn on as soon as the computer starts, remembering the last color that was set. No Software was ever required for this to function. But lately...
  23. rakinar2

    [SOLVED] Some basic info needed about my PC

    My brand new DELL Optiplex 7080 tower has a little flashing led light, located at the bottom of the power button. Can anyone please tell me what is the job of this led?
  24. [SOLVED] What should I do to change coolers color.

    (The image is my actual case). I just bought a new PC case and the generic coolers are in an intermittent rainbow ugly mode, I just want them to be of one specific color without fancy animations. I'm not understanding what should I do. I can change LED strip mode, but can't change coolers mode...
  25. P

    Question Computer Case's RGB lighting turned on randomly for the first time ever?

    I've had my computer for about 2-3 years now and yesterday the RGB lighting on my case turned on for the first time ever while watching a youtube video (about 2-3 hours after boot). I didn't even know it had RGB... The LED light button on the case never worked until yesterday, but after the...
  26. Harel_3060

    Question My LED strip won't turn on when i connect it to PC ?

    ok so, i got an ARGB led strip, and a connector for it (to 3pin 5v) i connected it to my CoolerMaster RGB box in the back of the computer, the LED strip won't turn on, and the motherboard doesn't detect it. The thing is, when i shut down the computer THEN it works for half a second then turns...
  27. B

    Question White MOBO led turns on at boot, no post, near the DRAM or VGA asus B-450-F

    When i go to boot my PC (rtx 2070, ryzen 7 2700x, asus b450-f, 16gb trident Z neo ram) a white light turn on the Mobo and i cant get a post. This problem started out of nowhere and I cant seem to find the root of the issue. After dusting my pc and fiddling with the CPU cooler it booted again but...
  28. GamingCarmelo

    Question Cpu and Dram lights on motherboard blinking

    I recently purchased a used msi 2060 ventus oc from a local and it was working fine for the first day, nothing wrong was happening clocks were stock, no crashes. I go and shut down my pc to sleep for the night then, the next morning I turn it on it has the cpu and dram leds blinking. I reset the...
  29. FastGamingYT

    [SOLVED] Connecting 5v led strip to Asus Aura

    I have a 5v led strip but I'm quite unsure how I could connect it to my motherboard as it seems to be 12v. The motherboard is an Asus prime b450-plus. Could something bad happen if I do connect it? Or is there a way to change the voltage?
  30. Ray3567

    [SOLVED] New build few complications please help!

    Hello! I just built my first pc everything went smooth until it was time to power it on. I'll list some parts in the build: Ryzen 7x Rog strix b550-e MSI gaming trio 3070 ti First start up I got the q code error 02. Second start up and for a few times after q code was d9. I have bios flask back...
  31. Ahxakri

    Question LED Strips & Asus Aura Creator

    Simply put, I cannot get this software to work with my LED strips. Armoury Crate will work with my entire system. I am able to do all of the basic lighting effects to my entire system and sync them together. My entire system is running in a static color, rainbow, wave, or whatever preset option...
  32. C

    Question Two out of three HDDs prevent computer from completing POST ?

    Just to start off, this is an old rig. It's my first computer and I built it in 2014 and haven't changed any internal components since; excepting the addition of two HDDs, one a hand-me-down 70GB Western Digital early on and the other a new 500GB Western Digital within the past 2 years. I have...
  33. E

    [SOLVED] DRAM LED on Asrock H470 Steel Legend

    I've recently bought myself an asrock h470 steel legend motherboard coupled with an i5 11400 and 2x8 ddr4 gskill aegis 3000mhz ram only to find that after trying to boot up my pc...it wouldn't boot... The fans would spin and all, there'd be rgb led's all over the place but no image. Only the...
  34. F

    [SOLVED] Motherboard RGB LEDs blinking randomly

    I have a ASRock B550M Steel Legend and recently my motherboard's RGB lights started to randomly blink, i've always had it at full red. I filmed it. First it started to randomly decrease the brightness of the LEDs, then it would blink a greenish color (second video), now it blinks a blue color...
  35. kook

    [SOLVED] What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my tower?

    What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my computer's tower? View: https://i.imgur.com/tzF3wEp.png It is blinking constantly and it's basically been there since I got the computer. It blinks slowly though. Is it maybe related to a WIFI PCIe card or something?
  36. C

    [SOLVED] Programmable LED Stips

    Are there any LED strips that I can hang around my room that I can buy on Amazon and can control with my PC without an Arduino? I can't seem to find anything on Amazon.
  37. techsture

    [SOLVED] B550 Tomahawk ARGB Header Max Wattage!

    Hi, recently built my gaming rig and chose a B550 Tomahawk featuring 2 ARGB Headers. First (JRAINBOW1) is used for 3 propitiatory 6-pin argb case fans (which are also connected to PSU via SATA, each fan 18 LEDs/1.8W - is all power drawn by PSU, or also by mobo?) and the second one (JRAINBOW2 )is...
  38. Mr. White

    [SOLVED] Those awful power indicator LEDs

    Hi! Can those power indicator LEDs just be disabled some way, or is the only way to get rid of these putting tape over them? Is it safe to tape them? Asus Rog Strix RTX 2070 Super OC
  39. jaymc

    Question HP Omen 2018 15.6 144hz upgrade to UHD glossy or touchscreen is it possible ? Model I5-ce003na

    Hey people... My son's laptop (HP Omen Model I5-ce003na) screen is broken, his brother threw something at him an broke screen. I was wondering can I upgrade it to UHD glossy I think it's a TFT in it previously it's a 30 pin model no B156HAN04.2... What are my options... can I go 4k.. can I go...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] 12V RGB Led Strip Sync via Splitter for NZXT H210 case ?

    12V RGB Led Strip Sync via Splitter/Hub/Controller for NZXT H210 case. Hi all, So this is my very first time building on an ITX based system. Below are the specs: Case: NZXT H210 Case (not H210i). Mobo: MSI B450i Mini-ITX. RGB Led Strip: 12v from Amazon UK...