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    Question JRAINBOW socket on X570 Pro Carbon WIFI

    Hello, I'm using MSI MPG X570 Pro Carbon WIFI motherboard. I bought a 5V adressable led strip from internet, the length of it is 150cm. It has 90 leds on the strip. I put the led in JRAINBOW socket but it didn't worked. After I read the user manual of motherboard, it says that " IMPORTANT ...
  2. E

    Question Orange led lights up on freshly built PC

    Yesterday I managed to build my new PC, installed a windows on it, it was a little complicated at first, because I had an older version of Windows, but fortunately I could download a newer version, and it started to work. But the problem is: after 2-3 of usage, I turned off the computer, and...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] LEDs that reflect temperature?

    I've never purchased a liquid cooled system before. Getting an i9-9900k i think i'm going to check it out this time around. Curious though, I see all these RGB LEDS. That's great and pretty and all, but i couldn't care much about it. I'd much rather see blue when it's cool, red when it gets hot...
  4. Thulamir

    [SOLVED] VGA Red LED & Display is black with Solid White line

    I am building two systems at the same time and they have both run into the same problem. They both have the vga led solid red and the display shows a black screen with a solid white line in the upper left corner. The specs are: Ryzen 5 1600 AF Gigabyte RX 570 Gigabyte B450m aorus m Raidmax...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Red light above the RAM slots I use

    Heya! So I just build got done building my first PC. AMD ryen 7 3700x MSI RTX 2060 SUPER MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX G.SKILL 16 GB RAM I have XMP enabled in the BIOS and everything is working fine! But above RAM the A2 and B2 (where I have my sticks installed) slot 2 red LED are on. Is this...
  6. mrfungi

    [SOLVED] RGB on new motherboard not working properly

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU and MB to an i7-9700k and ASUS Maximus Hero XI. The issue I have is that on the motherboard itself the RGB, or LED lighting, doesn't work when the PC is turned on. However, when the PC is turned off, the lights come back on. I've checked the BIOS...
  7. gurkab

    [SOLVED] Power LED does not work

    So I did a PC build the other day. My case is a Lian Li 205 Tempered Glass and my motherboard is an Asus ROG Maximus Hero Wi Fi. PSU is a 750 watt Evga G+. When i first turned on the PC I'm actually not sure the state of the LED. It may have been on or may have been off. But around Thursday i...
  8. EddyPC

    Question How much ARGB fans can I connect to SATA power supply output?

    good evening to everyone, I have a cable that has 4 SATA with a single 6 pin output from the power supply. I have 8 ARGB 2300 rpm PWM fans, 1 PWM splitter (SATA power), 1 ARGB splitter (SATA power), HDD (SATA power) and the AIO pump (SATA power). Can I connect everything with that cable...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] My Asus B350M-A has a blinking amber LED under the GPU and I'm not sure what that means

    My motherboard (Asus B350M-A) has an amber slow flashing light located here (Can't pinpoint exactly the place without opening the whole thing). I believe it's a light indicating something related to the GPU (RX580) but I'm not sure what exactly is the LED indicating. I've tried to look it on...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] How to control Asus Aura Sync without mobo header?

    I bought a case with three Aura Sync RGB fans in there. The motherboard was a cheap one and doesn't have any Aura Sync slots at all. How can I control the fans, which have Aura Sync connections, without the header on the motherboard?
  11. A


    So today i got a new pc mobo: msi mag z390 tomahawk cpu: intel i7 7700 ram: hyper-x 16gb (rest gpu: gtx 1660) So, I did the setup, i made everything up and as soon as i go to start the pc it opens and shuts down immediately. I looked on mobo and saw the ram/cpu debug leds red. Plus when i try...
  12. HTMLars

    Question Will my pc handle the monitor?

    So I currently have an Acer 5 Nitro (Core i7 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD / GTX 1660Ti) and use it to edit video (4k) for a local film group and for gaming, both VR and standard. I am now thinking about upgrading my monitor to a Samsung 49" LED C49J890, but is a bit worried that my computer won't be...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Simple LED lights powered by USB 2 header?

    I'm looking for some simple led lights tht connect to/powered by a USB 2 header - ios there such a thing? Thanks
  14. V


    im not sure what topic to ask this on sorry if this is the wrong thread. I have some extra led strips that i want to use on build but this build has a budget motherboard (literally only has 2 fan headers, cpu and sys lol). the ends of the rgb cables are i think 3/4pin crj (i think thats whats...
  15. M

    Question Possibly Fried Fan LEDs by Plugging Them In Troubleshooting

    I recently got the MF120R adressable RGB fan. I plugged it into my RGB cable splitter, which is plugged into my D_LED1 RGB connector on my Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite. It worked fine. I then realised that the D_LED2 connector was close enough to be connected to my fan. I decided connect it to that...
  16. PorowSnax

    Question My pc keeps crashing while playing games

    Hello I built a new pc last month, everything was fine until 3 days ago. While playing red dead 2 i had my pc crash. Symptoms Black screen all usb connect devices flashes (I think they are resetting) All fans on the pc are still spinning. RGB lights are still on, so thats cool... GPU has a...
  17. Z

    Question Confused no display new CPU

    Have an issue I have been trying to tackle this past day. Ill post all parts I have on my computer that will be of use. Motherboard: MSI B350M Pro-VD MATX CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (and had a Ryzen 1300X) GPU: 1060ti 6gb PSU: Corsair CX550M 550 WATT The issue is after installing my Ryzen 5 3600 my...
  18. S

    Question Questions Regarding LED Light Strips and Bias Lighting

    Hey Guys, I’ve recently read about the benefits of Bias Lighting and how it can help in reducing eye strains. I am really intrigued by this and wish to set it up for my 24 inch PC monitor and 2 60 inch TV we have at home. Although LED light strips are very new to me so I just have some...
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Samsung HDTV Monitor T24B350 Won't Turn On

    Hi, I have a years old 24 inch Samsung LED HDTV monitor (T24B350) which was working as of this past August. Ever since I have tried to use it in October and now today, it will not turn on. The red standby light turns on, and when the power button is pushed the light goes away and then comes...
  20. carlosriosness

    [SOLVED] control a pwm fan header that has an LED strip plugged into it

    I have a LED strip (2 pin) plugged into a 3 pin adapter that is plugged into a 4pin fan header on a z170i asus mobo. as the pc starts the led strip is dim, but once windows loads, it goes full bright. is there a way to limit the power to that fan header so the strip will stay dim? i tried...
  21. alexanderwe6

    I need help finding an LED Conversion kit

    I have a 2013 Chrysler 200, i went on amazon, found a kit for around 60$. They said I would need a CANBUS decoder. Which I also bought. The lights still flicker after both of these, which is dangerous and probably illegal. If there are any kits that play nicely with chrysler in the 100$ or less...
  22. V

    [SOLVED] "Led Switch" Front panel connector

    Hey guys, so I just recently bought a new case, a Trendsonic Raider to be exact (Don't worry, I modifed it and swapped out the acrylic front panel and changed it into mesh) and I noticed that it has a front panel connector called "Led Switch" and until now I have no idea what that means, I have...
  23. Cioby

    [SOLVED] Key illumination dying on Asus Strix mechanical keyboard

    My keyboard is getting old but works perfectly fine. The only issue is the light on my keys is dying, the light on the top that signals stuff like caps lock, still works at full power, the light on my keys is very dim to the point I can't see them anymore even at night. And yes I checked the...
  24. A

    [SOLVED] Connect additional power supply 5m strap

    Hi Does anyone know how to connect a 5 meter 5050 strap to the motherboard. The motherboard is Asus Rog Strix z370-e I am asking for detailed instructions on how to connect additional power supply, best regards
  25. taimoorbaig382

    [SOLVED] Which Display Connector/Converter Should I Buy?

    Hello. I just bought a MSI RX 580 8GB Armor. But my LED's Display Cord requires a DVI Port... So i was looking for a connector/converter. So a HDMI to DVI would be fine right? Or DVI to HDMI.. Maybe?? I don't know what to call it. Sorry for bad English.. So can you guys search Daraz.pk for...
  26. L

    [SOLVED] LED Stairs Lights

    I bought the BTF-LIGHTING WS2811 UCS1903 SM16703 Mini Wireless WiFi Group Controller from Amazon to operate my stair lights. The strips have been cut to 32" strips for each step then hardwired to the next strip all the way up. I cannot figure out why the 6th light and up will not operate like...
  27. M

    Question Cheap RGB Cases

    I plan on building a new pc for the first time in a few years in around January time and I've been trying my best to find/source all of the components that I think make sense for me however I am struggling on 1 piece. The case. My current PC was built shortly before all of the RGB fans and...
  28. S

    Question Difference between LCD's and LED's and which to Buy

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a PC screen as my own is a bit old now ( HP L1750 ) I'm completely dumb in this Screen stuff, So i want to know what's the difference between an LCD and an LED, And which one is better.............. In terms of Over heating Graphics Image/Video quality I mainly...
  29. Lostorm

    Question Newly built PC random freezes (DRAM led)

    So I just built my PC the other day. After installing windows, my graphics driver, and beginning to install/download other programs the PC screen froze on whatever picture I was on and my keyboard and mouse shut off. The led on all my pc parts are still on and the fans are still spinning, the...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Are LED's in RGB fans ws2812?

    I plan on adding some colors to my build using some LED strips and RGB LED fans, but I want to drive them using my Arduino as a controller. I know that pretty much all of the individually addressable RGB LED's available are usually WS2812b or something similar. So can I drive the lighting on RGB...
  31. Semmie

    [SOLVED] Pc LED strips dont work

    So when i was building my pc part by part i had plugged in my rgb strips somewhere in the middle of the build. Back then when i turned on the motherboard they worked fine, however now they dont seem to work. Since the day I booted up they decided to just stop working. I've tried many solutions...
  32. C

    Question Palit Gtx 1080 Gamerock Premium, LED Light flickering

    Hello, everybody! My Palit Gtx 1080 Gamerock Premium LED Light started flickering, flashing from one side (left or right doesn't matter, it depends how you look at it). It is set to GPU Temperature profile in the ThunderMaster software from the start (since december 2017). In this profile, the...
  33. D

    Question Motherboard shows leds but won’t post

    So I had just built myself a new gaming pc as my old one was getting outdated and when I first assembled it it worked fine didn’t have any problems then one day I went to go turn it in and it would not boot only show leds so the first thing I did was go through all the tests under the sun I...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] no rgb or led headers

    i have a asus a88x gamer motherboard and I don't think I have any rgb or led headers. my friend gave me 12v rgb led strips and I have nowhere to connect them. can yall help I don't know in what header I can put so It can work.
  35. N

    [SOLVED] What is this problem with my new monitor?

    Ordered a new AOC G2790PX, there is a small darkened area/spot in the right bottom of the screen, I am guessing that it's a backlight problem but not sure. What is this exactly and how to fix it? Pic: View: https://imgur.com/a/p2BOZtg
  36. N

    [SOLVED] Is it me or do these RGB Fans and RAM Led's for White look not like White?

    I'm midway through the journey to a White and Black build and I already got the parts that are gonna be for the (White) part which is some RGB Fans and RGB Ram set to a Static White, but for the last few months i've been wondering why both the RGB Fans and RGB Ram's White look off. The RAM looks...
  37. H

    Question LED Power Supply Fails When Plugged In

    I bought a new Optonica LED driver to power a 5 meter long led strip. I put the 220v cables in and turned the screws tightly. When I plug it in, the power in my house goes off due to a possible short circuit. Image of the led driver here: https://ibb.co/jHSQ3ds Any I ideas of what could...
  38. Rdgf8

    Question My motherboard led won't turn on

    Yesterday I assembled my pc I have a X470 Aorus gaming 7 Wi-Fi And my motherboard is suppose to have rgb light on my ram pcie slot etc... But when I turn on my pc those light only flash for a second before turning off. I verified everything and all my cable are correctly connected. What should...
  39. Turn on/off a powerbank remotely (more details in the description)

    Hey! I've recently searched for a a remote control for my Canon camera (mine doesn't support having a pre-built remote control, and I couldn't find a usb-mini remote in the market) That was until I've got CHDK on my cannon camera, and it has a script that tells the camera to tell a picture...
  40. P

    Question Onboard LED steady white

    Ive built My PC with the following components: CPU: Ryzen 2700 3200MHz with wraith cooler MB: Rog Strix B450F gaming motherboard GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 980TiSC+ RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws Vseries 16 (2x 8gb) 2400C15D-16GVR Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD PSU: EVGA 750 GQ 80+ gold Case: Fractal Focus...