Assembly guide and/or tips?


Jan 4, 2013
Wow! What a great site this is! In researching my upcoming first build I stumbled upon tom's hardware and this is the most thorough, well mannered, and helpful IT site I've ever seen. I hope this thread is ok here.

I've researched my hardware for my build extensively and I'm very confident in compatibility and suitability. I'm ordering my parts today and while they are in transit I'll be studying up on good assembly practice. The extent of my assembly experience is replacing a hard drive and adding a wireless card. I'd appreciate any suggestions on good assembly guides or just advice in general. I've looked over the site a little and haven't found much on assembly (that's not to say it isn't here).

My biggest concerns relate to the mobo and getting everything hooked up to it right. Also, I presume I need to buy some screws to assemble hardware to my new case. I'll want rubber vibration washers on drives and psu. Filters on incoming fans. I wonder why my psu will blow hot air into my mobo? Can I turn it upside down and vent it out the bottom? If it helps this is not a gaming computer. It will be for file sharing, lots of streaming, and document writing. Simple tasks, but I want my $600+ to be assembled wisely and to last many years.

I'd really enjoy a run down of stupid or careless mistakes not to make (maybe mistakes that you yourself have made in the past when you were just getting started). I sometimes get too involved in minutia and miss the big boulder rolling my way so even obvious stuff might be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Apr 11, 2012
Here's a good link (meant for troubleshooting not being able to boot) But... It goes through a lot of the steps in building.

First read your Mobo Manual. It explains A LOT of what needs to go where.
Don't build on carpet, Make sure your grounded to the case. Your mobo should come with all the necessary screws. I usually "bread board" Before installation. (see link)
About the PSU most mount facing down (common mistake to turn them up and blow on the mobo)
Research how to apply the thermal paste. Just go slow and have fun with it :D. If you get stuck anywhere post back and we can always help.

*edit* Helps if i give you the link huh? ;)