Asus 4770 Question's


May 19, 2009
Hey all
I changed my mobo to Asus m4a78-e ( ) and had to cut the bottom of my case so the heat from the 4770 can go out of the case.Anyway this lowered the tempreture at idle to 45C preoverclock (Down from 70C!).I also installed a exhaust fan at the rear of the case (80mm) and another one(exhaust) at the side panel - 150 mm one.
I hope you can asnwer some of my questions - would be really helpfull.

Should I change the exhaust fan at the side panel with a intake fan?

The tempretures of a OCed ( 901 mhz core / 1000 mhz memory ) 4770 - I get 55C at Idle and 73 at stability test with FurMark.So is this normal?(Tweaked voltage from 0.95 to 1.03 )

Is it a good idea to get a second 4770 and run in Crossfire or they will heat too much?

Can Asus m4a78-e ( 790gx/sb750) run 2x cards at their optimal power?Because one slot is x16 , other x8 - does this mean one will be at full , other at half?

Does the asus 4770 has to be "crossfire enabled" or whatever , to be able to run in CF mode . Or I just pick up another 4770 and a crossfire interconnect cable and im fine?

Will AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE( oced to 3.7 ) bottleneck the system if I go crossfire?

Im sorry about so many questions but I hope someone will answer them.
Thanks in Advance.

I would think that the side fan if set for intake would cool better, i'd give it a shot. You should have the rear 80mm fan and the PSU fan exhausting for airflow. Temps are a bit warm, but not bad, wait and see how changing the side fan will help. You may have to set crossfire enabled in your BIOS or it may do it automatically when you put a card in the second PCIex16 slot. 8x-8x should be fine with the 4770 and an overclocked 720 can handle it.