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  1. BlazingAngels

    Question Monitor backlight flashes during display driver install ?

    My Acer XB283k backlight flashes during a display driver install when it is plugged in via HDMI 2.1. Not sure if this is normal behavior for this monitor. It happens on boot up as well when plugged in the Display Port but not with HDMI 2.1. Below is a video of this issue: View...
  2. A$AP V

    Question Monitor Keeps Turning Off and On Randomly, Green Display Issue

    My monitor keeps turning off and on randomly. Old monitor had the same problem, but was not as often so I ignored it , I replaced it with a new one recently and have different power and HDMI cables, but the issue persisted. Interestingly, I have a second monitor connected via DisplayPort, and it...
  3. I

    Question Storing monitors in the attic ?

    Hi, any info is appreciated. Just moved a few monitors to the attic. My question is, can they stay there year round? There are no leaks and its a ventilated area. I live in Chicago, temps during the winter reach between 26 °F - 36°F, with summer coming up temps average around 78°F – 92°F
  4. JustYax

    Question Why do my monitors keep randomly going black "no signal from DP"

    Hey everybody, I'd love if someone could help me diagnose the problem I've been having with my computer. My monitors seems to as of recently started crashing while I game and stream. While my computer is completely functional. I have a 3070 GeForce GPU i-9 10900kf CPU Z490-A Pro MSI 32 GB RAM...
  5. Q

    Question Lenovo Thinkpad P14s Gen 2 doesn't detect external monitor with discrete graphics.

    Good afternoon! I've just gotten a new Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 2 as a working laptop from my employer, and I cannot understand how to detect an external monitor with discrete graphics. Could you help me, please? The situation is the following: The laptop has 2 GPUs: integrated Intel Graphics...
  6. Janman0101

    Question Nvidia surround with multiple GPUs for more monitor outputs ?

    Hello, I am currently trying to set up Nvidia Surround for my setup. For this I put two graphics cards into my PC in order to run all 5 of my monitors. When I try to activate surround with monitors that are not on the same GPU it gives me a very unspecific error, telling me that there is a...
  7. Amatex

    Question Connecting 4 monitors to Surface Pro

    Hey all I have a Surface Pro 1796 Currently running 2 monitors from the connected Surface Pro dock via USB C to Display Port And the Surface pro itself (3 screens total) The Surface Pro itself has a Mini Display Port I connected a Mini Disaply Port to HDMI Port to a 3rd monitor and it shows...
  8. M

    Question Can I connect two monitors to my Lenovo Thinkpad e490? (Docking Station)

    Hello, I have a Thinkpad E490 Intel i5, 16GB RAM, 1T Hard Drive laptop. I am about to be working from home and I need two monitors. I am looking at buying a docking station for the two monitors wanted to see if it will work before I buy it. I will not be using the laptop screen as I will be...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Best 240HZ / 2k resolution / 27inch monitor using it on 60-100 fps

    The monitors are: Acer Predator XB273UGX ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQM Gigabyte M27Q-X So i have made alot of research and i am still confused really which one is better for me so i'm gonna start saying what i want first: I want the fastest response time, the least input lag...
  10. D

    Question Constant white CPU debug light, no signal to monitors

    Specs: Intel Core I7 Processor 8700K Liquid Cooling GeForce 1080 8GB Graphics 32GB 2133mhz DDR4 Memory EVGA 500W PS 480GB SSD 2TB Hard Drive I was using my computer one night and my PC shut off (monitors stayed on but disconnected, so it wasn’t the whole power strip) then a few seconds later...
  11. B

    Question Large Ultrawide Monitor Advice

    Hi Everyone, Looking at my latest monitor upgrade options and need some advice. I currently have an Acer Predator X34 and would like to make the jump to a 49 inch ultrawide, but I’m having a hard time deciding. It will be used for both gaming and work. The Odyssey G9 looks appealing, but...
  12. B

    Question input randomly changes

    ok, so both my pcs have started doing this. one is my main system and it is an rtx 3060, i have a computer monitor and a 55inch tv as my displays. my other pc is a sim setup and it has an rtx 2060 and it has a single 43 inch tv as my display it is also ran through a surround sound reciever. so...
  13. jjdrummer720

    Question Why is my computer turning on but peripherals and monitors are unresponsive?

    I had just powered down my system after using it like normal. The next day, I try powering on the system but only the PC turns on (LED lights turn on and fans spin). I have double checked the monitors, unplugged everything from the PC, reseated the memory, and tried resetting the CMOS battery...
  14. H

    Question How to get dual thunderbolt monitors working ?

    Building a new PC and I'm having issues using dual LG UltraFine 5K thunderbolt monitors. I can only get one monitor working at a time. I'm using an ASUS Prime Z690-A montherboard, ThunderboltEX 4 expansion card, and Quadro RTX 4000 GPU. The Nvidia control panel list both monitors but only...
  15. P

    Question My PC won't display 2 monitors at the same time, please help

    So, about a month ago i was having some problems with my pc such as not turning on, I changed my motherboard and my power suply, before all of this happened, I used to use a dual monitor setup, one hdmi cable going into the gpu and another hdmi with a dvi-d adapter also to the same gpu, when my...
  16. D

    Question One monitor losing input, dropping out in extended displays setting?

    Hi all, posted this a few days ago with no help, I'll try here in the monitor section to see if anyone has had a similar issue running two monitors in extended mode. Current components: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 RAM: ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200 MHz PSU: Thermaltake Smart 750W 80+ Bronze...
  17. fitzgerald oliver

    [SOLVED] Dual monitors not detected ?

    i have 2 monitors with single vga output but my vga GPU (gigabyte gtx 550 ti oc), only have 2 dvi and 1 mini hdmi port. so i decided to buy 2 piece of vga to dvi converter and connect them all together. but when i power up the computer the display only showed up on one monitor and can't even...
  18. Five_fat_Kids

    Question 240hz Monitor only displaying 120?

    So I recently just ordered the AOC C27G2ZE, It goes up to 240hz and I have it plugged in via display port to my pc. In my nvidia control panel It only gives me the option to go up to 120hz. I decided to make a forum because I cannot find out anywhere else online if my components are compatible...
  19. B

    Question montiors

    Any suggestions on the monitor configurations to buy when going with a new computer. The 1920 * 1080 are signifcantly cheaper than the monitors with higher resolution. Will the 1920 *1080 just get left behind? The same 27inch monitor that has 2560 * 1440 costs almost double. I suppose my...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] ETA on reasonable Monitor Prices?

    So for the 32" 144hz 4k market, we're starting to see some products come out. However, the most affordable option is the $1000 Which does not have HDR 600. That brings us to the Asus line up, which is just ridiculously priced atm...
  21. P

    Question 4 Monitors To Choose From Please Help

    Hello guys so i decided to upgrade from my samsung 60hz i have been using for the last 7 years :eek: to 144hz so those are the options available in my region and i really watched reviews and couldn't still decide which one is the best so i thought i could use your help guys ASUS TUF GAMING...
  22. J

    [SOLVED] My monitor wont give me 120hz option

    ive basically tried everything im using the rocketfish 4ft 120hz high speed cable the ACER GN246HL monitor and i have an RTX 2070 graphics card with the drivers fully updated if anyone has help plz ive been troubleshooting for about a week now
  23. kangaxx

    [SOLVED] Which of these two monitors have better color reproduction?

    Data by manufacturers: MSI Optix MAG272CQR - 90 % DCI-P3 , 100 % SRGB AOC AGON AG273QX - 90 % ADOBE RGB (CIE 1931), 121 % SRGB (CIE 1931), 85 % NTSC (CIE 1931) In some reviews, I have read that the MSI one doesnt have very good colors without calibration (I always use default settings). Also I...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 3200G And 2k Monitors

    Hi, This is my system: Ryzen 3 3200G ASUS A320M-K 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 1TB HDD My current monitor is LG E1940 (720p). I'm planning to buy a monitor with a good colour gamut and good factory calibration. I've chosen the BenQ PD2500Q (1440p).😋 My doubt: Will my CPU be able to handle this...
  25. V

    [SOLVED] I've had my monitor plugged in my motherboard these past 4 years, how little of my GPU have I been using?

    Basically I just upgraded my GPU from an RX480 to a RTX3060. And today as I was plugging everything back in I wondered : "Where should I plug my monitor? In my graphics card or my motherboard?" And when I googled it my heart sank. All this time I had been using my integrated graphics and I...
  26. setopolis

    Question Low resolution on 1080p displays

    The weirdest thing happened to my pc a few days ago I thought I would reinstall cod modern warfare and play it again when it downloads it said that "The recommended settings have changed since you last played call of duty it will change your system settings but not your controls" I have seen...
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Weird stuck pixels

    I just bought a new ips monitor (MSI Optix G273QF). And I have two stuck pixels. Weird thing is that they work normal if only one color is on the screen, they only turn red when there is a red or white pixel vertically above them and . Im kind of panicking right now and i just hope it willl fix...
  28. Bessel Raj

    Question How to setup external monitor for my HP 15" CE062 TX Laptop using a docking station?

    Hi all. I have an HP laptop, bought in 2018, 15"CE062TX. I also have docking station given to me from work which is the Dell WD19 180W Docking Station (130W Power Delivery) USB-C, HDMI, Dual DisplayPort, Black. I want to use my personal laptop with this docking station to output the display...
  29. L

    [SOLVED] Separate monitor displays with tv displays

    I ordered an oled tv to play on and I’ll be connecting it to my pc build. I currently have two monitors connected at all times. I will always have the tv connected as well but I don’t want it always displaying on the tv. Is it possible to have my pc switch between displaying on just the two...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Multiple monitors to multiple computers

    I have 3 monitors connected to my gaming pc, one uses hdmi and runs at 120hz the next uses dvi and and runs at 144hz and the third uses display port and runs at 240hz. I recently got a macbook pro with 2 USB-c slots. I'd like to be able to use all 3 monitors with both systems. Is there a...
  31. D

    [SOLVED] 28inch monitor doesnt go well with a 23inch

    I have a 23inch monitor that is set on 1920 x 1080 (apps and text size 100%). And recently I added a 28inch 4k monitor that is set on 3840 x 2160 (apps and text size 150%). As I connected the new big monitor, I realized its text and content are so small compared to the other 23inch monitor. Of...
  32. A

    Question Gpu disconnects after less than an hour of usage

    hello! i've been facing a problem with my graphics card where after less than an hour of usage the gpu suddenly disconnects, this problem has been plaguing me for months with no any solution, the gpu has worked for me flawlessly for more than a year, but for no reason it started to work for 30-...
  33. John P Stone

    [SOLVED] My BIOS won't show graphic setting for a second monitor

    Hi, I have an -already tested- monitor with a VGA port that I'd like to use as second screen, the only way to use it is connect it to the motherboard; because my dedicated graphic card has only HDMI and DVI (and I'm not willing to buy adapters or whatsoever). I tried allowing multiple-monitors...
  34. TTVBTW

    Question 3 monitors 2 computers. Switch?

    Hello, I am looking for something that can switch 3 monitors from one pc to the next. I don’t want the pc’s to be sharing the monitors. Right now I have a switch that can do 2 monitors but I want one that can do 3. One of the monitors is 1080p 240hz so that needs to be conpatible. The other 2...
  35. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Monitor buying advice, upgrade to 27" 1440p 144Hz

    Hi! Right now I have Samsung Qled 27" 1080p 144Hz ( LC27FG73FQUXEN ) monitor and I want to know if its worth it to upgrade to an 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor. Is the clarity much better in person? Im eyeballing Samsung Odyssey G5, but I´m not sure if the colors will be bad since it isn´t a Qled...
  36. RedKnight26

    Question Other applications hide when launching games ?

    I just got a new 4k tv, and it seems like almost everything on my pc has stopped working correctly. I've found workarounds for most issues, but this is one I can't find one for. Whenever I launch most games, applications open on my other monitors disappear, showing only my desktop wallpaper...
  37. F

    [SOLVED] HELP! Curved 165Hz 27" gaming monitors

    Hello, I was hoping some of the smart people of Tom's Hardware could help me choose/find the differences between these 2 curved monitors. MSI Optix 27" FHD 165Hz 4ms GTG Curved VA LCD FreeSync Gaming Monitor (MAG270CR)...
  38. JojoErik

    Question How to fix monitor screem

    Hello, today i spot these white screen flickers. How to fix? it scares me. Ty. for your reply
  39. D

    [SOLVED] Framerates, Monitors, Pixel Density

    Will an RTX 2070 get the same frame rates on a 27" 1440p 144hz screen as it would get on a 32" 1440p 144hz screen, just with less pixel density? or does the increased real estate of screen surface area (+5") cost me some framerates? Hypothetically speaking, other than size, they are identical...
  40. danishsultan007

    [SOLVED] Dell P2419H vs Benq GW2480T

    I wanted to buy a budget pivot monitor. I have two options in mind, Dell P2419H and Benq GW2480T. Both are almost similar but i want to choose the best from these. Also if any other options in recommendations, do let me know. Thank you!