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  1. M

    Question M-Audio AV42 Monitors giving constant feedback.

    I have purchased a pair of M-Audio AV-42 Monitors for my home PC and I'm having feedback issues coming from both speakers. I've even gone as far as having the monitors replaced with the same model and I'm still having this issue, so I don't think the monitors are the problem. The monitors are...
  2. MythicalSnake

    Inconsistent frame delivery?

    I've been having some stutters in some games. Games that I lock the framerate to 30 in (while having a 60hz monitor) using RivaTuner. Even though it says in RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner that it's a perfect 30 fps and perfect 33,3 ms frametimes, I still experience inconsistent stutters. Does...
  3. P

    Question Asus ROG Maximus XI Extreme M.2 questions

    My M.2 drive is the Samsung 970 PRO NVMe (2280 design from what I read). My Maximus Extreme XI has 2 M.2 slots. M.2_1 supports PCIe 3.0 x4 and Sata mode M key design. M.2_2 supports PCIe 3.0 M key design. Both of these fit the 2280 design for my 970 PRO but I’m not sure if these take bandwidth...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] One of the CPU on Mac Pro 4.1 not showing up Windows 10

    So I have this old Mac Pro 4.1. It was running macOS Leopard 10.5.8. On the macOS system information I see 8 cores but when I boot on a windows 10 drive which is not bootcamped, i only see 4 cores on CPU-Z. Also when I run cinebench the score of 291 clearly tells me that it is not utilizing that...
  5. Katana.lx

    Question CPU Socket 1155

    Hello!!! I have a Asustek P8P67 Pro 3.1 witch is compatible with all Socket 1155 CPU's. I have a i5 2500K paired with a AMD RX 580 and I don't have money to buy a new system. In the CPU Hierarchy 2019 my i5-2500K is on the same tier of i5-3350p, i7- 2600 and i7 - 2600K. My question is this...
  6. L

    Question Antect vp700p only powers up with one pc. Wut?

    So, I have this antec vp700p which refuses to work with two of my machines, one with a z97-k mobo and one with a ga-ma67-ud2h mobo. Keep in mind that it worked with the z97-k mobo which had 16gb of ram on it aswell as an i5 4690k and a gtx980ti, and several high rpm case fans, and performed its...
  7. Tamanyawytaha

    Question Intel I5 9600k or Ryzen 5 2600x?

    I have a GTX 1070, and I was wondering which processor fits with it the i5 9600k or the Ryzen 5 2600x? Keep all intel or the ryzen performs well with the gtx 1070? Hint: I have a 2x8GB G skill aegis 3000mhz
  8. L

    Question Ping issues on wireless network with great speeds.

    So, I play games like Overwatch and Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) these are quite competitive games so the smallest amount of lag is quite noticeable. I've recently been having problems with my ping, it reaches about 70-80 on csgo but it stutters A LOT. I used to get around 35-45 ms...
  9. O

    Hello - I really like this site

    Hi! I'm a newbie here but I wanna say @ Thank You @ to its creators. It's such a convenient structure and nice design there! Hope I'll be a part of you, guys, I have a few questions about antiviruses :p
  10. U

    Question Unusual beeps before POST - ASUS Prime B350M-A

    My PC recently is making very strange, elaborate beeps before post shows up. I'd describe the sequence as as: long + short + pause + medium + short Here's a recording of the beeps: View: I've been looking for some information what could they mean - but I didn't...
  11. A

    Question A question about a cpu upgrade for Precision T3600.

    Would this Xeon E5-2687W CPU work with this dell precision t3600 computer. The cpu has the correct socket LGA 2011, correct architecture Sandy Bridge EP. But it says "Up to 130W" and this Xeon E5-2687W uses 150W. I have a 635W psu. Would this be a issue or not? I have had issues with i7-3930k...
  12. samagedon

    Question Lan port RIP?

    sorry for bad English Hi! I just came to my dad... I travel Whit my PC a lot that why I think something's f****up Whit my lan port ... But why I writing there ? So ...When I first started PC no LED on Lan port was on... No lights ... But PC don't say there is no internet connection but I got...
  13. P

    Question CPU Red LED - no boot

    Hello i'm in desperate need of help to figure this out My PC was working fine before, heavy gaming and all. It just didnt work after a shut down Basically when I boot up my pc, my RGB fans will light up for a sec then stop and then when the CPU led becomes red, everything starts spinning ( fan...
  14. Pinkidy

    Question So i bought msi monitor that showed it has 2560x1440 resolution. When i

    So i bought msi monitor that showed it has 2560x1440 resolution. When i opened it, it showed 1920x1080 Can anyone help me. Since HDMI doesn't support 144 hZ and i have 60hZ. Any help is good
  15. testtube5

    Question Need help building a "gaming" computer with a VERY specific use.

    Okay so as the title suggests, this is not your average "build me a gaming PC for x $$ please"... I'm willing to spend up to 1500$ if need be but I doubt the cost will come anywhere close to this. I don't need any peripherals though I do need a case. This is going to be rather difficult to...
  16. Flave

    Question 2 Lane Thunderbolt 3 - Bottlenecking eGPU performance?

    Hello Everyone, I'm planning to get a Huawei Matebook X Pro 2018, however, it seems that it's Thunderbolt 3 connection is only 2 lane instead of 4. This means that speed is halved to 20GB/s I am planning to use an eGPU hosting an RTX 2060. This will be connected to a VR headset. Will I...
  17. H

    Question 3 120mm or 2 140mm

    Any difference besides airflow and price? Pros and cons?
  18. D

    Question How to connect to hue 2

    Ok guys, so I messed up, I got some Chinese knock off case called chiptronex ( model is raptor rgb) and I purchased the NZXT hue 2 now I can’t connect those 4 fans that came with the case as they are 6 pins ( ikr -.-) so is there any way of connecting those fans to the hue or a cable to convert...
  19. thirumalai94

    Question Can I use two different graphics cards at the same time

    I have GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, this I recently bought. I am going to buy one motherboard which has two graphics card slots. I already have one old graphics card which is "GT 610 2GB" So, if I can combine both GTX 1060 and GT 610, will it give me more graphics memory (3GB + 2GB = 5GB) ? In...
  20. M

    Question Motherboard compatible with i7-4930k

    Hi all, I have recently run into trouble with my build and am in the process of updating my specs. I just got 2 8gb xpg spectrix d80 ddr4-3600 sticks and found out they do not fit into my current motherboard (ASUS P9X79 LE). I have been looking for another motherboard to replace my one and am...
  21. C

    Question Monitor won’t turn on after cpu upgrade

    I have a asus TUF z370 with a MSI RTX 2070 and I upgraded my cpu to an i9 but my monitors won’t turn on but everything in my tower lights up turns everything it’s supposed to but just my monitors don’t start or anything
  22. J

    Question Installing front intake fans

    My front PC does not have any fans and can fit 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm, don't think it can fight 140mm three times. Anyways I am looking to purchase the Arctic P12 PWM PST fan set. With the fans being able to connect to one another, I am hoping to...
  23. SPECOPS70

    Question Rog strix b450 f advice...

    I got an Asus rog strix b450 f mobo today. According to specs the mobo only has 4 pin Rgb headers on it.i looked all over amazon for addressable rgb atrips that support 4 pin. No luck. Anybody know where I can get an addressable rgb strip for the inside of my case? Or is there an adapter from 4...
  24. H

    Question Does this Ben q really have gsync? For some reason it says it has it but in other places it says it doesn’t. Can anyone confirm which one it is
  25. C

    Question Acer Aspire TC-780a upgrade or new build

    AcerAspire TC 780a Pentium G4560 1050ti 4gb 8gb ram 300 watt PSU Primary use sim racing With a $450 budget which is wiser... i7 7700 and upgrade psu in current PC or start a new build? The target is to keep the 1050ti for now, upgrade to 1660ti at a later point. I guess the question is...
  26. T

    Question Buying a mined card??

    Looking at a evga 1080ti hybrid. owner says it was mined off an on for 6 months. Would you buy this card, or no?
  27. M

    Question Best method for backing up data remotely

    I work for as a software tech for a company that provides a service for it's clients remotely. I need to start backing up some of the clients systems here which will be remotely. What would be that best method for this? I'm brand spanking new in the tech world and don't really have an idea of...
  28. arjitsawhney

    Question Is 750 W psu is overkill on this build? I was thinking of cutting some cost.

    Here are the specs any help is appreciated, I am really confused whether 650w psu would be enough for this build if I plan on OCing later? Motherboard: GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI CPU: AMD YD2600BBAFBOX 3.9GHz Socket AM4 Processor CPU COOLER: CHIPTRONEX Diffuser X500 RGB CPU Cooler with 5...
  29. hoangvietha

    Question RX 570 Problem

    Basiclly,I've bought a nice RX 570, every excitement fade away when I open the game, every still fine until i hit play option. The card use over 90W then everything crash, The fan in my case spin like nothing control itseft, game's music still on, but nothing except a black screen. My specs...
  30. G

    [SOLVED] R9 290, 290X power consumption

    I'm trying to find out how much difference it is in power consumption between the R9 290 and R9 290X. According to this review, the two cards consumes about the same amount of power in all 3 games tested: In this review however...
  31. M

    Question Designed a wonderful cooling system for Laptops

    Hey Guys, I have designed a simple cooling solution for gaming laptops. Almost all laptops have vents located at random positions. The laptop cooling pads sold in market may not exactly blow the air where the laptop actually needs. Some pads may suit but mostly not. These pads cools the laptop...
  32. M

    Question Is my PC being Bottlenecked. I really need help.

    My pc is a Acer Predator g3-605 that had an gtx 980 in it. The specs are as followed. GTX 980 Intel i7 4790 @3.60ghz (non k) 16GB DDR3 Ram eacht at 1600 Acer Predator G3-605 LGA1150 Motherboard DB.SPX 11.001 MS-7829 (this as it looks like is my mobo) 1tb Hdd and a 128gb SSD on which...
  33. J

    [SOLVED] HELP with a new build please

    Continuation from a post earlier today......having troubles getting windows to update so I can install the gpu. No drivers to connect to the Internet . What can I do????
  34. H

    Question Best 240hz monitor you’ve used?

    I am going crazy, I literally bought a165hz 1440p monitor only to realize it was th wrong one. And while returning it, I now have changed my mind for the 100th time. I am going to buy a 240hz monitor and would like to know what is the best 240hz monitor in your guys opinion
  35. B

    [SOLVED] SSD bad CrystalDiskMark results

    Hey everyone, I've solved a lot of my doubts about computer problems in general with this forum in the past but this is my first ever post since I couldn't figure what's going on just by searching others' posts. Back in 2015 I bought a Lenovo Y50 laptop that was defective and it was RMA'd...
  36. S

    Question Upgrading GPU

    Hey. Would I be able to upgrade the GTX 1050 TI from the MSI Trident 3 to a GTX 1060?
  37. J

    Question Video Editing/Gaming PC/Workstation

    Fellas, Lady Fellas: I'm looking to build a solid video editing/gaming pc, and everyday life. My editing software is adobe premiere pro. I'd like to make it as upgradable as possible. My budget is around $1200 USD, but I'd consider saving more if totally necessary. $1200 is a start and I'd...
  38. Shinji10TH

    Need help with a new PC rig

    Hi, I'm planning to build a new PC, and I really want to know if i'm not going overboard with some components since I'm mostly looking for a 1080p/60 FPS gaming (144Hz on light esports games), I would really like some advice. So here's the potential build : CPU: Intel i5-9400F MOBO: MSI B360M...
  39. T

    Question Benchamark/Stress Test for GPU clock stability testing for Gaming Scenarios

    Hey community! I've been using Firestrike to test GPU OC profiles and noticed that while many of these profiles are stable during testing and yield a much higher Firestrike score than no OC, they are often unstable while gaming. Is there a better tool besides Firestrike to test whether or not an...
  40. F

    Question Ryzen 2700X max memory

    Notice that Ryzen 2700X spec states maximum memory size and speed as DDR4 2933Mhz. On the net have read about people using DDR4 3200Mhz memory. Will there be an issue with the higher memory?