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  1. danishsultan007

    [SOLVED] Dell P2419H vs Benq GW2480T

    I wanted to buy a budget pivot monitor. I have two options in mind, Dell P2419H and Benq GW2480T. Both are almost similar but i want to choose the best from these. Also if any other options in recommendations, do let me know. Thank you!
  2. H

    Question Monitor hurting my eyes, best settings?

    Hello there, I have been using philips monitors all my life and I didn't have any problems while using them, my previous monitor was a PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 And I have recently upgraded to an ACER SA220QA But my eyes are constantly hurting and I am narrowing my eyes constantly, as I said I...
  3. drosehill

    Question Electrical interference blacks out the monitor. Does it damage circuits?

    I have a three monitor array hooked up to a UPS. I also have electric blinds in my home office. Whenever I move the blinds up/down when my computer is in operation, one of the monitors goes black momentarily. It is always the same monitor and the one that is closest to the blinds — although...
  4. xCqt_

    Question I can't connect my ps4 to my monitor

    Hi My monitor dosen't have an hdmi port so i had to buy a dvi-d - hdmi cable And my monitors res is 1680x1050 which is 16:10 well the problem is when i connect my ps4 to the monitor it says no signal Also my monitors model is : AOC 230Vw+ pleassseeeee help me
  5. D

    [SOLVED] Dual monitors for multitasking

    Hello everyone! I want to get a second monitor for drawing,youtube/netflix and to help with multitasking,coding etc.Right now I own a Asus VG248QE 24"( The second monitor I would like to have nice colors(most important)...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] 3rd monitor recommendations?

    Hello everyone! I have a gtx 1070ti GPU, and a 27'' Asus MG279Q monitor for gaming. I do work on the computer as well and needed more screen space, so I bought a cheap benq monitor to go alongside it (BenQ GW2760HS, 1920x1080 24''). I really need more space, even still. I am considering...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade to a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor with gsync

    Heads up as this is a long post (See the TL;DR at bottom if you wish to skip the heavy line of text) Hello people of the internet, so lately I been thinking of upgrading my monitor. I currently have two ASUS V248QE Monitors (1080p, 144Hz, TN Panel, NO GSYNC/FREESYNC) and they're great. I owned...
  8. S

    Question Which monitor should i buy

    Well as the title says,im having a doubt which gaming monitor i should get for myself,i gotta choose between Asus VG278QF,AOC C27G1,AOC 27G2U? Not really an expert in display area,so any help is welcome :)
  9. T

    Question Monitors/Display Not Starting on PC Boot (+Other weird problems)

    So I've got several weird issues going on and I'm really stumped as to what the problem could be. I'm going to try to list them out here and see if you guys have any ideas. Important to note before I begin, all of the components are mostly new (less than 1 yr old) and the MOBO and PSU are brand...
  10. PsychicShadow

    Question 3 monitors causes main monitor to go black once in a while

    to start of im a pc-technician and have done all the standard things check cables different dp cable different hdmi cable whenever i plug in my 3rd monitor the main monitor will go black every once in a while for only a couple of seconds especially in games, main monitor is 144 Hz dont know if...
  11. Rockyb11

    [SOLVED] 1440p 144hz

    Hey everyone, I've been recently upgrading all of my computer components and peripherals due to having lots of spare cash (federal stimulus). I have upgraded to a Ryzen 9 3900X and 2070 Super to get into 1440p gaming. I've had the same 100hz 1080p IPS for years and am a bit out of the monitor...
  12. Netsurfer733

    Question What monitors can show two computers on one screen besides LG?

    I've been inspired by Linus' video here: View: I have a work laptop and a gaming PC, and would like to get an ultrawide monitor to best accomodate them both. This would be a heck of an upgrade. However, it seems...
  13. H

    Question Monitors go black, but PC stays on

    I’ve been having this problem for weeks now and have tried everything. Randomly while gaming, but sometimes while just idle, my monitors (and this happened even with just one monitor) randomly powered off and said they lost signal and wouldn’t power on until I restarted the PC. The PC stayed on...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Acer Monitor Model Number Codes

    Hi, I am looking at a new monitor and have several Acer models on my short list. However, i do not understand the information contained in the model numbers. For example, XB271H_C, XB271H_UD, XB271HK, and XB271HU_K. What are the differences. Also, Acer monitors have a code after the model...
  15. Jawadss

    [SOLVED] how do you turn on onboard graphics

    Hey guys! I builded a new rig yesterday and got my self 2 monitors i connected the first monitor to the graphics card with an HDMI cable and connected the second one with an HDMI to the motherboard the first one seems to work good but the second one has no signal i tried to find a soloution and...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Can RTX 2070 support two 4K screens?

    Hi, Building a new PC for my father using a Geforce GTX 2070 for 4K video editing. We were planning to use a 43 in. Samsung Ultra Wide screen curved monitor and a 4K TV with it. Multiple monitors, you know? However, Dad is convinced that one GPU is not enough and I disagree. Is the GTX 2070...
  17. Cubeeee

    Question 240 hz monitor only showing 144hz?

    Hi everyone. A while ago, I purchased the Alienware Aw2518h, a good 240 hz monitor that I would strongly recommend. I started using it on my old PC with 240hz and had no issues, however when I plug it into my new one, I have problems with refresh rate. When I go to my display settings, the most...
  18. S

    Question Dual Monitor Question

    I have just bought dual monitors (2 x Acer Acer K242HLbid). The monitors have 1 HDMI/VGA/DVI I have a PC and a laptop that I want to connect to both. My PC has 2 HDMI out ports. My laptop has 1 each of HDMI/VGA/VDI out. I want to be able to have the PC and laptop both turned on at the same...
  19. Joppie

    Question RX 5700 XT vs dual 1440p 144hz monitors

    So, I've been using the RX 5700 XT for a little while now, but recently got a second monitor. They're both the same 1440p 144hz monitors, but when I attach both to the GPU it'll cause games to crash because the card might not be strong enough? Anyone with experience with this card who can tell...
  20. Owen_34

    [SOLVED] Software to Quickly Switch Display Configs

    Hello everybody, I currently have a setup of 3 1080p monitors, and a CRT off to the side that I use for competitive shooters and such. When I use the CRT I prefer to have it running as my only active display. Is there something I can set up in the NvIDIA control panel (I have a 2080s) or a bit...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Good affordable monitor for amateur color grading?

    I'm looking for a new monitor. I want to color grade 1080p Blu-ray quality video on it, so I want one with accurate colors, brightness, and contrast. I'm doing it as a hobby, so I don't need a super-expensive professional-level one, but I do want it to be as accurate as possible as I can get...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] I have a BenQ XL2411 and a 2070 how can I get 144hz

    I have tried to get 144hz with this combo but because my monitor only has HDMI DVI and DVI-D and my graphics card only has Display Port and HDMI I was unable to get 144hz. Until I bought an active cable to connect DVI-D to Display Port and it worked! But now I have a message on my monitor...
  23. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Dual monitor setup and ergonomics

    Hello everyone! When switching to dual monitor setup, usually what I've seen is one main monitor in front and one to the left or right. But after using this setup I got some serious chest and neck pains, which my physiotherapist told me is due to my ergonomics. He advised me to place my...
  24. J

    [SOLVED] GPU options for 4k

    Ordered a new 4k monitor to add to my 2x 1080 screens. Was wondering, to get the most out of games, would I need to upgrade my GPU also. This is my current one: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo OC 8GB What would be the best option? Go higher like a 2060+? Or could I just sli with the same...
  25. A

    [SOLVED] Underperforming RTX 2080 Ti and control panel not showing 144Hz option for monitor

    Hi. My PC specs: i9 9900k at 4.7Ghz Corsair H100i RGB Pro MSI Z390m MPG Gaming Pro AC Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB DDR4 2666 Mhz A.Data M.2 SSD - 256 GB 1 TB WD Blue Zotac RTX 2080Ti Twin Fan Seasonic Focus Plus 750W PSU Monitors: Dell S2719DGF - 1440p, 144Hz, Freesync with GSync...
  26. F

    [SOLVED] How many high res monitors can video card support? How to calculate?

    Hi, I'm using pretty good video card GeForce RTX 2080 ti. That can support up to 7680x4320 resolution. Also it has 2 DisplayPort outputs and 2 HDMI outputs. So in theory I can plug 4 monitors. But I don't know how many high res monitors can this video card support. How to calculate this? For...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Multi monitors at different resoulutions?

    I have a decent build (specs in the signature line are up to date) and running that 4k monitor at high/ultra settings is a dream. I had "stuttering" issues that have driven me insane over the past week or so. After reinstalling EVERYTHING and deleting EVERYTHING and running test after test to...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] GTX 1060 SSC only 1 display port funcitoning

    Hi, Quick question hopefully there's an easy fix. I run a 24in Asus gaming monitor at 240hz in the 2nd display port. I had a second monitor plugged into the HDMI that ran fine it was secondary so I didn't really pay too much attention. I recently upgraded the secondary monitor to a 4k 60hz...
  29. E

    Question Suggestions about monitors

    Hi there~ So I have my good old Dell U2410 (Specs here: for almost a decade now, it's really a decent monitor that answered all of my needs, but it had some burn-ins that appeared few years ago and anything I've tried wasn't able to fix it...
  30. F

    [SOLVED] Can 2 monitor with diffrent Resolution and Refresh rate be connected to the same PC?

    Im trying to make a dual monitor setup but im worried. I have 2 monitor currently one is my main one 1080p 144hz monitor and the other one is an old 1366x768 60hz monitor if i try to connect them both to the same PC will the old monitor affect my main monitor? PS. I use DisplayPort on my...
  31. valenow

    Question Issue with Alienware AW2518H

    So I've been noticing this small detail that has been concerning me for a while. I recently bought an Alienware AW2518H 240Hz and I noticed that whenever I open a game or alt tab this happens for a second : then the game screen goes back to normal. I wanted to know...
  32. jordandee1998

    Question Acer Predator X34P Monitor Mount/Arm

    Just picked up and Acer X34P and I'm looking for a reasonably priced monitor arm, I only really need height adjust. Tech specs say monitor is 6.76kg without stand. This is what I'm currently looking at, but not sure if it will work, supposedly supports up to 8kg...
  33. I

    Question what will happen if you upgrade your motherboard

    hi, my question is very simple so I have a Gigabyte a320m s2h motherboard and I want to upgrade to b450 motherboard, and I have a problem which is when I plug in my two monitors it works for a bet then the PC goes down, so is this upgrade will solve my problem. Ryzen 5 1600 Evga 600w BR (7...
  34. P

    Question Running second monitor from motherboard

    Hello, I am currently running one monitor from my 2070 super graphics card but want a dual monitor set up. I can't afford another monitor right now so I attempted to use my old one which only have a vga cable. Is it possible to run these at the same time as I can't seem to get it to work. I...
  35. bruh1

    [SOLVED] Monitor shows no signal at 1280x1024 resolution(the default one)

    So yesterday I had an old card, i used a dvi to vga converter to connect it to my monitor.It ran fine at 1280x1024. I bought a new card today, the dvi converter doesnt work here so I bought a hdmi to vga converter, installed new drivers. Everything is working fine, except whenever i set my...
  36. A

    Question Is my PC capable for 3 monitors set up?

    Hi guys, How do i know if my PC is capable to run 3 monitos set up? I'm twitch streamer, i already have dual monitor setup right now and plan to add one more, so how do i know if my PC is capable enough to run 3 monitors? Will using 3 monitors gonna make my PC slows if i run the same amount of...
  37. I

    [SOLVED] Need help with deciding on a monitor.

    I'm adamant on upgrading to an ultrawide monitor this christmas and have found two great, cheap monitors, but I'm having difficulty deciding between the two. I'll be running it with: GTX 1060 6GB i5-7600K (OC @4.5GHz) 16GB DDR4 RAM And I mainly play fps/racing games and browsing through...
  38. ThedrewLewis

    [SOLVED] How to keep applications on second monitor when playing a game fullscreen on first

    Every time I open a game and make it fullscreen it brings the application on my second monitor (discord, google chrome, etc) to my main monitor I play on behind the game. I minimize the game move them back and open the game and it does the same thing over again.
  39. F

    [SOLVED] Which gaming monitor i should go for?

    Samsung 32" LC32JG52QQNXZA: OR MSI Optix AG32C 31.5" LED I currently have asus vg248qe 24" I need a monitor that is at least 30"...
  40. Z

    [SOLVED] Need help deciding on a monitor (Radeon RX 5700 XT, Ryzen 7 3700X)

    A monitor is one of the last items for my build and I’m having trouble deciding on a monitor/narrowing it down. I’ve included the GPU and CPU in the title, but if you need more detail let me know. I primarily plan on using the PC for standard web browsing, Netflix/Hulu, gaming, and photo...