Question Monitors/Display Not Starting on PC Boot (+Other weird problems)

Sep 7, 2020
So I've got several weird issues going on and I'm really stumped as to what the problem could be. I'm going to try to list them out here and see if you guys have any ideas. Important to note before I begin, all of the components are mostly new (less than 1 yr old) and the MOBO and PSU are brand new as I suspected one or both could be the issue so I had them both replaced earlier this month.

The problem(s):

-About 50% of the time when the PC is booted up from being off both the monitors will fail to display. They're powered and on but they simply sit at a black screen. Usually restarting the PSU directly and then booting the PC again resolves this. This is why I suspected the old PSU may have been the issue but even with a brand new one the problem persists.

-Swapping between dual monitors or only one does not change the frequency of the problem. We've now tested three different monitors and can recreate the problem with all of them individually or dual.

-Sometimes when the PC boots (with display) the Wifi card will not turn on or find the house Wifi. Typically disabling and reactivating the card will resolve this or toggling airplane mode several times. I have no idea if this is related, it's just a known issue as well.

-Once the monitor's display is working the machine runs fine for many hours and will shut down without issue. I'd say it operates perfectly fine.

-PSU is brand new 600w and should be plenty of power for the rig. It's only running a single GPU card and HDD.

Any thoughts or things I should investigate? The weird disconnected nature of the issues we're experiencing had me thinking it was the MOBO or PSU at first (since they can influence basically everything else in the rig) but we're not making any progress and we replaced both.

Thanks in advance.


Sep 29, 2020
PC Specs?
Have you tried a Windows Repair?
Are the monitor drivers in Device Manager working properly and up to date?
What make and model monitors?
Have you tried a bios reset?
Is the CPU or GPU getting hot?