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  1. C

    [SOLVED] Psu for my pc

    upgrading my coolmax psu Would a 850 watt psu be enough for my pc? Pc: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RvX2vn
  2. C

    Question New Power Supply Recommendations

    Hello, after a bunch of reading and people telling me on the forums i have finally deiced to upgrade from a CoolMax PSU (Mainly because of people telling me how unsafe they are) Does anyone have a good recommendation for a psu... i also want all the components in my pc to work with it. .ca...
  3. Guillotine651

    Question Cpu shutdowning while gaming

    Hey i have a cpu core i5 2400 with 8 gb of ram recently i bought gtx 960 2gb edition the pc was fine for some time but while gaming (payback) it suddenly shutdowned and rebooted and it happened 2 or 3 times so plzz if someone can help me out of this i will be thankful ( psu 265 watt )
  4. C

    [SOLVED] 6 to 8 pin connectors

    Hello, I have recently bought a msi rtx 2060 and my 1000 watt psu from what I can see only has a six pin connector. I am wondering if I could use a 6 to 8 pin connector for my gpu. Thanks
  5. K

    [SOLVED] PC Randomly Switches Off and On, but...

    On random occasions (even under light loads) my PC will switch off, then switch on after about a second. This could happen a few times throughout the day, however: - A while ago I traveled for about two weeks, so I didn't use my PC then. When I came back, the problem was gone for about two...
  6. D


    My PC : Intel i5-3470 10 GB DDR3 RAM gt 710 2GB DDR5 WD 500 GB HARD DISK I am planing to upgrade my gpu to RX 570 4gb . So do i need to buy a new power supply ? Here is a pic of my current power supply : https://imgbbb.com/image/XdBtH...
  7. G

    Question Screen turns off when I exit games but pc keeps running

    As the title says, the screen will turn off when i'll exit a game, does'nt matter which game. I can play GTA V for hours, running smoothly with 60fps, its only when i'll quit to main menu or exit entirely to desktop is when the screen will shut off. The fans, keyboard and mouse will keep...
  8. S

    Question Need help with choosing right PSU for my build

    So I'm gonna be building a PC when the Ryzen 3000 processors come out and I've started looking for the parts. The parts that I'll be using are : Ryzaen 7 3700X Zotac RTX 2060 Twin Fan Corsair Vengeance 32gb RAM (16x2) Asus Prime X470 MoBo Seagate 2TB HDD WD Green 240gb M.2 SSD and Possibly...
  9. techflame700

    Question Will this PSU work with my Motherboard?

    Will the Corsair CX450 work with the Gigabyte Z390 UD? My concern is over the CPU power connectors since the Z390 UD uses 8 + 4 CPU power connectors and I’m not sure if the CX450 has enough cables to support it. Thanks for your help! https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/Z390-UD-rev-10#kf -...
  10. Info PSU Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop PSU/SMPS)

    A consolidated list of Desktop PSU/SMPS (Power Supply Units/Switch-Mode Power Supplies) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: POWER SUPPLY UNIT COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of...
  11. C

    Question which motherboard for 2700x

    Im going to be building a new pc sometime soon and have a few questions, one pertaining mostly to motherboards, the other would be power supply and ram related. Im going to be getting a 2700x cpu, and have done some research on which motherboards would be good and which ones not so much, and...
  12. C

    Question Can i use my psu for a new build?

    Alright so, i want to build a new pc and i'm on a tight budget and i cannot go higher than i already am. So i want to use my corsair CX600 for it since i had tried one psu already and i am pretty sure that it failed me (i bought a corsair vs650) and i'll just return the components and get new...
  13. KingRowe

    Question Motherboard Case Power Button not working

    Hi everyone! I have a problem that I can't quite pinpoint down, but effectively this is the issue. Pushing the power button on my case, or trying to jump the power switch on the MB doesn't give the PC life at all. I only have two parts at the moment but as far as I am aware these two parts...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] Best 500-550 W PSU / What budget PSU should I buy?

    Hi. This is my first PC-build and I want some help with deciding which PSU I should buy. I prefer a PSU that costs less than 60 $ with a wattage of 500-550 and that's availble in Scandinavia including Finland, no other countries. Here are some PSU's in that pricerange that's availble, but I'll...
  15. Z

    [SOLVED] Is the Seasonic S12II bad?

    I swear last time I checked for psu threads the Seasonic S12II was recommended here and there, but now its average or in some cases not good? I've seen recommendations of Cosair's budget psu over the S12II ones, what I heard was something about group regulations that makes it not good for...
  16. MrPoop

    Question Exterme noise on new microphone

    Hello everyone! My friends were angry that I am using a webcam microphone (because it is really unusable), so I decided to buy a some great one. Based on some reviews I choosed a kit with nw700 and power supply nw100. The problem is that it is really quiet and really noisy. I don´t know what...
  17. Z

    Question PC starts up and shuts off twice before starting up properly

    Hi all, Here's my spec before starting, not sure on some specifics, not at home atm - Mobo: Asus Maximus Code XI CPU: Intel i7-9700k GPU: Asus Strix GTX 1080 RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro DDR4 SSD: Samsung 1TB EVO HDD: 1TB WD 3.5 inch PSU: Corsair 750W So my issue is that when I start...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Do I need 750W or 650W PSU?

    Hi, I built a system 4 years ago and a few days ago my PSU(Corsair CX750) failed. I need to purchase a new PSU for my system. My friend mentioned that I don't need 750W PSU and added that my system will run very well with 650W PSU. So here I am asking you experts to guide me please. Which PSU I...
  19. BlazeJohnPyro

    [SOLVED] My PC reboots itself after upgrading to Samsung SSD 860 evo and Windows 10

    My PC reboots itself multiple times after doing some heavy load task.. such as playing games, etc. my rig is old and im just slowly upgrading it.. My old specs were Windows 8.1 Intel Pentium 4400 Ram 4GB Asus H110-D motherboard No Video card.. 500GB hard drive.. (A potato Computer) but it is...
  20. O

    Question Is 450w enough for gtx 1060 and intel core i7-8700?

    Hello. I googled this question and from what I saw people say it's enough, but I want to know if it's enough for my entire build. The thing is that I was searching for 700w psu's and saw one cheaper with good reviews, but I didn't realize it was the 450w until after I made the order, and it was...