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  1. xiude

    Question PC power on issue

    My pc has an issue when powering on. It goes on for about 1 second before turning itself off for about 1 second again then turning back on again by itself. This has never happened before. After turning itself back on it proceeding to operate normally with no other issues so far. My PC...
  2. H

    Question 3090 RTX 2024

    I have been offered a GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3090 MASTER $800 Aud it's clean and when stressed tested by 3d and furmark does not go over 64 degrees. I heard about the vram issues but I only need something I can game on would it be ok?.
  3. C

    Question Strange graphics port issue

    I have been facing a strange issue with my GPU as well as on-board graphics card. I have an Nvidia k620 that was connected to a monitor through the DP port. But it suddenly stopped working for no reason. In order to troubleshoot the GPU and monitor, I connected the monitor to the on-board...
  4. K

    Question Motherboard not reading GPU - getting white light

    A few months ago I upgraded to an RTX 4060 from a 1070. After a few days my monitors would lose signal a few minutes after boot, but the problem was fixed by reseating and dusting my connections. 3 months later, my monitors randomly lose signal almost immediately after powering on. I swapped in...
  5. P

    Question Which Power Supply should I buy ?

    Hi Guys, My Specs are Processor - i5 6600k Motherboard - H110 RAM - 1x16gb Storage HDD (160GB) -maybe around 5400 rpm SSD 120gb SSD 256 gb SSD 256 gb GTX 1050TI 4GB I usually play Dota 2 and CS 2...
  6. RedShadowXD

    Question Is my PSU dying?

    So short backstory, I built my PC about a year ago, February 2023 and it was dying a lot in an interesting manner. Freezes up for about half a minute and then black screen hard reset.. It was rare and I didn't think much of it. About 2 months later I upgraded to a more recent motherboard and CPU...
  7. Coldplasma

    [SOLVED] MSI RTX 4080 not powering on ?

    Hi gang, Amidst the many threads I see with 4080s not giving a display signal, I can't even get any lights on with mine. I recently purchased an MSI Ventus 3X OC RTX 4080 to treat myself after getting a new job. I am upgrading from a 3070ti. I made sure that the 4080 would be compatible with my...
  8. Diegoleyi

    Question RX 470 | Optiplex 3040 MT

    I have an 3040 MT w/ i5 6500 + rx 460 and i want to upgrade to rx 470 but my power supply is 240w max output (PSU model H240AM-02) but i have no idea if that psu can handle it without blowing up, so what do u thinks guys
  9. ICED_EZ

    Question psu fans not spinning

    I have a small concern about my psu, I have a genuinely low power consumption system around 400w). The power supply I am using is the gigabyte ud 750 gm (750w), I am worried why the fan on the psu doesn't spin, the system runs fabulously with no problem and works well on though load, so can the...
  10. joelmappa

    Question CPU Fan error,CPU overvoltage error conflicting information on hw monitor?

    Hello everyone,I tried changing thermal paste on my cpu today and I did spill a bit to the side of the golden pins in the back but I made sure to clear it.Regardless the issue is that when I boot the PC it says CPU Fan Error and CPU overvoltage error and the bios screen shows worrying values. I...
  11. Fenius

    Question Computer Randomly Shuts Down, sometimes also turns back on?

    so uh recently i had a power outage, and because of the stupid idiot that i am, i left the outlet plugged in with the cable, so after that, my computer started randomly shutting off and turning on, but its not the usual black screen thing, windows LITERALLY says "shutting down.." as if the...
  12. Brandon Umali

    Question PSU recommendation for my new gaming build ?

    Hi, I'm from the Philippines. Here's the build I'm about to purchase, I just need your recommendation on which PSU should I proceed with. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X3D AM5 CPU COOLER: Deepcool LT720 85.85 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler MOBO: MSI MPG B650...
  13. Z

    Question Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Hi all, I recently built my first pc and I made sure everything went in the right spot. I tried to power on my PC but the only thing that turned on was the LED lights on my MB. I tried resetting CMOS and a bunch of other things but got the same result. I noticed that the fans on my PSU wasn’t...
  14. D

    Question Upgrading my old PC, will I need a new PSU ?

    Hello guys. I am upgrading my very old PC so i am buying new parts. My question is, do i need to buy new PSU or the old one will do ? I have a Thermal Master TM-450-PSAP-F1 450w PSU. My old motherboard is an Asus P8B75-M LX My new parts are: Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS WIFI CPU...
  15. Abdul_Razzaq

    Question PC keeps restarting/turning on & off by itself/Boot Loop/Power Cycling ?

    I know this question has been asked one too many times on Different platforms but I’m posting it again here in thoughts that someone might offer a new insight and get me out of my predicament. I have a PC that I’ve been using for more than 4 years now. It's an HP Z220 CMT Workstation that...
  16. M

    Question PSU Calculations

    If PSU calculators say that my build needs 350w then recommends a 850w PSU i think it's a big headroom for my build my question is what is the actual PSU wattage needed for the build to work very fine and handle all power spikes ? Build: MB: Asus Prime H510m-k GPU: AMD Rx5600xt CPU...
  17. X

    Question Weird Sudden Loud Sound after installing new PSU

    I recently encountered a perplexing issue with my PC after installing a new power supply unit (PSU). Initially, the system seemed to run smoothly after some stress tests. However, after about an hour of operation, the fans (possibly the PSU fan) suddenly ramped up to full speed, creating an...
  18. 2

    Question What did I blow up exactly?

    Hey everyone! Today i did something dumb, and im not sure what exactly has happened... I turned off the wrong breaker today and accidently turned off my computer room. When I turned it back on, my computer will not respond to the power button. Tested the PSU and everything works, but this...
  19. A

    Question Loud Pop on Startup, PC Still Booted, Next Steps?

    I moved my computer back to my house today. It had previously been working perfectly fine. However, when I booted it up after moving it, there was a loud pop sound followed by the computer completely shutting off. The computer then rebooted itself and managed to fully load into Windows. I turned...
  20. D

    Question "Not Enough USB Controller Resources", strange audio issues, and electrical problems ?

    Hi everyone, I've been having a couple strange problems with my computer and need to get it sorted out. Specifically, there are three main issues that I can't seem to figure out: 1. My computer frequently tells me that there are "not enough USB controller resources" when plugging devices in or...
  21. LordZ19

    Question I've tried everything, and I can't figure out why my pc keeps randomly shutting down.

    I'm gonna try my best to put everything on the table with all the "evidence" of my pc being a little funky. About a year ago, I upgraded my old 2019 prebuilt pc with a better CPU, (a Ryzen 3, 2300x to a 5600x) and a new GPU, (gtx 1650 to a rtx 3070.) Everything was great, with games and media...
  22. J

    Question PC turned on and off from power cord coming out of bad wall outlet and optical drive seems to be making mechanical noises

    So I tried to push my power cord into the wall outlet and saw electrical sparks. Then the cord came out and I put it back in but sparks came out again so I quickly took it out, but the power switch wasn't turned off. After switching to another wall outlet, this time with my switch off, I turned...
  23. adamkm

    Question 320w platinum power supply will work for GTX 970 ??

    I was wondering if 320w platinum power supply will work for GTX 970 ??
  24. siri42

    Question Does charging phone reduce FPS while gaming

    I was just curious if i use my type c port or usb port to charge my phone while gaming, it will use 15W(5v * 3A). So, will that reduce the performance of CPU or GPU because instead of power being used by them, its being used to charge
  25. NwBstPlyr

    Question Power supply for my DIY CNC/Scara device ?

    So we're trying to come up with our own CNC device. We want to use these components: 3 x Nema 23 stepper motors (3V, 3A) 1 x Nema 17 stepper motor (3.6V, 1.2A) 4 x TB6600 driver controllers (takes in 9-42VDC, outputs 4A peak) Limit Switches Raspberry Pi 4 other components down the line I want...
  26. ikon106

    Question Do I need a new GPU or PSU? With MSI Afterburner benchmark and full part list.

    A week or two ago my computer started dying out of nowhere while gaming. It's not any new games nor settings and it still happens after having upgraded my GPU driver. I've been testing and monitoring and it seems to happen when the GPU has been at 76-ish degrees (celsius) for a while, so I think...
  27. kartik_subbarao

    Build Advice Quietest cooler, case, fans, power supply for i9-14900K build

    I'm looking for suggestions on the quietest components to support a PC with the following constraints. Don't worry about cost, I'm just looking for the best technical info: CPU: i9-14900K Power: motherboard will be set to enforce stock limits: PL1 = PL2 = 253 W GPU: Nvidia RTX 4090 RAM: 192 GB...
  28. ncr123

    Question Is my PSU good enough for my computer? or could it be causing issues?

    Hello, Is my PSU good enough to support my current setup? Recently my computer has been getting Event ID 13 nvlddmkm and crashing in games often (usually once every 10-120 minutes or so). After looking into it, the error seems to be related to the graphics card drivers/the card itself...
  29. N

    [SOLVED] 1000W PSU recommendation for sapphire nitro+ 7900XTX

    I can't decide what to buy since I can't find a clear winner, please suggest some good 80 plus gold fully modular 1000w PSUs.
  30. M

    Question 2060 is super burned, suggestions for replacement ?

    Hi, So I finally upgraded my PC to following: Intel i5 13400F Gigabyte B760M DS3H Cooler master 650Watts Bronze SMPS 16GB Corsair 4800Mhz DDR5 WD Blue 500GB NVME Nvidia Gigabyte 2060 Super Su-Kam 600VA (old) UPS After a week a so, while I was playing Hogwarts my PC shuts off! On inspection I...
  31. rainybench

    Question I’m having this problem where some games start crashing suddenly. Pixelated screen then restarts.

    So, my pcs been acting up lately. Everything was fine before but now, games are crashing, YouTube videos aren’t loading etc. mostly, my problems are with games. For example, I start Valorant and it stays on for a few seconds then it suddenly gets pixelated and then restarts the system. I ran...
  32. A

    Question power supply question for trio gaming z (radeon rx 6800)

    Hi there. I just got the above graphics card, and I'm having an issue with how to supply it with power. It has a 24-pin power supply, so that means 3 x 8-pin PCIe cable. Just not sure how to connect this to the PSU. Does this need to be connected to the PCIe 6-pin connection in the PSU? If so...
  33. S

    Question My PC sometimes has no power, or has power but no display/POST ?

    I just built a new PC with these specs: Mobo: Gigabyte B550M DS3H (The one with no argb/rgb, idk what rev this is) CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 Super RAM: 4 x 8GB TeamGroup Elite 3200mhz SSD: Gigabyte 500GB NVMe SSD: Lexar 120GB SATA HDD: 1TB Barracuda SATA PSU: Antec NeoEco 650M...
  34. C

    Question Could faulty PSU be causing different components to fail and crash PC?

    I got my wife a new PC secondhand (Inspiron 5675, I think - some swapped-in components) and it has occasional crashing issues. Once every week or two, it'll crash into a reboot, then crash two or three more times over the next few minutes, but then operate completely fine after that for another...
  35. S

    Question Need a power supply recommendation

    I got an rm22-308 and need a 2u power supply recommendation. I don't really have much experience with server components and don't recognize most of the brands, so i'm not really sure who is reliable. I prefer a redundant, but a single is acceptable. I need something 600 watts or more and am...
  36. M

    Question New and previously working PC not turning on after losing power once

    Just made a new PC in with the following parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qfrLkJ. Built the machine and got it to BIOS without issue. I got windows on a USB drive, plugged it in, and exited the BIOS. Nothing happened, and my monitor eventually turned itself off for lack of signal, so I...
  37. X

    Question Can I Fit a ATX PSU In my Pc

    I have a Dell Vostro 3888 I have Been Wanting To Upgrade It But The PSU Inside It Is pretty Small It Isn't a Cube Like The PSU I am Buying It Is A cuboid But a Small One I searched All over For its Name But I Couldn't Find It All I know Is The Psu Was made By Dell I Have a Pic For Reference Btw...
  38. rl2802

    Question Computer randomly restarting frequently after new CPU installation

    I recently replaced my Ryzen 9 3900X with a Ryzen 9 5900X, and it was fine for the first couple of days, though I had only used it for a few hours each day. Today, it started spontaneously restarting every few minutes. The restarts are quick, I'm not getting any error or blue screens nor am I...
  39. The750Ti

    Question Is my Power Supply faulty or not ?

    i Have a Corsair CV450 Power Supply and I'm starting to suspect my Power Supply is going bad. My old GTS 450 GPU's resistor caught fire but the PC works fine without that GPU installed. Next, my motherboard RAM slot stops working. I have 4 slots and 2 of them failed. Now my exhaust fan stops...
  40. O

    Build Advice I need help choosing a PSU for an RTX 2060 ?

    So I need a new psu and I only have two options Option1:my friend give me his kcal600w 5y old psu and save 300SAR Or Option2:these mwe550 v2 bronze 100-240.Corsair cv 650,evga 600w1,deepcool pk650d. PC Specs: Gigabyte B450 DS3H RTX 2060 6gb Ryzen 5 5500 16gb ram Three 1tb Hdd (might go less)...