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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Corsair RM6500x AC INPUT voltage between U.S and Europe differs?

    Hello! I'm in urgent need of replacing my RM6500x (2016) Corsair power supply. I can order one from amazon.us but I'm living in Lebanon (Middle East) which uses 240V as AC Input (Similar to Europe) I know that the U.S uses 110V but I wonder If corsair builds are universal? Is it safe to buy a...
  2. da real kermit

    Question EVGA G5 650W or EVGA GT 650W

    I'm building a new PC and I'm not sure what PSU to get. I'm thinking about getting the EVGA G5 or EVGA GT. I just need to know which one is better and which won't fry my PC and that's about it. My PcPartPicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yVBqhk
  3. TheFrostyFox

    Question I heard a hizz sound from my PC when I plugged in the power outlet which the PC is plugged to. Everything runs fine. Should I be concerned?

    I came home and plugged in the power outlet. My PC is connected to this outlet. Once I plugged it in I heard a "hizz" noise from my PC, not a pop, not a buzz, imagine a hizz you get when you open a cola bottle. Just one not so loud but not too quiet "hizz". I booted the PC and it runs just fine...
  4. setpopa

    Question PC freezing and low GPU usage ?

    My pc freeze sometimes but only at the first 5-10 mins then it will not freaze even at gaming but its anoying to restart your pc once or twice before actualy using it. And i see most of the games doesnt use gpu(GTX 1070 OC) to 100% and my gpu is 100% bottleneck with my 12100f. Im getting...
  5. albn99

    Question PC shuts down, but power LED is still on

    Hello. I have been experiencing an odd issue. Several times in the last month or so, the PC shuts down seemingly at random, but the power LED is still on. I have to do a soft reboot to resume use of the PC. Google says it is a power options issue. I am guessing it could be a symptom rather than...
  6. N

    Question Power supply slowly killing components?

    After 2 years of serving me well, right after the warranty period has ended, my RTX 2080 has bit the dust. It now has artifacts even with very low load, and Furmark crashes the system within a minute. Knowing that two years is a very short lifespan for a card, I'm worried that my power supply...
  7. B

    Question A power spike killed my battery... or is it the power supply

    It's a Dell Precision M3800 laptop with a 130w power supply. The battery is showing 90% capacity in HWinfo. There were lightning storms overnight and the charge went from 100% to 0%. Now it won't charge at all. Should I replace the battery and/or the power supply?
  8. D

    Question Do i need another power supply or is this one sufficient?

    Hi, Im going to upgrade some parts of my pc, particularly my motherboard and cpu cooler, below youll find the parts https://pcpartpicker.com/list/m37wqm To this I will be adding 4 corsair ll120 fans, my question is, do I need another power supply or is this one enough? I know that this build...
  9. L

    Question Desktop PC turns on in one building, but not another

    Hi everyone, I don't usually come to message boards without trying an extensive list of options beforehand - however even the savviest of tech people I know can't seem to get their head around this, so maybe you can help me. Backstory: I have a desktop PC with a Gigabyte H510M-H motherboard...
  10. T

    Question Need advice forPower Supply

    Netzteil (ATX 20-/24pin) Fortron 650W/120mm/Rev2.0 • 650W, 100-240V (Auto Full Range), Active-PFC • 120x120x25mm SilentFan (Ball Bearing) • Für Workstations/ kleinere Server geeignet(24/7) Intel S5000XVNSATAR (Vernonia)/FBDIMM/6-PortSATA Chipsatz: Intel 5000X + Intel 6321ESB hi guys, I...
  11. TheUltraMarine

    [SOLVED] Will an EVGA N1 550 PSU hold up with an RTX 3070 installed ?

    Hello again! My friend is upgrading his 1660 to a new RTX 3070 that's on its way in the mail, just one slight issue, I forgot about his power supply. His build is packing an EVGA N1 550W PSU, though I have no worries that it'll be able to power a 220W card running a Ryzen 3600 alongside it, as...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] fans, power, case

    i am building a new pc and have most of the parts and my case, but i still need help with some things: i dont know if my fans are good enough to cool everything i dont know what power supply i need to power this i dont know if everything will fit in this case part list: Motherboard( MSI MAG...
  13. Coldluc83

    Question GPU acting weird and system needs to be powered on twice at startup ?

    So, this happened earlier today for the first time I pressed the start button on my computer and everything inside lit up (ram, GPU, motherboard, fans, etc) but then it all turned off. I then pressed the power button again and everything started up. Along with this, when the system actually...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] New cpu & motherboard, old RAM & GPU

    My Win10 desktop PC (for Zoom, teaching language classes, marking and light editing) is 7 years old now, and feeling sluggish, and I can’t upgrade to Win11. I’d originally thought I’d be using it a lot for gaming, so it has 32 GB of HyperX DDR 4 2400 RAM in 4 sticks, a GTX 1080 GPU, an MSI...
  15. C

    Question Lenovo Desktop PC making strange repeating 'grinding' noise

    My Lenovo Legion Tower 5i has begun making a strange grinding-ish noise during light use and while idling. When I first received the PC, I switched out the power supply with a Cooler Master MasterWatt 750 PSU, but then the PC would consistently make this 'grinding' noise upon startup. Assuming...
  16. D

    Question PC freeze and no display ?

    Today i was playing csgo and suddenly my pc freezed froze. No buttons were working keyboard was not working but the game was freezed in monitor the sound was not there as well. Then i had to unplug my cable and plug it back then it was working fine then when i was browsing in like 10mins it...
  17. Mobassir94

    [SOLVED] why power cut caused my ups to turn off my computer during gaming?

    I was playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla on my pc and with my new UPS which was connected in normal mode. Suddenly I faced load shedding/power cut during gameplay and I saw that my pc got turned off. Then when electricity came I again played the same game and with ups in normal mode, then during...
  18. RexWrecks

    [SOLVED] Are xigmatek psu's good?

    Specifically I'm talking about the one included with the master x https://www.xigmatek.com/product_detail.php?item=331 I really like the case itself, it sells at a retail store nearby and there aren't many pc retail stores here. The case looks to be well made and it looks nice. And it's...
  19. badran300

    [SOLVED] PC won't power sometimes

    Sometimes when i power up the pc it doesn't power up and the fans spin for like half a second and then stops, no matter how many times I do it nothing change, I have to turn off the power and wait for like 30 minutes then it will let me power it up again eventually, I have been using this PC for...
  20. T

    Question Can I use a different power cord for my monitor?

    The "MSI Optix MAG274QRF" monitor that I had bought recently, came with a power brick and a power cord (which connects between the power brick and the wall) with a plug (2.5 Amp, 250 volts) that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug like the ones shown here...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Can I use a different power cord?

    I'm building a new PC, so I ordered a new PSU: "Adata XPG Core Reactor 850W". I noticed that the power cord that came with the PSU (the one that connects the back of the PSU to the wall) has a plug that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug as shown here...
  22. Rais123

    Question Is my PSU good?

    I recently purchased a prebuilt PC and it came with a Thermaltake smart 700W 80 plus gold and I want to know if that is any good?
  23. Zembii

    Question Slight Power Supply Rattle? Is this normal?

    I recently built a new computer and while plugging in my headphones i heard a very quiet rattling noise coming from the PSU. I have a new HX1000 Platinum. It is very quiet and I can basically only hear it if I put my ear right next to it. It just stresses me out because I dont want it to...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] LiteOn PS-5022-3M humming noise normal?

    I have a very old Thinkcentre A30 and it powers on and appears to work fine, but the powersupply makes a pretty audible humming noise like a fluorescent light when it is turned on, this noise gets louder when I'm doing more intensive tasks and I'm worried about this, is this normal or is the...
  25. D

    Question Is this PSU enough for this rig?

    Hi, Is the EVGA W1 500W PSU good enough for this system? i3 9100f 1060 3gb asus dual fan oc edition (I wont be overclocking it) msi h310m pro vdh motherboard one barracuda hdd 1tb 120gb adata ssd 2 fans plugged via molex 1 exhaust fan 16 gb hyper x ram at 2400mhz I know that this isn't a...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Game freezes and RGB lights flicker, then game unfreezes ?

    Hi all, I've been playing some Minecraft and noticed an issue with my PC that I wasn't having before I left for college. While playing whatever is selected freezes (other applications don't, they continue working as normal), my lights in my PC turn off then back on, then whatever was frozen...
  27. Edgeexz

    [SOLVED] Which is a good Power Supply [PSU] with minimal budget for my PC?

    Hi, so I've put together all the PSUs that are in store here on a budget of 600.000 IDR ($41.32). PSU Lists: Corsair CV450 [450W] (80+ Bronze) DeepCool PF500 [500W] (80+ White) FSP HV PRO [550W] (80+ White) GAMEMAX VP-500 [500W] (80+ Bronze) GIGABYTE P550B [550W] (80+ Bronze) SILVERSTONE...
  28. Azmain Iqtidar

    Question PSU reecommendation for new graphics card

    I am going to buy an rtx 3060ti gpu. I currently running my system with a 550-watt power supply. Will it be enough to handle the rtx 3060ti card or should I also buy a new PSU?
  29. Jackattack99

    [SOLVED] CPU fan immediately on as soon as i flick power supply on without pressing powr switch

    My computer i just built for my basement isnt posting and is doing weird stuff ive never seen before CPU fan immediately turns on as soon as i flick power supply on, zero post verified cpu /ram/psu/gpu all fine working order(tested on other comp) , tried with onboard graphics also and...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Help with my GPU util and wattage!

    I downloaded MSI Afterburner and I have noticed that my RX 5704gb ( https://www.newegg.com/powercolor-radeon-rx-570-axrx-570-4gbd5-3dhd-oc/p/N82E16814131717?Item=N82E16814131717 ) only pulls in 60-90w while gaming on any game. All of my games however run fine except Fortnite. There are times...
  31. GenericNamePls

    [SOLVED] Would a 550W PSU be enough to upgrade to a 3070Ti?

    Howdy first time posting here, So I've just bought a 3070Ti as an upgrade to my current 1080 which has served me well, however I've also bought a Ryzen 7 3800x to replace my Ryzen 5 1600 after confirming my mobo supports it via a BIOS update, both of these new parts have higher tdp's than the...
  32. Daniel_mc

    [SOLVED] How to connect a power supply with 6 +2 pin in a motherboard with 4 pin?

    Hello, I don't know much about hardware stuff, I have a pc with a MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS motherboard and a Gigabyte P5500 power supply, the problem is that the power suply has a 6+2 pin connector and the motherboard has 4. Image of the motherboard: https://postimg.cc/MMB6qJf1 Image of the power...
  33. RandomDUDE105

    Question Why does my PSU make rapid sound at times?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this problem. My psu at random times, such as on start up or an hour into using my PC, will start making a constant sound. It stops or sometimes doesn't. It doesn't affect my pC and everything still runs smoothly. Here is a video of the sound...
  34. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] PSU Potentially Failing? Seasonic 650W GX

    SPECS: 5900X ASUS B550-F Gaming (Wi-fi) 32GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 3600mhz CL18 RTX 2080 Super Seasonic GX-650W Modular PSU 240GB SDD (Windows10 Pro Drive) & 1TB Samsung 980 NVME So to begin with my PC just started randomly restarting with no BSOD, nothing in Event Viewer besides "The system...
  35. X

    [SOLVED] What power supply should I use? (Need help asap)

    Hello everybody here on this forum! I need some help on what PSU I should choose for my new pc build. I'm planning on overclocking both the GPU and the CPU (the first time overclocking the CPU, btw). I will use the pc for gaming and gaming only. Is there anything that I could change to make it...
  36. allicat17

    Question PSU Pulses/Vibrates Under Load

    I got a new computer back in January and for awhile it ran great! In February, I started to notice that there was some sort of pulsing/vibrating sound coming from the computer when I loaded a game up. Usually when the temperature hit 60c it would start making the noise. At first I thought it was...
  37. alikabir1984

    [SOLVED] Power Supply fails Supply tester PG under 90ms?

    So bought a RM1000x for a ryzen build and tested the supply through a cheap power supply tester , The PG (power good) is blinking at 90ms and other rails are under spec. I tried plugging this through my UPS which is a 1000VA APC and that instantly went into bypass mode and sounded the alarms. Is...
  38. zzz1

    Question No power

    Today I switched out my old power cables for new sleeved cables. Somehow my new gpu 2x8pins fits in perfectly in my cpu power and I didn’t realize until later I checked. I tried booting it up without my gpu in, right when I pressed the boot button the whole pc went dark and no more power went...
  39. MaydenAmerica

    [SOLVED] Corsair RM750 2021 vs 2019

    Hey guys, new around here. Anyone know the real differences between the RM 2019 and RM 2021 Corsair Models? The 2021 models are on a steep discount at Newegg right now so I grabbed one as a backup. (Have had a lot of power issues the last few days, worried about power surges). I've heard the RMx...
  40. B

    [SOLVED] iBuyPower BB903 has 2 power modes on the PSU. However, it only runs on the lower setting

    Hey all. Kinda low-key on being a computer enthusiast. I bought the premade BB903 tower from a Best Buy quite a few years ago. I recently made a move and investigating my PC while cleaning and putting it back together I just remembered a functionality I never seemed to get the juice out of. The...