Question What is best PSU solution for under $50 ?

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Mar 11, 2023
So curently i have crap psu cost 5$ It is not have a brand its 500w and my pc spec is wild i had pentium g3240, 4gb ram, and RX 5600xt i got that gpu for 8$
💀 FR! And its work well for 5 month im not doing it for gaming just play roblox and googling i dont want use it for gaming cause you know.. KABOOM..


We do not allow discussion of illegal activity or conduct on Tom's Hardware, per site policy. As you have cheerfully disclosed that you intentionally scammed someone, this thread has been closed, and there will be no help for anything to do with this PC anywhere in our forums.

The best use of your $50 for a PC is a nice dinner for the other person where you confess to him that you fraudently took around $140 from him and return his property. Then cross your fingers that this person is willing to leave it at that; perhaps the person you defrauded is more forgiving than I would be.
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