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  1. Question Suddenly high ping.

    It happened out of nowhere. I use this pc and wireless for 6 months and it working normal, then 2 days ago the ping suddenly high and its has some pattern. (30,30,30,30,2500,30,30,30,30,2500,...) I restarted wifi router -it didnt help. I try to check on others pc with the same wifi- it didnt...
  2. N

    Question WIFI is not giving me the provided speed

    Hey guys, I have "MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC" Motherboard with built-in WIFI, its "dual band " and I'm connected to the 5Ghz network. Anyway since the day I got this PC the WIFI is so weak even though our network is Fiber with an average of Ping 3 and speed 80-110 Mbps, when I do speed tests...
  3. L

    Question My desktop and my laptop are connected to the same modem but they can't detect each other.

    I have a CenturyLink Zyel Zyxel C3000Z modem. My desktop and my laptops are all connected to it (via ethernet and wifi respectively). My laptops can communicate with each other, but the desktop cannot, as if being connected by an ethernet cable walls it off into a separate network. I've tried...
  4. T

    Question Old laptop wont connect to WIFI

    Laptop= Gateway t series with Turion 64 x2 tl-60 Realtek RTL8187b 802.11b/g wireless card and 2 gigs of ram with SSD and windows 10 Router= Belkin N600db N+ I dug up my old laptop the other day and to get it working again i got a new battery, ssd and new thermal paste (it was so hard i had to...
  5. S

    Question Adding WiFi to my Network

    Hi, I have got a MikroTik Radio router antenna on the roof for my internet P2P connection and it's also my router for home devices which are connected to it via an 8 port Gigabit TP-link switch. So i need something to connect it to my switch and broadcast AC Wifi for mobile phone and laptop...
  6. M

    Question Help with LAN

    Hello everyone. I recently built my first computer but I am having trouble getting the LAN port to work. Main Components: Motherboard - ROG Maximus XI Formula CPU - i7 8700 Graphic Card - GTX 1070 I am not getting any lights on the back of my computer. I have swapped the cable. I have...
  7. M

    Question Ping Spikes every 10 seconds or so

    Hello, I am getting very large ping spikes (2000+ms) every 10 seconds or so as a pattern. I have no idea what has started causing this. I noticed it only happening the past few weeks and I cannot use anything that requires a steady internet connection as it will lag and by the time it...
  8. G

    Question Recurring wifi issues on multiple routers

    So I have an issue with my wireless network. I had a Netgear R7000 setup to put out separate 2.4 and 5GHz networks, and that worked for just shy of a year, then the wireless died on it, by this I mean I could connect to the networks but I was getting terrible throughput to the internet and to my...
  9. SirLyn

    Question Suspicious Internet behavior problems[help]

    Recently my family and I have been having internet connectivity issues and very slow speeds, we all point towards my younger brother since he seems to be the issue. Whenever he turns on his computer/connects to the internet on it everyone's speed significantly drops and most of our devices can't...
  10. P

    Question Does 568a work with 568b above 1gb speeds?

    I've been searching online for hours and cant find anything My motherboard is a msi x470 gaming plus and uses 568a ethernet And the cat7 cable I want uses 568b I keep on seeing that "if the cable is above 1gb you dont need a crossover cable" I also heard that any cable over 1gb uses all wires...
  11. A

    Question My phone is not able to connect to Wifi Hotspot created on Windows 8 Pro

    Whenever i create a wifi hotspot on my Office PC running Windows 8 Pro, my phone is not able to connect to it. It stays on Obtaining IP Address but eventually fails to connect. It used to connect a few days back. I have used various applications like Connectify, Baidu wifi hotspot, mypublicwifi...
  12. D

    Question Best cheap Wifi Card that supports 5ghz?

    The speeds i get upstairs is pissing me off. My wifi card only supports 2.4ghz and my Router supports 5ghz. I've been searching around and found a couple but not sure if they are reliable since i dont know much. For example there are some that support 450mbps and others that support 1200mbps...
  13. K

    Question Ping issues on PC

    Hi, so a week or two ago I noticed ping spikes on servers that run at ~20ms, but then jump to ~700 momentarily. My wireless adapter works on other computers but not mine, and It's been working on my computer for a few months prior without any issues. Any suggestions will be appreciated :)
  14. M


    Hi guys. I need your help with covering my house with WiFi signal. I've tried with powerline adapters, but that had a very poor performance and i'd often loose the signal, probably due to the bad wiring issues. What i have is a 3 storey small house, and my phone line/internet/router is placed on...
  15. E

    Question Internet disconnects as soon as I join a game?

    So, I've been trying to find a solution but nothing has worked. About 2 weeks my internet started to Auto disconnect me from cs:go for around 30 sec and then i would get the internet back for around 2-3 min. and then it would happen again. This problem happens now in every game as soon as i get...
  16. C

    Question Google Wifi extremely slow

    I have a 200mbps internet but google wifi only gives me 5 down and 3 up, I play online fps games a lot so this is a huge problem. I cant use wired because my pc is 1 floor up my router
  17. W

    Question Suggestions for single SSID wifi coverage

    I've just moved into a new house that is approx 5000 sqft and I wan't to set up a wireless network that basically displays a single SSID as you would see at universities and businesses so we don't have to switch to a different network as move around the house. The upside here is that the house...
  18. J

    Question site can't be reached. Connection is not private

    I need help with this asap. This never happened to me for many years but started happening recently on my Mac. Internet connection is all good when i'm home but when i take my mac to a coffee shop or school, i get this message saying This site can't be reached. This happens on all websites...
  19. E

    Question New to PC and didn’t know I needed something to connect to wifi! Help!

    I just built my first PC and turned it on. Noticed I couldn’t connect to WiFi wireless-ly (only Ethernet), and now I need to find something to connect it to. Ethernet is not an option because my router is directly below (one story below) my setup and it’ll be a hassle having to run a wire...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Will an ethernet connection stabilize my ping?

    Hello everyone. I have a 50mbps connection and I am currently using a wifi adapter (TP LINK T4U) and although web browsing and videos are super fast, I'm having ping issues in games. I'll get these annoying little spikes every now and then, which aren't crazy, but enough to cause lag and ruin...