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  1. acridoutcast

    Question Can i replace a old Intel AC-3168 wifi card in my MSI GE62 7RF Laptop with a newer Wifi Card?

    My laptop, a 2017 MSI GE62vr 7RF has been unable to connect to the Wi-Fi recently and all indications point to a failing Wi-Fi card, I want to replace it but I'm unsure about compatibility. It has a MSI MS-16JB motherboard and is currently running an Intel AC-3168 Wi-Fi card. I can't find the...
  2. WhatLuck150

    Question 2 network cards, 1 pc, 1 network service

    I have a desktop, along with a spare network adapter from another system I'm not using, would it be possible to have both network cards on 1 pc, connected to the same network? If so what advantages and disadvantages would I be looking at, and would it have a faster connection speed?
  3. Phillip_Sparks

    Question My computers' wifi is very slow but on the other devices it works perfectly fine

    PC Spec i9-9900kf MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC RAM: Hyper X predator 8x2 16 GB SSD: WD blue SN550 M.2 PSU:650W OS: Windows 10 21H1 Internet speed Download 500 Mbps Upload 200 Mbps Recently I have had an internet problem with wireless and wired, My pc used to get 100-200 Mbps download and 50-100...
  4. Niffster

    [SOLVED] Can't get WIFI to work on newly built PC

    I just built my first PC. Everything seems to work great, except there is no option for WIFI, only ethernet. I have a Gigabyte b660 motherboard, and it has the two gold WIFI connecter thingies. It came with an antenna that connects to it. I have been searching and trying lots of stuff, but...
  5. Y

    Question How do I change power settings of Wi-Fi card on Asus Rog Strix G513Q? How do I change multiple Windows settings with Asus firmware?

    My girl got this laptop and this is the reason why I hate laptops from Asus. It is an Asus Rog Strix g513Q. The Wi-Fi card is a mediatek. Never heard of it. Anyways, when I don’t plug in the laptop, the Wi-Fi card works just fine. As soon as I plug in the charger, the screen turns off, then...
  6. Question Good access point to cover a flat roof bungalow, front yard (36ft) and garden (100ft), 13ft above the house.

    Hello. I am looking for a wifi device to mount on antenna mast. The device should cover the bungalow from a height of 13ft below with wireless LAN. Also the front yard and garden. Red arrow: Antenna pole position. The garden does not have the visible trees. All the trees (except the one on the...
  7. Core_Aurora

    Question Windows 10 Not Showing Wi-Fi Network Also After These Fixes

    Hi, I am having an issue with the Wi-Fi connection of my windows 10 PC. My PC is not showing(at first sometimes it showed and sometimes did not) the Wi-Fi network of the router but other Wi-Fi networks such as mobile hotspots are showing up. Also, other devices can detect the Wi-Fi network of...
  8. M

    Question What are the key commands to enable/disable wifi on Dell Inspiron 5391 laptop

    My son has this for school. The wifi card is no longer seen in Windows, or even the BIOS. I know there's keys on the keyboard (usually 2 at the same time, etc) that disables and enables the wifi, and I think he accidentally hit them. I did the same thing to my Alienware laptop a couple of years...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] WiFi connection consistently ping spiking every few seconds ?

    I have recently swapped to WIFI since my apartment that I moved to has terrible powerline accessibility, (powerline light is red with slow connections and sometimes connection drops entirely almost 24/7) works perfectly with the red light about 40-50% of the time What I got and where I got it...
  10. Question MikroTik cAP XL ac, or Aruba AP-205 ?

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my WiFi network. Now, I wonder whether to buy "MikroTik cAp XL ac" or "Aruba AP-205". The price is more or less the same in my country. Which one is better for the apartment? 1,2 - room; 3 - kitchen; 4 - bathroom; 5 - hall; (1 room is divided by a wall unit)
  11. J

    Question PTP WiFi Extender question

    I'm trying to connect internet from the home to a building ~50 yards away. I'm networking disabled (not experienced and need help!). If I use PtP like this one: https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-CPE210-300Mbps-dual-polarized-directional/dp/B00P4JKQGK on the house, do I need another on the other...
  12. shubham shama

    Question wifi showing no internet on a mobile and laptop but works fine on other devices

    my wifi router is tp link and its working fine on my mobile through wifi and also working fine on my pc with Ethernet cable but on my sisters laptop and mobile sometimes it shows "no internet" and it just doesnt work , both the laptop and mobile and connected on wifi with the same router some...
  13. tigerfoot

    Question Refresh tired Wi-Fi?

    I’ve got a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 for my home (about 2400sf), with Spectrum which tests a bit over 300mbs download. It’s ok—we mainly zoom, YouTube, and video stream. 4 human users. I’ve got 3 networks defined: 1 2 GHz for guests/lo-fidelity devices like Nest, and 2 5Ghz for streaming...
  14. Question How to make my laptop wifi speeds faster?

    My laptop can only connect to our 2.4G Wi-Fi network because it doesn't have a 5G wireless adapter. Normal 5G speeds of our wifi are 100Mbps but only 20-30Mbps gets to my laptop. My only fix for this is to get my phone connected to 5G, open its hotspot, and then connect my laptop to it. It gets...
  15. Question Compatability between WAVLINK AC1200 and Google Wifi - AC1200

    Main Question: My customer has 5 Google Wifi - AC1200 throughout their house and shop. We want to extend the WiFi signal using the WAVLINK-WiFi Extender. The Extender says "Mesh", so I'm hoping I can use the same Mesh name providing extended wifi without having to switch anything on any devices...
  16. beepadyboopady

    Question Ethernet "Unidentified Network - No Internet" but wifi still works

    So my Ethernet stopped working one day, and in Windows it says "Unidentified Network" and "No Internet", but the Wi-Fi on my PC still works. I have tried multiple different solutions after browsing online for 2 days, but none seem to work. Some of the things which I have tried are using the...
  17. S

    Question Ping fluctuations in online game when connected to Wi-Fi. Fluctuation is gone when connected through phones USB tethering, phone is connected to wifi

    I am getting ping spikes in games when connected to router via laptops inbuilt Wi-Fi but when I connect laptop to a phone via USB tethering the fluctuations are gone. The phone is connected to same router through phones Wi-Fi. I don't get ping spikes through ethernet either. The fluctuations...
  18. CoDrift

    [SOLVED] Asus Wifi Go card but with no antenna

    So, basically I bought an ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe a few days ago, that came with an ASUS Wifi Go card already attached. Sadly it didn't have any antenna for either Wifi or BT. I tried searching for replacement antenna but I cant find out what connector it uses. The wifi connections do show up in...
  19. JoeStarz

    Question Need help with missing WiFi on tablet after performing a hard reset ?

    Good day, I bought this Coolpad tablet for my nephew, this past Christmas. Just a few months later now and it was moving sluggish so I had the bright idea to do a hard reset (hold down the power / volume up to gain access to the boot menu), but now when its booting up after the factory reset, I...
  20. M

    Question Slowest mobile hotspot is actually faster than LAN or Wifi

    My house has LAN coming out of the wall. Using a quite good wifi router, I connect my computer to the wiki router. So I have three options to connect to the Internet. 1. LAN line connected to the router, and another LAN line from router to PC 2. LAN line connected to the router, and use Wifi...
  21. V

    Question Planning to upgrade laptop's ancient Wireless N-150 to Wireless AC

    Hey everyone, my friend recently came up to me saying that he would like to upgrade his laptop's WiFi card as the current one could not fully utilize his new fibre connection's speed. His laptop's WiFi is currently capped at 20Mbps (on a good day). The laptop currently has a single band...
  22. M

    Question Combine two internet signals ?

    Hello, i have the following scenario: My internet connection is... Trash, it just doesnt work most of the time so i have to rely on my phone but i want to use my computer, it's 3 MBPS so around 200-300 KBPS in the evening or when it works... Its the DSL i have in my bedroom, but i also own 2...
  23. Tehzer

    Question Random packet loss in FIVEM, good internet speeds

    So basically, I have been playing fivem for a few months, which is basically a modded version of GTA V. Since yesterday, I have been getting major desync within the game and I figured out that it is because I am randomly getting high packet loss. Just curious as to what could be causing the...
  24. Purpleflax

    Question Vastly differing WiFi speeds.

    Hello! I thought I'd come on here and ask about this issue since I've been struggling with this one myself for awhile. Recently set up a new network with about 50Mbp/s down on my devices. The problem comes though that this speed seems to apply sometimes and not other times. For example if I do...
  25. H

    [SOLVED] MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4

    Can Wifi and bluetooth be disabled/enabled separately in Bios with mainboard MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4 ? Thanks
  26. A person?

    Question Suddenly slow internet speed only on Pc.

    (New PC got it 2-3 weeks ago) Hello whilst I was playing a game averaging (50-90ping) suddenly started to spike to 300s then 700s then ultimately to 20-30k which I thought it was my router so I went and restarted it, but even after that it was still very laggy, so I searched up speed test and I...
  27. S

    Question Wifi adapter (USB ports) issues since upgrading to Ryzen 5 5600x on B450 Tomahawk

    I have a B450 Tomahawk (non-max) board and 3 days ago I upgraded from a Ryzen 5 2600 to a Ryzen 5 5600x and a 1070 TI to a 3070 TI (not sure this is the issue, but I'll mention it anyway). Initially my PC booted with a blank display so I downloaded the latest BIOS version 7C02v1H7(Beta version)...
  28. F

    Question my pc cant connect to amazon eero wifi network and i dont know why

    i just got a new pc and it wont let me connect to the wifi booster i have. under networks only my main network shows up and the rest are hidden and wont let me connect to them. they dont show up normally under the wifi list but when i go to network connections under settings they show up as...
  29. H

    Question I get 200 Down, 100 Up on Wi-Fi and get Horrible Lag spikes while in multiplayer games

    So I have a fiber connection and as said in the title I get 200 down 100 up on a Wi-Fi connection and I get a pretty good 30 ping in most games when it's not spiking to around 100-200 for about 5 seconds on average and then goes back down. However, I've noticed a pattern across all games I...
  30. Tarzan7100

    [SOLVED] Just build my pc. How to connect to wifi?

    Just build my pc with the Asus rog z690 Maximus hero wifi motherboard but i cant use wifi. I have connected the antennas. Is tager anything else i should do to make it work?
  31. ImPrey1

    Question High downstream power ?

    Okay so im lost on what to do so im here to see if somebody can help me First off i have internet with suddenlink and im getting random drops in my internet but the internet doesnt go offline just massive ping spikes on any steam game etc. maybe packet loss i really dont know thats why im here...
  32. B

    Question Laptop does not automatically connect to WiFi ?

    As it says really. We have two of these ASUS VivoBook X513EA (win10) laptops both only three months old. Suddenly last week one of them has decided to forget to autoconnect to wifi at power up. To be truthfully honest, it does (randomly) autoconnect to wifi once every dozen or so power ups. It...
  33. J

    Question Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when playing games

    Hello, Every time I play online games I have a problem with unstable internet. When I play, after a couple of minutes I get disconnected and a globe icon appears in place of the wifi icon. Connection comes back usually after a couple seconds but sometimes longer. It always reconnects by itself...
  34. T

    [SOLVED] Internet immediately crashes when my sister connects her phone to WiFi ?

    I don't know if this category is wrong; if wrong, sorry. I have good Vodafone ADSL internet and it handles 6-7 device at the time. Gives maximum speed and low ping. But when my sister connects to WiFi with her phone, it destroys internet. CS: GO with 1000-1500 ms ping (normally 55-60). Download...
  35. W

    [SOLVED] PCI-E Upgrade

    I currently have a Rosewill RNX-N150PCe v2, but it does not support 5Ghz. My router is Eero B010011, although I would like a card that is as broadly compatible as possible. My only requirements are that the new card be dual band (bt would just be a plus) and relatively inexpensive (<$50)...
  36. W

    Question Wifi PCe Upgrade

    I currently have Rosewill RNX-N150PCe v2 installed, but it is throttling my internet speeds. I want to upgrade, and have selected Intel 7260HMW AC. It is dual band so I should get plenty of speed. Is this a good upgrade? If not, which part would serve better? If so, how do I install the Intel...
  37. F

    Question Network utilization 10% only used?

    So my computer is getting an average of 90-100 MBS. But when I check my resource monitor I use only 10% of my network, never more. So my download speed is only about 9-10mbs when I download anything. Why is this; is there a fix?
  38. T

    [SOLVED] WiFi Adapter causing BSOD but ONLY on home network! Mobile hotspot works fine ?

    Hey everyone, I've been having severe difficulties with this Wifi Adapter...
  39. V

    [SOLVED] Bought New Router, help with Setup.

    Hi, Which settings/options shall I choose/enable/disable that is overall best optimised for Online Gaming, Privacy & Security: - Is TWT setting only for battery powered portable wifi 6 devices and shall I enable this setting in my router? - What is NAT setting, shall I enable it? - What is...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Will I limit my routers bandwidth?

    Q: Would me downloading games cause my familys members connection to slow up since I’m using up a lot of resources from the router? (I’m not the greatest at explaining thing so please bare with me) Context: Ok so I recently just got a long ethernet cord for my house to plug in my PC to router...