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  1. G

    Question On-board WiFi not working ?

    Just built my new rig with a Mag B650 Tomahawk WiFi. Plugged in my usb wifi adapter to stay connected. Screwed in the antennas to the i/o, downloaded the MSI LAN driver from the website. Installed it. When I take out my usb wifi adapter, the mobo wifi doesn't connect. I can see the RZ616 Wi-Fi...
  2. POB3478

    Question Seeking Guidance: Upgrading Router for Xfinity 400 Mbps Plan to Improve Wi-Fi Performance

    I'm not very knowledgeable about networking, but I'm looking to save money in the long run by buying my own router instead of renting one from Xfinity. I recently purchased the ARRIS SURFboard SBG10, but I haven't seen much of an improvement in my internet performance. My family and I have an...
  3. C

    Question Self assigned IP issues

    Self assigned IP issues Hello everyone, hope all are well. For the last day I’ve been pulling my hair out with this issue I’ve been having on my MacBook and I’m assuming iPhone. My work laptop (windows) has been working perfectly fine, however no matter what method I try online nothing works...
  4. A

    Question Business class WIFI recommendation

    I'm posting because my long time association with NetGear has proven fruitless. Instead of answering a question they refer me to a reseller. Unacceptable. I have a dozen Orbi Pro SRR60 routers and twice that of the Orbi satellites. None of these devices are failing but time is not on their...
  5. ExtreamChaozZ

    Question 5Ghz Band Not Detected on PC

    Hiya, I have recently just got a new Router, the Virgin Hub 6. Virgin sent me a new one as an upgrade from my old Hub 4 along with a data packaged of 500Mb/s download. Before the upgrade I could connect to the 5Ghz band no problem with my PC but not anymore, it only finds the 2.4Ghz band...
  6. M

    Question Windows 11 Setup No Internet Connection

    Hey All! I’ve been putting together a new rig and I have encountered an issue I haven’t seen before. Basically, my computer is strung together and I am navigating through windows 11 setup. I am at the step “Let’s connect you to a network”. I am plugged into ethernet, but also have the Asus...
  7. nubuntu20.04

    Question Error with torrent

    Good time of day everybody I have a trouble I have a Zte mf283ru wifi router with vodafone sim card in it and a computer with winows 11 operating system pc conected to router via wifi not ethernet and when I try to dowload any torrent file it just not dowloads it shows dowload speed 0kbs I am...
  8. InsanityCrescendo

    Question Laptop can't connect to many websites (ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT) ?

    I'm having a pretty weird problem. At some point and without having done anything different, my laptop just can't connect to certain websites (many websites, not just 3 or 4). When I try to access those sites I get the following errors: Firefox: Secure Connection Failed (no error code) Opera...
  9. Leplivo

    Question Tenda AX3000 Port Forwarding

    Bought a Tenda AX3000 TX9 Pro router and there is no Port Forwarding option on the site, I asked Tenda but they are not answering, does anyone know how to port forward with this router? Every video or site I check shows the old site which is completely different from how it is now.
  10. J

    Question O.MG Cable networking features ?

    Hello, guys, has anyone heard of O.MG Cable? It is a potent hacking tool that looks just like a regular USB cable. After being plugged into computer, it can act as a WiFi client or it start broadcasting WiFi hotspot an attacker (being up to 300 feet away) can connect to. Then, it is possible to...
  11. J

    Question Trying to find a secure, yet simple way to connect Bambu 3D printer to the Internet.

    I just bought a Bambu X1 Carbon. It requires an internet connection. I have Wi-Fi, but both of my PCs use wired connections. I am thinking I can set up a guest Wi-Fi connection for the Bambu to connect to the internet. I use one PC mainly for 3D designs and slicing, and that PC has a wired...
  12. Jenkins453

    Question Intel AX211 causing Event ID 6062

    I have a new ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-H motherboard (about 30 days of me having it) and since installing this board I keep getting random drops on my WiFi connection. I'm not certain on this but it SEEMS that it may just be dropping when it gets a heavier load on it, more than just basic web...
  13. Gh0st_Xc3

    Question Abnormally High Ping over Ethernet ?

    Hello, i normally have a ping of 20-30ms. I am connected via ethernet cable straight to the router. Out of nowhere over the last couple weeks i have been avg 100-200ms ping, to my knowledge i haven't changed anything. When it all started i use a LogMeIn Hamachi but that is long sense deleted...
  14. danielul12

    Question Bluescreen while connecting to internet

    Yesterday when i oppened my laptop i saw it was disconnected from the network.When i tried to connect back to my home Wifi it froze and then i got a bluscreen.I reinstalled windows and then when i wanted to connect back to internet i again got a bluescreen. After this i connect to my mobile...
  15. T

    Question Can I connect a router to another router to boost Wi-Fi but also retain the hardline it's connected to?

    I have a modem provided by my Telcom provider that I need to use, that modem is then connected to my router providing internet to the router. The router then provides Wi-Fi and a bunch of wired connections to all the devices in my house. One of those hardlines coming from my router goes to the...
  16. LASERR00

    Question Lenovo G50 WIFI disconnecting and disappearing?

    Hi , I'm very confused about this problem. I took friends Lenovo laptop G50-80 for a check over and to re-install windows 10. After fresh install of windows i was using WIFI on my home network 2.4ghz and while using internet it just cut off and i cant find it again in WIFI list of networks...
  17. F

    Anyway to download using Wi-Fi but play using Ethernet without changing back and forth?

    With Win10 it used to be a simple click in the taskbar but on Win11 no matter the priorities and settings it keeps changing back to Ethernet. I'm using a powerline, so for MP games I prefer Ethernet while I'd prefer the download speed of WiFi for downloads and Youtube.
  18. G

    Question My PC is having connection issues, any advice?

    Hi everyone, I live in a flat with my brother and I struggle to get a consistent connection to our internet without trailing an ethernet cable through the entire flat. I have tried using a TP-Link powerline and I also use a PCI-E network adapter but both fail to sustain a good connection...
  19. solo4sss

    Question No WiFi available on new build ?

    i just built a pc but it’s showing there’s no wi-fi available i even uninstalled and installed the drivers and it’s still not working ?
  20. J

    Question Could a BIOS update throttle USB wifi adapter download speeds?

    Hello all! Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area, I'm really unsure who could best help. I'm really at a loss trying to fix this particular issue I've been having, with no luck looking elsewhere on the world wide web. The thread title may seem ridiculous but I'm so frustrated and out of...
  21. K

    Question What exactly does getting fiber optic internet entail?

    I get what fiber optic is, meaning I know it's a faster cable that uses infrared or something like that to send data and it will increase my speeds. But do they just replace my main line going to my house with a fiber optic cable? Or do they just give me a router that has optic plugins or...
  22. K

    Question Why isn't my internet working when the router and ISP aren't the problem?

    My internet has been intermittently cutting off for a month or 2 now. Technicians said it was a couple of different such as a faulty line and stuff. But even after fixing it, there are still issues. I bought a new router/modem and it's still doing it. Now today my internet is completely gone...
  23. S

    Question Best wifi option

    In 2015 I built a pc desktop and thankfully it is still running pretty well for my needs. I keep having connection issues with the Internet via Ethernet cable. I didn't get WiFi when I built my pc and now wondering what my options are to get WiFi to either act as a primary or secondary...
  24. A

    Question Router: PPPoE - unable to login with my ID, but works with someone else's

    Little bit of background before we get to the main issue: I have a rather old dlink router (2015), still working fine issue: thought my PPPoE login still works, but there is not internet connection on it. as per the ISP, its a router issue mostly cause its old. They have provided a diff. PPPoE...
  25. R

    Question Is there an internet/wifi wizard in the building?

    I’m sorry that this will be so wordy. I’ll write what I think is most important first, and go on from there. The devices in question: Two Firesticks, one desktop computer, and one laptop, all on a WIFI network connecting to Spectrum internet. I had no problems until… Just over two years ago, I...
  26. M

    Question Access Point or Extender?

    So I've moved into a new apartment with an OTO fiber connection inside a media box (metalbox along with circuit breakers) right next to the main door. I was able to squeeze the modem from the provider into it, but WIFI is weak, as is to be expected). I have the option to route a cable connection...
  27. Aera1132

    Question Which is best Wifi or eithernet?

    I have both WiFi and EitherNet, Which is best to watch movies
  28. I

    Question Slow web browsing but fast with everything else

    Hello! I bought a custom PC that was built by Microcenter but I've been having this issue prior to me buying this PC. Even with my old PC, there was an issue where I can game extremely well with low ping and latency but web browsing and watching videos and shows on youtube, netflix, etc would...
  29. S

    Question Long Boot Time with ASUS TUF Z790-PLUS WiFi motherboard ?

    I recently put together a system with the following components: Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Z790-PLUS WiFi CPU: Intel I9-13900K GPU: Nvidia Quadro P4000 Memory: Kingston DDR5 KF552C40BBK2-64 (2x32) -- meets ASUS compatibility System is on a Crucial 1 TB M.2 SSD (in slot 2) with a 2TB Crucial...
  30. SparkytheDorito

    Question Ping spiking

    So I play Valorant and in game my ping spikes like crazy. It started about 4 days ago randomly and now it hasn't gone away. In game it consistently spikes to 200 ping every 1-3 seconds making it unplayable at times. I'm connected to an extender via ethernet and I tried doing just wifi and it was...
  31. B

    Question Wifi on laptop mysteriously broken

    Hey guys, my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 5 14ALC05 (Win10 21H2) for some reason cannot connect to the internet. Upon connecting, it just shows no wifi. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times and tried all kinds of drivers. Even USB tethering to my phone won't work with the original network...
  32. Naseem Khan1682

    Question Internet in Student Rooms HELP

    Hello, I am converting a commercial property into residential for students, the two storey property is roughly 4,000 sq/ft. I would like every room to have access to a 1gb wi-fi connection and also access to an ethernet port for students that require direct. How best to go about doing this...
  33. vertoxed

    Question Everytime my tv gets turned on my internet slows down considerably

    Whenever anyone uses this tv in my house the internet slows down to the point where a google search takes a while to load. It effects everything connected to the internet like computers, phones, etc. The TV is a Samsung Series 7. I do use a wifi extender...
  34. L

    Question Wifi option missing during windows install (Z790 Aorus Elite AX)

    Hi all - I've got a brand new build, trying to install windows 11 via USB boot drive on this. During Windows 11 install, it says it needs a network connection, however the Z790 AORUS ELITE AX wifi option is missing, it only shows ethernet. I have the antenna plugged in, I rebooted, but it's...
  35. LoZZa 85

    Question Wi-Fi Dongle vs Wireless Extender vs Wireless Access Point vs PCIe WiFi Card ?

    Hi looking for a bit of help. I’m working and living in a hotel for a season We have a staff Wi-Fi I’m trying to get the most out of that connection I’m currently just using a cheap usb wifi dongle My question is Will a wifi extender like...
  36. A

    Question External antenna for pce card

    I recently got asus ac68 1900 pce card, and it ended up being worse then my old no-name usb cheap wifi..... Which is at least to say criminally disappointing considering the price vs return. I have no clue why is this, they didn't seem to post the dbi of the antennas they provide, so i measured...
  37. O

    Question Wifi Connectivity Issues

    Hi everyone. First time posting. Really need some help so signed up in hope of receiving some... I have recently installed a PCIe WIfi card. The card is a MediaTek EP-9655GS. The trouble I am having with this card knows no end! After installing the card and drivers initially internet...
  38. A

    Question Wi-Fi 6 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4 vs. Wi-Fi 2.4 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4

    I have 2 devices. The first one has Wi-Fi 2.4 and the second one has Wi-Fi 6. My home has a router that uses Wi-Fi 2.4. If I connect both of my devices to the home router (assuming both transfer data through internet to the same server, e.g, same youtube video), which one would be faster? My...
  39. R

    Question IoT devices in an Evil Twin Attack

    Hi All, I have a situation where someone in my neighbourhood is sending deauth packets to some of my IoT devices (camera, Google Home, External home decorative lights controller, Garage Door Opener) at random times (usually once every few days). My IoT devices go down for 15-20 minutes each...
  40. N

    Question ping spikes when gaming

    hi, basically this happened after I came back from a vacation. I used to have 0 issues with my ping and latency, but after turning my modem and router back on from the trip I'm now experiencing ping spikes ONLY when I'm gaming. Normal ping when surfing the net or Youtube will be around 7-80ms...