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  1. F

    Question how can i connect my pc to wifi? (sounds stupid but hear me out)

    I've finally got my PC build up and running, Windows 10 installed, everything is finally going smoothly. that's when I realize my mother board probably isn't wifi compatible. I connected to my wifi via Ethernet but it can't switch it to wireless. I really need to connect to the internet...
  2. PaSandima

    Question WiFi Card Replacement

    Hi. I have an Asus X542UQ-DM333T laptop and I have issues with connecting wifi networks. I have tried reinstalling the wifi driver but it didn't work. This device has a Qualcomm atheros AR956x network adapter. Is there a way to solve this without replacing the WiFi card.? If not, I have checked...
  3. Z

    Question connect to 5GHz WiFi using repeater and broadcast 2.5GHz WiFi

    Few months ago I bought mobile that only supports 2.5GHz WiFi. I am paying my roommate to share WiFi and for some reason router's 2.5GHz channel keeps disconnecting randomly. I was thinking to purchase a router and be able to 5GHz network and broadcast it in my room as 2.5GHz network. Is it...
  4. W

    Question What can I do to fix my dodgy internet and is it a WiFi problem?

    I live in the UK and I have a Plusnet Hub One router (an ISP standard issue router). My Ethernet connected main computer and Xbox run at top speeds, at around 60 Mbps, which is the fastest offered by my ISP. However, on devices like my laptop I struggle to get more than 20 Mbps. This would...
  5. velocci

    Question Netgear R7800

    Hi all, I noticed on the router ranker on smallnetbuilder.com that the Netgear R7800 beats a lot of other routers. But this router was released in 2016. Why is it better than most of routers if its 3 years old? Is that good or are the new routers these days not built as well?
  6. E

    Question What components do I need

    Hi I have first fixed CAT6 cables to 7 bedrooms and lounge for 9 x smart TVs I have also wired for 6 wireless access points to various points in the clients house I just now need to make off the rj45 ends but i don't know what best equipment to use and how to set up I def need a 24 port...
  7. G

    Question How come everytime I play Minecraft my whole pc's connection goes out.

    For the past 2 days every time I play Minecraft online I get booted out within the first 15 minutes as if I had no wifi but in the taskbar it says I do and then for the next 10 mins or so I can't connect to any game launcher servers of any software but I can surf the web and continue talking in...
  8. S

    Question Possible causes for connection dropping?

    I've been having this problem with my wifi. Typically while gaming I will lose connection to the internet but it is restored as soon as I disconnect and then reconnect which I find strange because as soon as I reconnect only seconds later the connection is fine once again. Only my PC seems to be...
  9. S

    Question Wifi extender and ping

    Greetings, Currently I'm connected to my modem using wifi 2.4g, and sense im a bit far i get only 35mb/s out of 80, my ping though is unaffected. I want to buy a 5g extender and connect to it, will that affect my ping abd gaming experience, and by how much?
  10. V

    Question wifi drops only on pc, once a day

    Wifi card: ASUS PCE-AC55BT Driver: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 Windows 10 64-Bit Router: Archer C7 So recently I switched to Comcast and had to get a new router, the Archer C7 by TP-Link. After this, I experience the wifi dropping once per day, but only on my computer, for about 30...
  11. velocci

    Question wifi router that can handle alot of devices

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wifi router that can handle a lot of wireless and wired devices. I have about 10 wired devices and 12 wireless devices. I also want a lot of speed. Can someone recommend a good router for $300 or less Canadian? Also, if a wifi router has 4 network ports, does that...
  12. B

    Question Broken antenna mini coax connector

    Can I just check my thinking please. I've an Hp probook 450 g3 ddr4 and broken the connector on the antenna during a repair, It seems to be an M.2 2230 3165 NGW I'm tempted to replace the card whilst I'm there. Do the cards normally come with antennae? I don't think the antenna are anything...
  13. C

    Question Questions about this wifi card I bought.

    I have an m.2 to PCIe adapter(I will link the card at the bottom) which has a built in AC 9260. My brother has an older Intel wifi card: the AC 3165. Even though we are the same distance from the router(20-23 feet) he will have a constant 9 ping while my ping goes from 30-200. So my questions...
  14. T

    Question Phone WiFi Upload almost zero

    So a few weeks ago I encountered the above mentioned problem. When connected to my WLAN my phone (OnePlus 6) has almost 0 upload. Every other device works fine on my WiFi. I checked with Speedtest by Ookla, my Download is just fine but the Upload starts at 0.03Mbps and drops down to 0.00Mbps. I...
  15. ehzamani

    Question Bandwidth control?

    Hi dear masters Forgive me for my poor English language I have two requests from my modem 1. Bandwidth control of users 2-Wi-Fi off and on scheduling(timing) In your opinion,what do I do? Can I use a modem with this feature, or connect a router to my current modem? Thank you very much
  16. L

    Question Please help! Google Wifi + Asus PCE-AC56 Wifi Card -- Can't get 5 ghz

    Good morning, I am struggling to understand why I cannot get my new ASUS PCE-AC56 PCI Wireless Express Adapter to pick up the 5 ghz signal my router says it is sending out. I am on Windows 10. Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro (Tried to set PCE Speed to "Gen 3" from "Auto" in BIOS, not sure if that...
  17. B

    Question Boost phone and laptop wifi w/o access to router?

    Hey! So I have a boat on a mooring a bit away from our community pier, and I wish I put it a bit closer. The pier has public WiFi for the boats there, but still, about 400+ feet away from the pier, I can usually get at least 1 WiFi bar from my phone. Luckily, somehow, with only an 802.11n, my...
  18. I

    Question Mobile cant detect my router

    Hi after latest updates that i installed on my mobile i got a problem where my mobile cant detect wifi from my router but it can detect wifi from routers from our neighbors. I tried joining with WPS but it didnt work when i was pressing the button on the router. Please help.
  19. E

    [SOLVED] WiFi constantly cutting out

    My WiFi randomly cuts out and will only come back on once the modem automatically restarts I can get the WiFi to come back on faster by manually restarting the modem The modem was recently replaced so I'm not sure if the modem is the issue This has been an issue for around a month now, this was...
  20. T

    Question How to decrease latency with Satellite (Xplornet) Internet?

    I am in the country working and I have noticed that the Satellite Internet is extremely slow. It works for FB and Youtube, but not for gaming (which I average 600-1,200 Ping). Below is the information about my connection speed and type: VPS.net says the following: min: 614 ms avg: 699.6 ms...