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  1. C

    Question Asking for some help regarding the Fenvi FV-2030T

    I have been searching for a good WiFi card for about 2 years now. My room is in no way going to get a wired connection anytime soon so ethernet is out of the question. All the wifi cards I have obtained have been unstable: not being able to recognize any of the 5Ghz channels or simply loosing...
  2. I

    Question Internet sharing is half working

    Okay, so recently I built a new gaming PC and the motherboard doesnt have a wireless adapter which is fine as I was going to connect through ethernet cable. Turns out my dad doesn't know much about the internet and refuses to let me plug an ethernet chord into the router as he thinks he will get...
  3. T

    Question High ping while trying to play games

    Hello, I've recently been having some trouble with high ping while trying to play games. Whenever I join a game server (ex. quick play in overwatch or siege) I usually get kicked due to connection issues, and if I am in a game, I have unplayable ping/lag (over 100ms). I don't think the issue is...
  4. L

    Question Baffling wifi issue multiple devices can connect, multiple cannot (laptops/phone)

    Hello, looking for some help for WiFi issues at work. We have approximately 10-15 people on the WiFi at work and starting Friday two windows 10 laptops, an iPhone and a galaxy phone cannot connect. Router has been reset, passwords & ssid are all correct. Worked with one of the guys laptops...
  5. E

    Question Lose internet connection in browsers

    Hello, I am seeking help from you guys regarding my internet connection that i keep loosing every now and then. What's weird about it is, i would be working normaly in Chrome or Firefox and suddenly it tells me that i no longer have internet connection, all thought the network icon in the task...
  6. J

    Question channels for my router and 2 extenders overlapping

    I just downloaded wifi analyzer on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I think I have my router and my 2 extenders on the same channel wifi analyzer app on android) couldn't post a picture of it because toms hardware dosen't allow me too. We are 4 people in the house and we often lose connection to them...
  7. Endir Rangel

    Question Something strange happens in my W10 laptop.

    Something strange happens in my W10 laptop. My WI-FI signal disconnects and connects often but when I'm in airplane mode with wifi enabled it works. What could cause this? the firmware of my wifi card? a W10 driver issue?
  8. K

    Wifi problem? please help

    Okay so my laptop is connected to a hotspot on my android phone. I use one of those small usb things that you can buy to plug into a port and get wifi. This is only recent and has been happening for a week or so but every so internet stops working and i cant acess any websites but its still...
  9. G

    Question Recommendation for USB Adapter (Gaming)

    Hello, So I recently built a mini ITX with the following parts listed down below, and when I tried to play Overwatch, I noticed that within a session of gaming lag would happen once, where everyone else would freeze and I can still run around for a split second, then everything would just...
  10. I

    Question Please HELP!

    I have a new self-build pc, the part list is here: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/wXyqTB Everything is good except the internet connection, I have rogers 150u internet plan for my home, other devices and laptops can reach download speed more than 20MB/s, however, the new pc only have download...
  11. K

    Question Laggy Wired Ethernet connection

    Hello ppl. I just bought a lan adapter and a wired ethernet cable to help improve my experience while gaming. I basically just want to enjoy myself while playing games online with others. But when ever i play and someone else in the house is using the internet i begin to lag and it just kills my...
  12. Question Can't connect to motel wifi.

    I get no splash page to put login details in for motel 6. I've already checked several answers on google and the most common one is to force the splash page to open by copy/pasting an ipv4 address into my browser or something, but that section is literally just gibberish- it looks totally busted...
  13. Falco57

    Question Poor internet but great signal?

    I really dont get what's going on here, i bought a Wireless Wifi Network card from TP-LINK, Moswl TL-WN781ND 150MBPs, i got a 25MB connection at home, i can perfectly get 25Mbs while using the ethernet cable using wireless tho, 11/12 MBPs on a good test, sometimes going as low as 1MB! the signal...
  14. N

    Question What is faster?

    My desktop PC has no wifi card but I can't connect an ethernet cable directly from its LAN port to the router as it is too far away. So I bought a wifi extender and my ethernet cable is plugged into that. The router is only in the room directly underneath my bedroom so its not like the router is...
  15. P

    Question Hacking wifi dongle dashboard

    I'm trying to find out if this is possible for I'm having a few issues with a telco. Wifi security WPA2-PSK for internet use. Issue is with the Dashboard. I am connected to my wifi dongles Dashboard (operating system for settings) via wifi . The dashboard is only loaded by Internet Explorer...
  16. Daisaku

    Question Deciding between upgrading to a Mesh Network or upgrade the router itself or use a wifi extender

    I'm currently living in an apartment and my wifi router is located around 10-15 meters away from my office room. My apartment is shaped more like a very thin rectangle and the router is located at one end and my office on the other end. Unfortunately my complex does not allow for rerouting the...
  17. R

    Question Random WIFI password change daily with Zyxel script

    Hi, I would like to ask you, that on a Zyxel USG60 device to configure the wifi password to change automatically daily, and this password send to a specific email address. How can I solve this with a script? Thank you in advance for every response, Regards, Attila
  18. W

    Question Can i connect routers to each other to extend range?

    So i have one ethernet connection coming from the ground, it is connected to what i believe is a router (black box). It gives OK connection if u are downstairs (both wifi and ethernet) But the connection is too weak upstairs. So is there a way i could buy a new router, connect it to a cable...
  19. E

    Question Problems with connecting to wifi on gigabyte motherboard with windows server 2016

    So I've assembled a server but have problems with getting wifi on it for some reason. I have the gigabyte b360n wifi MOBO and use windows server 2016. I have installed all the network drivers that were on the disk provided with the MOBO but when I plug in the wifi dongle it does not show up...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Internet Cutting out Often

    So I have xfinity as my internet provider and currently pay for 60 mb/s (not sure if that matters in this case), however I have days where I'm playing games (usually Rocket League) and my internet cuts out randomly every 5 minutes or so and the only solution I've found is to alt-tab and...