Asus 680 vs 7970ghz


Nov 14, 2012
I currently have two 550ti in SLI, looking to get the single (single GPU card) most powerful card. I have 700w power and an AMD 8150 8core @4.3 ghz. Other specs are in my signature below. Please provide a link comparing the two if possible.

These are the two I was thinking of ( if you know of others please list them aswell )

Asus 680.

7970 ghz.

Also I'm not totally sure if that is the best 7970.

Last note is my resolution currently is 1680@1050 but I will upgrade to 1900@1080 very soon.
Both are overkill for your current resolution, that cpu will bottleneck a bit both the cards in some games.
That's not the best 7970, there's the 7970 Asus matrix platinum and the 7970 lightning from MSI.
Also for a 680 gtx, there's the msi lightning.