Asus AMD RX 580 (4GB) Hits $160 on Newegg


May 11, 2010
Terrific value. The only question is, how well that 4GB of VRAM will hold up against cards that have 8Gb. Even some games as old as 3 years+ can easily breach the 4Gb usage mark when you crank things to the max.


Oct 11, 2015
@BARRYV88 Probably reasonably well. I installed BO4 on my laptop today, and i was genuinely surprised to find i could run it with ultra textures (everything else medium or low, mostly medium) and achieve an almost stable 60fps. This is a mobile 1050 2GB we're talking about. My guess is 4GB will be enough for 1080p for a few years at least. By the time is isn't enough cards that only have 4GB will probably be obsolete or at least low end.

An RX 580 is generally at a similar performance level to a GTX 1060 6GB. So a 1070 is going to be faster, probably by around 30-35% in most games bound by graphics card performance. Then again, we are comparing a card that's been selling for around $200 to one that's around $350, so obviously a performance difference should be expected. On a performance-per-dollar basis though, the 580 will offer more performance for the money, since the 1070 tends to cost nearly twice as much, unless you are buying a used one or something.