Question ASUS FX705DY laptop black-screened and won't shut off ?

Jul 9, 2021
Hello! I'm currently trying to help a friend out with his laptop and we're truly baffled. He got a blue screen and when is computer booted back up it got stuck in a BIOS loop. My assumption was that it can't find a boot drive. It doesn't list any drives in the BIOS.

I figured we would try reseating the SSD, but the big issue is that we can't shut the laptop down. Holding the power button made the screen go black and the fans stop running, but the keyboard is still backlit. Pressing the power button/holding the power button does nothing.

We would pull the battery to restart it, but unfortunately the battery is non-removable and we are cautious that it would be unsafe to pull the computer apart while it's still running power to components. Our next thought is to simply let the keyboard backlighting run the battery down before pulling the laptop apart ?

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated!