Asus nvidia gt630 2gb



HI I have had a fair bit of trouble installing a new graphics card,
I have bought an asus nvidia geforce gt530,
I have an amd Phenom 9500 quadcore 2.20 ghz
current motherboard is a mcp61 chipset using Amarillo2 socket

I have upgraded the power supply to an antec current gamer 750w which has 12v with 40A grading, this plug into the motherboard with the 20pin and also the 4 pin for the cpu.

I have the card plugged into the PCi Express slot it is a 1.0 motherboard but the card is 2.0,
and the card has no power supply of its own

are there any reasons this setup would not work?
I ahve also upgraded to windows 8.

before I upgraded the power supply, with all drivers installed it would black screen after windows log in,
I tried it with 350 w and still ahd same issue,
after some complications i have had to hard restore and havent got to the point where I can test the 750w power supply,

is there anything else I am missing though??



Jan 25, 2013
I'm currently having that black screen problem and have noticed that my PSU is only putting out 12v of 36 amps instead of the minimum 40 amps, did upgrading the PSU work for you? Thanks