Asus p5k deluxe, 16x and 4x PCIe


Aug 6, 2007
The ASUS P5K deluxe is a nice looking board, and very OC'able.

However, I am concerned about its crossfire setup, which uses one PCIe at 16x but the other one is only 4x. So, I was wondering if anyone thought this would hinder its performance very much?
I want the P35 chipset and crossfire would be nice, but perhaps I should wait until manufacturers start putting dual PCIe 2.0 out on some boards...I would like to buy soon, because it is getting harder and harder to wait :)

Proposed system:

Intel Q6600 2.33Ghz stock OC'd to 3Ghz
ASUS P5K deluxe (ready for penryn and FSB 1333)
4GB OCZ Reaper HPC Dual Channel (1066, 5-5-5-15)
2x 1GB Diamond Viper 2900XT
Vista Ult. x64.
(Ultra 120 extreme w 120mm fan, cooler master stacker, 4 120mm case fans etc)

If no one thinks I will notice the 4x PCI on the slave card, then I will buy, if not I will wait until something better comes out.

You would get somewhat better performance in Crossfire with a P5W-DH Deluxe or some other 975x-based motherboard. However, that is not a future-proof solution.

I would wait a month until the X38 motherboards are out. I hear the GA-X38-DQ6 will be fantastic :love:


Asus did make another motherboard called the Blitz Extreme and Blitz Formula where it uses the Intel P35 chipset and this time they added
"Crosslinx" which is a feature where instead of one card running at x16 and the other at x4 on the Asus P5K Deluxe. These boards runs both cards at
x8 when it's set to CrossFire mode.

As for now Asus has their Special Edition of the Blitz Formula. If I remember correctly
the original uses DDR3 and because of the ridiculous price and latency maybe they dubbed it
"special edition" because it uses DDR2 instead of DDR3?

As for the back I/O... it's pretty naked.
Good idea, better than 975x. I remember reading about those. I believe only one of them supports DDR2, so be careful. (Am I remembering wrong???)

I'd still wait until X38 is out though. just to see if those are even better. They should have 16x+16x, and those Diamond Vipers may actually benefit. They're not bad at all, they even beat the 8800 GTX in a couple of benchmarks :)