ATI 9600 All in Wonder MMC problems error 1605


Aug 10, 2002

Hopefully someone can help (can't find any posts on ATI's site). I have just installed a ATI (bulit)Radeon All in Wonder 9600 (not pro) on my Windows 98SE, Pentium III 800 system. All seemed to install OK and I have icons for ATI's MMC centre. However when I try to launch any of these programs it ends up searching for ATIMMC.exe as it can't find it. No problem I thought I will just uninstall and then re-install. However when I go to Add/Remove programs I can neither, Uninstall, Repair or Modify. I just get the error message "Feature Transfer Error". Error-1605 "The action is only valid for products that are currently installed".

Please help!!


Former Staff, try changing your adapter to "standard VGA adapter" and then reinstalling the software/driver using the automatic option.

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