Ati radeon hd 4200 specs


Oct 8, 2009
can someone please teel me what the specs are for this videocard
it is intergrated into my motherboard to be, but i dont know if i should buy a new/better one
or just stick with this one.

M V Dort


Well it depends on what game you want to play? what resolution and sys. specs?
The 4200 isn't terrible, and it is excellent for an integrated chip. Unfortunately, at least in the one you linked to, I see no mention of sideport memory, which is a bummer. I guess the faster system ram will help some, but still the chip will probably be held back by the ram. For example, my HD 3200 (no sideport either) at stock 500MHz scored about 1500 in 3DMark06. OC'ed to 900MHz (which it did easily) it scored about 1600, thus showing the lack of dedicated ram was the weakest link. Yours should score a little above mine, probably more in the 2000+ range. So, in older/medium games it should do fine, but do not expect it to do well in Crysis.