Question Base Clock OR Turbo Clock


Feb 17, 2020
hey you all
so i have couple of questions about CPUs
Base Clock OR Turbo Clock? what's their difference? i mean should anyone be worry about down base clock of his cpu?
what issues can being down of base clock make ?
honestly! i'm a lit bit worried about my new cpu 9400f! it has downer base clock but more cores and threads than 9100f as you know!
(i'd be glad if u speak some about "threads" tho! what they are and bluh bluh...)
you know what i think? i think in process of some operations that doesn't need too much frequency, (for example just messing around in light softwares and etc...
the cpu with more base clock would be faster! am i right? i mean i'm describing some conditions that doesn't need all of the cores to be struggled and all of the powers got taken!
light me up pls!


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Base clock is max CPU will run at if its not in a turbo mode.
So it will run max of 2.90ghz unless conditions are right and it will boost to 4.10ghz
Turbo isn't so clear anymore, newer Intel CPU have up to 4 turbo boost levels -

these are max speeds, the CPU doesn't always run this fast.
My AMD cpu has a base clock of 3.8ghz but it never runs that speed, its normally way slower as it doesn't need to run at that to just browse websites.

Its not purely about base clock speed anymore, its more about IPC - Instructions per cycle. New CPU are more efficient and may run slower but can still do just as much in that time.
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