Battery life has dissapeared.


Jan 29, 2010
i have an easynote tj161 and have had it for about 2 months now

when i first got it it had a battery life of about 3 and a half hours which was fine and took about 1 and a half to charge .

but now suddenly this week it takes over 4 hours to charge and dissapears within 1.20.

i downloaded an app to run as a battery meter and it says that i have 6.8% battery wear which is pretty quick but doesnt explain why it has went to 3 n a bit to 1 and a bit

i mucked around with power options and had it running on lowest power usage possible but still i get the same result

i unplugged it today after a full charge to check what the life was on it for 2 minuets and it takes 25 to charge back up

is there any reason for this.

i have also checked my backround services and nothing is running which is immensly power hungry.?


Feb 25, 2010
If this product is under 6 months old from new then contact Packard Bell, and request service for the battery as this is not correct. They will ask you to send the current battery in and they will replace it.

However it is worth remembering that this can only be done within 6 months from first purchase, as packard bell batteries only have a 6 month warranty.