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Question Best dual boot option

Feb 5, 2020
I mainly use my PC to run Microsoft Flight Simulator and this worked great until support was withdrawn from Windows 7. It doesn't work well with Win10 so I gave up.

I now have two new drives, C is a 1tb SSD which I want to use for Flight Simulator and other Win7 compatible games where speed is important, and the other drive is a 2tb HDD for media storage and possibly win 10 or linux for internet access.

I am reluctant to install Win10 on the SSD, if avoidable, as it would take up 100GB of my valuable SSD space, and I'd only be using it for accessing the internet. Win7 will need to be there though - how much space does that take up, and does it need to be in its own partition or just installed on the SSD then all my flight sim programme and add-ons installed as normal?

Then I'm not sure about internet access. Can I dual boot with Win10 (or possibly Linux Mint) on the secondary drive? How do I switch between these depending on whether I want the internet access, or just the flight simulator? Others e.g., my partner also use this PC occasionally so they will want something easy and intuitive in order for them to boot the drive with the linux or win10 on.

Is there an order in which to do this? I read somewhere that if you have win7 and 10, you have to install them in that order, others say it doesn't matter.

I am reasonably familiar with Mint Linux as I installed it on my laptop and it works fine. Would it be easy to install on my second drive and have dual booting that way? Or is it simpler to use Win10? (Is there any advantage to using win10 compared to linux though?)

My 2tb HDD has about half a tb of data on it - if I were to install win10 or linux on that drive, do I have to remove all that data first, or can I set up a partition and install into that?

As you will note I'm not an expert at these things and the more posts I read on the internet the more confused I become! I'd be really grateful if someone could advise the best way for me to achieve what I want - basically the ability to run Flight Sim etc that needs Win 7, while being able to access the internet safely and store stuff. Many thanks, Tina


To be honest, you can still migrate to Windows 10. I'm sure you can still retain the current hardware and install all drivers in compatibility mode, i.e Right click installer>Compatibility tab>Windows 7(from the drop down menu).

Mind sharing your specs to your system like so:

If you are confident about doing a dual boot, then yes there is an order that needs to be followed. You can use this guide to help you with dual booting two Windows OSes.
Feb 5, 2020
Thank you for the reply. I've read several accounts of people not being able to run older Microsoft games even in compatability mode, and only after a lot of tweaking. I thought I could spare myself all that by sticking with Windows 7. The specs of my machine are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K @3.5Ghz
Motherboard: ASUSTEK P8Z77-VLX
Ram: 16GB
SSD/HDD: Western Digital 1TB SSD, (cannot see name of 2TB HDD)
Chassis: cannot see a name, but PC was assembled and sold to me by Wired2Fire (UK)