Best for price for ssd


Apr 25, 2012
what will i get for best bang for buck i want a ssd for a boot and possible some game storage my price range is $130
I thank all your suggestions


Mar 24, 2009
18,780 double the capacity for 50$
I've been seening 120GBs go for like 80-90 on newegg sales though
Here is a link to the ssd daily deals:

The ssd brands, models, and prices change every day. You just have to be patient and keep checking for the best price for what you want

I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

Scroll down to the brands you are interested in and follow the links to the technical reviews.


Mar 24, 2009

I've seen you post this before and was looking for it when I was buying my SSD, o well still got a good deal.
Use this resource it is legit.
I'd at least get this one
extra 60 GB's for only 20 bucks more.
1) I use reliabilty/least user complaints when choosing an SSD. My Normal choice (from a cost perspecive) is either a Curcial M4 or a Samsung 830 ( may be good, just not a lot of user coments is the Muchins DELUXE).

2) DON'T get caught up in performance ratings. Most higher end SSD, there is only a Nickels worth of performance differnce in real life.
... Munuf use ATTO Benchmark (A HDD benchmark) that uses data that is highly commpressable - Not real life.
.. They Quote the HIGH Sequencial read/write performance. Ba Hum Bug, this is the LEAST important parameter for an OS + Program drive.

3) If not buying yesterday (LOLs) wait for a sale on newegg, both the M4s and the 830s are almost always going on sale.
... Just bought the 256 Gig M4 for $180 on Sunday, but that sale is over. Should have tommarrow.

4) SSDs that use aSync NAND chips (ie Agility III and Muchkins Ehhanced (Not deluxe) should only be bought if (a) must pinch pennies and/or (B) plan on putting on a SATA II port. They perform just as well on sata II as they do on SATA III. What I refer to as a SATA II SSD dressed up as a SATA III SSD.