Sep 14, 2006
My 1 year subscription to CA Internet Security Suite is almost up so im going to need to either renew or find a new security software. CA Security Suite was pretty good the firewall and virus protection was great but the spyware section wasnt very good. I uninstaled the spyware part and used a combo of Spycatcher and Adaware and it kept me trouble free. But id like to know if there is an all in one security suite that has very good spyware protection? i dont like Norton as it always seems to slow down the computer even newer computers. I did find this program called Spyware Terminator, has anyone treid it?? Its free and has real time spy and virus protection and auto updates which is pretty rare for a free program. Any opinions on it?? ANy other reccomendations for an all-in-one security solution. One other question I have is, if I am using a router with a firewall built in do I still need to use a software firewall?


the router firewall reacts differently than an anti-virus firewall.

most paid internet security suite have decent protection for common virus and identity hackers.
but it will certainly not protect you from everything.

every anti virus application will offer you something better than their competition... why??

who benefits from creating computer viruses?