Binary to Hexidecimal


Dec 23, 2011
Hello guys,

I know this probably is not the site for this and if any mods think the thread should be deleted then please do so, I just figured as I am a member of this forum I may as well post as I am sure a lot of you will be able to answer. It is part of my Cisco exam and I am slightly confused

to convert binary to hexidecimal, the numbers must be grouped in to groups of 4 and then each group is converted to hexidecimal repsectively.

For example:
101100110010 should be split into groups of 4 and will look like this
1011 | 0011 | 0010 and then it is easily converted to B32

But what if the number cannot be divided into groups of 4 such as
1111000001. If that is grouped into 4 it will look like this 1111 | 0000 | 01, this cannot be converted to hexidecimal.

I have a feeling you add 0's to start until there is an amount of numbers that can be divided by 4.

Can someone please just confirm or deny this.

Thanks very much