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  1. J


    Hello everyone! I am a high school student in the process of building a working prototype for a new PC platform design, which is still sort of secretive at this point. I recently filed a PPA at the federal level and am beginning to design a manufacturer-able version of this design. However, I'm...
  2. O

    Question Am4 mobo question

    I have a HP Envy 750-610. It has a basswood am4 mobo with a ryzen 5 1400. I will be upgrading it at some point in the future and plan to get a Ryzen r7 1700 and will want to OC which I can not do on this mobo. I will be using it for gaming. I'm interested to know a good cheap mobo for this.
  3. U

    [SOLVED] I upgraded some of the components in the PC, it worked for two days, and then it failed.

    Let me start with the whole story: I bought my PC from CyberPower back in 2015 (Inb4 people say anything, I know that pre-built PC's are overpriced, but at the time, I wasn't really interested in the building aspect of PC's), and originally, this is how it came, pre-built: Motherboard...
  4. U

    Question Help with Graphic Card

    Ok so I finally have my build and now i need to decide wich GPU to buy, im between MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GAMING X and RTX 2060. I will be playing in 1080p 60Hz at the moment because that's the monitor i have but i do want to buy a 2K monitor someday. What do you think about my build...
  5. S

    Question Psu pins for gpu

    Hey! So I bought a 2070 from Gainward the other day and a non modular psu to go with it. I'm assembling the pc right now and see there is a 8 and 6 pin connection on the gpu. But the psu has an 8 and 8 cable. Can I use it but since the cables are kinda modular as a 8 and 6 pin even tho the...
  6. C

    Question Motherboard logo then blackscreen

    Hello, I have an ASUS N550JK-CN166h laptop.A week ago my HDD failed as it happened before and I could only get BIOS and booted the laptop from USB if needed. So, I bought a new harddisk and installed Fedora.However, I couldn't reset it(also powering it off and on didn't work) because I could...
  7. M

    Question Single channel memory

    Hello all, I just purchased my first gaming PC and realize my PC build came with only 1x 16Gb Ram. I know this is called single memory channel but would it be too late to purchase another exact ram and make it a dual memory channel ram? I have read a few threads saying how it would be too late...
  8. C

    Question How do i put games on my sd card for an amazon fire 7

    How do I download games on amazo n fire 7 AS card?
  9. A

    Question Quality wireless headseat suggestions.

    So a few months ago I was deciding on getting a set of a2+'s or an arctis 7 2019 headset. Went with the a2+'s first. I have a birthday coming up in about a month, so I'm searching for my first nice wireless headphones. Are arctis 7 2019's still the way to go, or are there other headsets you'd...
  10. vodka20022

    [SOLVED] My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games

    My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games it sometimes happens every time i start a game sometimes it doest happen at all for months. My pc 1070ti i5 6600k 8gb ram 2tb hdd 128 gb ssd 750 w 80+bronze psu
  11. G

    Question CPU is heating up to 90-100

    Hi guys, Need some help. My CPU is heating up to 90-100 C and I cannot understand why. CPU – i5 4570 Motherboard - Msi h81m-p33 Video card -AMD Radeons red devil Rx 480 8GB Ram – 2x 4GB Cooling - Spartan 3 LT HE1012 HE1012 We at the start I thought that CPU is dead as I bought it...
  12. U

    Question Freesync/G-sync compatibale only working at native resolution?

    Hi. I have 1060 3GB. I recently bought a 1440p Freesync monitor AOC Q3279VWFD8, and after some testing, I noticed Freesync only works at 1440p. If I change to 1080p it stops working and I get screen tearing. Is this normal? Is Freesync / G-sync compatible only meant to work at native resolution?
  13. Vergil.Y

    [SOLVED] External Sound Card in a Desktop Computer

    Hello. My Sound Card is Sound Blaster Audigy LS. a very old card from 2003 i think. and sometimes when even my headset is plugged in that sort of pressure is enough to move it a little bit and crash my pc. then after restartingthere is no audio. so i must open my computer case and adjust it...
  14. C

    Question MSI tomahawk z270 won’t boot with ssd

    So my old ASUS Mobo bit the dust and I bought a msi tomahawk z270 to get back up and running. However it will not recognize my Samsung 850 evo as a boot device. The bios will not allow me to switch from raid to ahci since my evo is ahci I thought this might help to read it and successfully boot...
  15. Jsimenhoff

    AMA Intel Optane AMA - Starts Tuesday at 12pm

    Tom's Hardware is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Tuesday, March 12th through Wednesday, March 13th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA. Have a question about Optane? Now’s your chance to speak with Intel directly. Log...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Planning a New AMD Build: Any Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, I am planning a new AMD build and just thought it would be nice to get suggestions and ideas from those more experienced than myself. Here is my current part's list: PC Partpicker says there are no compatibility issues, but I am a little...
  17. Joefy

    Question Is it normal for my i5 8600k to be at 35c while idle?

    My CPU temp currently is 38c is that okay for being idle I have a i5 8600k
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Help/advice with Drivers

    Hey guys, So I’m new to PC gaming and I’ve only just recently built my first gaming PC. I’ve finished installing windows 10 (64 bit) and I’m now ready to install the drivers. Here’s my parts list: The only problem is, I have no idea which drivers...
  19. D

    Question Is there anything worthwhile upgrading to from a 1070Ti with a $500 budget?

    Not a big fan of having to turn down settings and thinking about how to get some more FPS in games. Originally planned to SLI till I realized my motherboard (Asrock Z370 Pro4) doesn't support it but supports crossfire instead. Thought of couple of options - need some advice. Budget $600 total...
  20. V

    Question Total newbie trying to connect two monitors to one computer. (Problem)

    Hello, everybody. I have two monitors iiyama (, totally same one. My display adapter is only one - 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070". So I was wondering how can I connect two monitors with one adapter. Both my monitors have HDMI, VGA and DVI...
  21. J

    Question RTX 2080ti Lightning Z - GPU fans running at different speeds/RPM, help?

    View: This is a brand new card, I had it for over a week and had just have this problem today. As soon as my GPU temp hits 74-75% my first GPU fan's RPM would jump up to 3.3-3.5k from 2.1-2.3k, and fluctuate back and forth between those two threshold non stop. It...
  22. K

    Question SATAII faster than SATAIII?

    Hi guys, Just grabbed a new SSD (Patriot Burst 480GB) and installed it, but right away noticed a strange thing - its speeds in SATAII port are better or around the same as in SATAIII. My MoBo has Marvel controllers for the 6Gbps ports so I figured that would be the case, but are they really so...
  23. K

    Question USB Keyboard and G500 mouse not acting right on Hackintosh X58 High Sierra, need PCIE->USB3 adapter?

    I've been using the same exact system for years. Went from Sierra -> High Sierra and after 2 months the mouse has problems then the keyboard has problems. Booted Win7 to test the mouse/keyboard and they work (mouse is not great, but does work). I had USB3 problems with Sierra and now with...
  24. D

    Question CPU cooler vs thermal paste problem

    I've applied new thermal paste to my CPU cooler (i7-4790k, Arctic MX4, CoolerMaster 120mm water cooler) as it was old and my CPU was heating to ~43C in idle mode and now getting 31/30/29/26C; however, when I run a torture test the temperature gets all the way up to 99C, what is uncool. I wonder...
  25. T

    Question Overclocking Xeon x3440 increasing BCLK

    My spec: Processor: Xeon X3440 Mobo: Asrock P55m pro RAM: Kingstone Hyperx 2x4gb 1866mhz I don't have much knowledge on Overclocking. I heard increasing BCLK will increase bus speed for all the components and can cause damage to RAM, SSD As my CPU don't have unlocked multiplier, is it...
  26. C

    Question Windows 10 doesn't detect MSI RX 480 graphics card

    Hello. I installed Win10 on a new SSD, because the original one (from a hard drive) got some stuff deleted because I restarted when an update got stuck on a loop. My GPU worked on the new OS, but it seems that doesn't have any AMD driver installed. I tried installing one, but it appeared the...
  27. Mr Meduza

    Question GPU crahses on benchmark and gaming

    Hi guys my specs are the following Mobo: X370 krait gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: Msi Geforce 1080 Ram: 2×8gb Hyperx Fury 1tb HDD Toshiba 1 250gb SSD Kingston PSU: Thermaltake 750w Gold. My problem is that I that I cant play anything now on the PC, or run any benchmarks . The only way I can...
  28. P

    bad performance after just built the pc for christmas

    hi i have a gtx 10606gb founders edition, core i3 8100, 16gb of ram, 550 evga power supply, and a gigabyte z370p d3, and 2tb hdd, and i have been getting bad fps and microshutter that might be from my 60hz monitor and everything is up to date i see people with the same build get get fps and...
  29. Dr0the

    Question Gtx 1060 6 pin connector and gtx 1070 question.

    Hello, i just wondered, its been told that 6 pin connector can provide 75W. My gtx 1060 3gb says is 120W. So i read motherboard can provide 75W(Asrock z68 pro 3)and two 6pins would be 150 so 225W all together. I got daisy wire with 2x 6pins, would it be able to run gtx 1070 with 6pin and 6pin...
  30. R

    [SOLVED] Intel Extreme Tuning not properly detecting my i5 3570K

    Intel Extreme Tuning does not detect my i5 3570K properly, it says its got no cores not threads and on the Tuning tab there's nothing. What's wrong? Thx in advance!
  31. R

    Question How do I underclock my i5 3570K?

    My motherboard is a Bluecase BMBH61-S and it's got its overclocking option locked out. So what are my options since my cpu is running way too hot! Any help appreciated!
  32. B

    Question “No display connected” on monitor

    A few nights ago my pc shut off on its own and wouldn’t reboot so I let it sit for about 20 minutes and everything booted normally but the next morning I wasn’t getting display to my monitor. I’ve tried hdmi cables, vga cable, another monitor reseating all hardware and switching slots, my...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] 8700K Overclock

    My PC Specs: CPU: 8700K (not delidded) GPU: Zotac GTX 980 AMP Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2400Mhz Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-A CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X Case: H500P MESH WHITE (No additional fans are installed) Hello Guys I wanted to do small overclock to around 4.6-4.7 GHz but the CPU...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] Computer badly Freezing while streaming and gaming

    Hello everyone, this Christmas I built my computer and it worked great for about a week, but then it started true freezing while I am streaming or playing World of Warcraft and I have to hard shutdown in order to gain control of it again. I have tried uninstalling windows, updating all the...
  35. V

    Windows 10 2 monitors 2 different refresh rates problem

    Hi I’m having a problem where I have 2 monitors with different refresh rates, one is a benq 144hz monitor and the other one is some old lg vga monitor that is connected with vga to dp. I have a gtx 1070 The problem is that when I use both monitors the main screen doesn’t feel like 144hz it feels...
  36. D

    [SOLVED] Bios won’t detect flash drive

    I just finished building my computer and my bios finally loaded, but when I tried to select the boot device, my usb won’t show up. I have an asrock Z370 extreme 4 and am trying to install windows 10.
  37. M

    30 seconds is all you get

    So this what I deal with to get internet on this win10 HP desktop: unplug the USB WiFi adapter (Realtek RTL8188CU) plug it back, wait a minute ok, go! Use it wisely you have exactly 30 seconds until it disconnects and you need to do it all over again. Of course this is absolutely ridiculous. I...
  38. MrDreamerz

    Will this memory work for my PC?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 MT and was wondering if these ram sticks will work in my pc? kingston 2rx8 pc3 - 12800u 11-12-b1 there on ebay here...

    RAM slot issue

    I have come across a issue that a motherboard (Asus p55 ml-x), it's first slot from the cpu side is only detecting ram as hardware reserved, bios also showing usable size to 4 gb, total is 8 gb, 2 sticks, both rams are OK and some time this thing shows 8gb and most of the time is hardware reserved
  40. P

    [SOLVED] Gaming Setup of 1000 Euro

    Hello! Community of Tom's Hardware ! So I recently thought to assemble my first Gaming PC with a budget of 1000 Euro, which the monitor takes me 25% because I would like a setup that allows me to take full advantage of 144 hz, of course with some compromise, reducing at low all the graphic...